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  1. Hi I second the use of photo lighting books . I think Dan is referring to the use of actual real world lights, like they use in photography. Studio lighting for product shots or portrait lighting from the 30's, books like that will teach you about what kind of lights and set up will produce different effect or looks.
  2. Hi, When you use the 3 key , you're rotating the camera not the object But if you put the backplane as a child of the camera it will look like it's in the same place. you have to use a camera object for this to work
  3. can you post your file? Then we can see what you are trying to do.
  4. HI, Maybe you could use the distance of the camera to drive the panel opening for each clone. This is one way with mograph, I don't know if you can move your door with mograoh effectors but here ya go. doors.c4d
  5. I forgot to ask where are you trying to get the particles to start? but maybe you have the Distance and Distance Variation on
  6. Hi, What kind of emitter are you using? Can you show the expresso or post the file?
  7. hi, if this is what you want, it's because you have the matrix stepping on y and z, set y to 0.
  8. hi, un-click Filter strokes on the Strokes page of material. your lines will come back at 5000px you can also use the resolution setting for line width in the render setting under sketch & toon Render tab
  9. could be you only need some transform tab adjustments, usually some rotation will get things lined up.
  10. Hi, you might try switching particle groups from spawning to not spawning after 60 frames, then the modifier keeps working on new particles. spawningc4d.c4d
  11. I think maybe the side cans are blocking the light on the center can, and that's causing the effect . the side can outside edges look like the single can render.
  12. use isoparms in the viewport then you see them change.
  13. Hi, you can do a Current State to Object on the XP trail to get splines.
  14. ion

    Free C4D trainings

    this is great to hear! Thanks for all the work it takes to make this community better and better.
  15. animating the min max with a step gives something like you're aiming for I think. stacked discs.c4d
  16. maybe what you're looking for is under the display tab? using Full Hierarchy in the Object Manager drop down will show everything
  17. it looks like Apply Mode is now Sampling down near the bottom. a little bit different.
  18. hi, sketch and toon does contour lines, it's another way to do it, like this example.
  19. hi, only the Overall Radius is %, the rest are what ever units you are using, so here tube is 110cm and cap height is 23cm.
  20. hello, for the texture displacement to work the sphere needs to be editable, with the deformer it can stay parametric. At least that worked for me.
  21. hi , you need the Bake Object function in the timeline. under the View tab make sure it's in Automatic Mode, then drag your object with PLA into the timeline and use the Bake Object command. you can pick out what you want baked into keyframes with that command too
  22. setting the priority on the point cache lower than it was fixes the problem.
  23. I think the problem you're having comes from clicking the top first then the bottom poly in the hierarchy, try selecting the bottom poly first then shift click on the top poly in the hierarchy, for ARRANGE-POLY. I got the script working for me, is everything in a hierarchy? did you drag the python script tag onto the hierarchy? if you arrange the script icons onto a pallet it's easier to follow the tut.



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