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  1. c4d.documents.IsolateObjects https://developers.MAXON.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/modules/c4d.documents/index.html?highlight=isolateobject#c4d.documents.IsolateObjects
  2. C4DS


    EasyUV is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  3. PolyGnome is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  4. Dials is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  5. Seamilar is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  6. While writing my previous post in this blog entry I was certain not to upgrade to R21. Unfortunately, that was a miscalculation since I (unknowingly) still had an active auto-renewed MSA contract. While I was mentally ready to abandon the idea of upgrading, my local reseller quickly pointed out the active contract. Story short I paid the MSA, and with that upgraded to R21. Am I happy I did? Though question to answer. On the one hand, NO! Not at all! On the other hand, YES! I am happy to be able to provide support to my customer by providing them an update for the plugin they purchased and allowing them to keep using it with R21. After quite some struggles to get R21 installed and working (not to mention getting the development environment ready both on Windows and macOS), I have been able to work on updating the plugins to work with R21. Seamilar, PolyGnome, Dials, EasyUV, all have been update, for both Windows and macOS. And all plugins have received a new licensing scheme. I still need to sort out and update the documentation, doing some testing, and finalize the deliveries. Am I happy to have these plugins R21-ready? For sure! Glad it's behind me. Once all tasks are completed and plugins are ready to be distributed, customers will be notified by e-mail.
  7. Yes, I know about the dismiss, but that only removes the "notification". Pressing that button might make the line disappear, but behind the scenes the profile is probably still not OK.
  8. Only saw this message recently, with the new Café 2.0 Pressed the button "Complete My Profile" which opened up the profile editor. I entered some missing fields, then clicked on "next" and left the profile editor. I still get the "Your profile is 0% complete!". Redid the whole, and was left with the same result. Twice is enough ... I will leave it as is, as I don't feel doing this the whole day long
  9. I wanted to update my profile, but there are no version options as it used to be in the "old" Cafe ... @Cerbera golden snitch ... until profile picture gets changed
  10. ... What is the easiest way to get the previous look and feel back? ... While I understand your concern (I have the same feeling), I am afraid we'll not be able to get the previous look back. Since the new GUI is based on a completely different implementation, I don't see any other way than tweaking each individual color, etc ... Not something I am looking forward to do. Hoping someone is smarter than me, and has indeed found a way to go back to the previous look, without all the hassle involved.
  11. This used to be the way how things were handled in most (if not all) European countries as well. From my understanding of the "3D for the whole world" this will stop with the release of R21. No local reseller, no local distributor. All via the one online shop or MyMaxon account. I understood this would also apply to New Zealand and other parts of the world.
  12. As a plugin dev I would rather stay at the side line, watching what the outcome is of this discussion. Just want to rectify the words that others put into my mouth, be it due to miscommunication on my part or by misinterpretation of what I intended to say, or whatever reason. The reason I had decided to stop plugin development for R21 was because I wasn't going to upgrade to R21 myself. The idea was to remain active for the current customers, remaining with their R20 (or earlier) versions. Possibly writing new plugins or updating existing ones. But only for R20 and earlier. That decision was made days after the famous R21 announcement. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware I was under an automatic renewal contract, and as such was legally obliged to renew my MSA for yet another year. However, this still hasn't made me change my mind about my plugin development status. I might in the future decide to embrace R21, but for now I am sticking to my decision made earlier to "not upgrade" to R21. I am putting the quotes as I have renewed my MSA, and am obviously entitled to R21, but that doesn't mean I will be using R21, nor developing plugins for it. The tipping point for me was the cancellation of the MSA and the fact that perpetual isn't actually perpetual. I am using my workstations offline, and as an MSA user (future ex-MSA user), I was entitled to have C4D installed on both Windows and macOS machines, which allowed me to develop on both platforms. With the new "perpetual" scheme this, while still technically possible, will be a hassle for a small developer like myself. I mentioned it before, I am not looking to make a living from plugin development ... and I definitely wasn't. But with the new direction taken by MAXON, cost will simply be higher. All small annoyances, I agree, but when they all add up ... Look, as a user I really liked the Allegorithmic model. Free updates were provided between version 1 and 2 of Substance Painter. I tried to follow this idea when selling my plugins. After original purchase customers would receive updates free of charge, including new features. With the required update from R19 to R20 I did indeed request some upgrade fee. But apart from that, all new features were free of charge. But enough sidetracking and being off-topic. Let's hear you, as plugin customers, have your say on the topic of plugin subscription.
  13. Sorry to disagree, but that has not been my experience so far. That policy is mentioned in the terms over at CGTalk, but for as far as I recall it hasn't been the case over here.
  14. Nice initiative. The results should indeed be interesting for any plugin dev to know where to focus on. I am not on twitter either, nor facebook, nor any other social media. I'd rather spend my time creating new features.
  15. I am only providing my own point of view, of course, but as a plugin developer it means you have a decent understanding of the application and know how things work. I am comfortable using C4D, while Blender ... well, never tried it (yet). It takes quite some time to be fluent with an application, and even more so if you want to write plugins, add-ons, or extensions. For this reason I don't see myself switch to Blender for plugin development, before having mastered the application. I worked with C4D for 10 years before I stepped into the world of C4D plugins ... Using C4D was a hobby, writing C4D plugins is (was?) a hobby ... Others might have a different view, or a different opinion. This is mine.

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