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  1. Been working on next update of the plugin. Some features that didn't make it in official first release have now been added: - resizable thumbnails - filtering on asset name, number of columns/rows - edge selection for asset insertion Short video demonstration of this build https://vimeo.com/238197054
  2. In an old WIP video I demonstrated loading the included palette, and docked it in the layout: While the palette has slightly changed in version 2.3, the same principle applies. Don't forget to save the updated layout once the palette is docked. As any other Cinema 4D palette you can modify this to your liking.
  3. While next update of the plugin is being finalized, I have created a new "tutorial" video. It doesn't focus on the new features but was part of the test scenarios to check changes in the code were stable and bug free. It demonstrates unwrapping multiple objects and arranging the UVs on a single canvas. https://vimeo.com/237128529 (trying out vimeo instead of youtube)
  4. Agreed, looks like a fine first effort to me. Wish I could say the same of my first endeavors (many years ago) ... alas.
  5. Notfy of Replies On by Default?

    @Igor I understand the issue of the OP, and if there is an option per user (in the profile settings?) for each to turn on, then I am all for that. But please, please, please, don't turn on such feature on a global level. Thank you.
  6. You could put all your cameras and lights in a null and give it a specific name. Then, open a second Object Manager, and filter this using the name specified in step 1.
  7. Looking forward to watch this. In the past I have been interested by this Landscape Shading Kit for a short animation film I was creating at that time. Never really proceeded with this add on, as I couldn't find much info (back then). But anything that helps me get rid of e-on's products from my workflow gets my attention.
  8. Pretty impressive modelling there. Wish I would have the patience to persevere and complete such task.
  9. Islands

    Looking good. But I would ditch the space craft. The scenery on its own is what makes this a nice image. The spaceship kind of spoils the mood. (my opinion).
  10. I am not sure to follow your explanation. Are we talking about an asset included with the plugin, or one you created? If it is the latter it sounds to me that the axis is not positioned properly for what you want to achieve. If half of the asset is below the plane of selected polygons, this sounds like the axis of the asset was still positioned in the center of the mesh when you added the asset to the PolyGnome library. To properly position and orient the asset onto the destination mesh both the axis position and rotation of the asset need to be set up as indicated in the documentation.
  11. @3D-Pangel thanks for the detailed description. When I created the examples in this thread I avoided placing assets next to each other in order to more easily display what would happen with assets and the parent mesh. When placing assets adjacent to each other (not every other polygon of parent) the assets bases would fuse together. But currently the coexisting polygons will not be removed. It's difficult to predict what needs to be done in such case. In your case you would want to get rid of those coexisting polygons, but others might not want these to be removed. The best would then be to provide an option, but with a lot of extra features that means the user interface will easily get filled with many options. I will thus need to provide a way for more user-options without cluttering the user interface. A future feature is "disposable polygons", this does not directly perform what you suggest, but by providing the right options to the user this feature could probably be turned into exactly that. Currently you can indeed only place a single asset at a time. In future the "repetition" feature will provide what you suggest. Selecting an asset with 2x2 base you could then fill a 12x12 selection with 36 assets. with a single press of the "weld" or "float" button. But here again, options might be required. Maybe the user wants to flip the asset in X or Y (or rotate) every other position. Options are better than hardcoded solutions, but they clutter the user interface. Also for these I will need to figure out how to provide the options without resulting in an overwhelming user interface.
  12. Funny you brought this up at this particular moment. With PolyGnome recently released I focused back onto Seamilar. And have been working on some new features for the plugin, wanting to resolve this exact problem. Still in beta, but following is the current result I get: Edit: Still, the solution 3DKiwi proposes is very valid indeed.
  13. I cannot figure out exactly what you mean. Care to show an example in order to visualize the problem?
  14. PolyGnome and PolyGnome Junior are ready and available for R16, R17, R18 and R19, both for Windows and MacOS. Both PolyGnome and its "lite" version comes with a small starter's library, including assets provided by Cafe member @VECTOR (thank you again for those). More libraries might be released in the future, but for now I assume most are interested in creating their own set of assets. Difference between the full and lite version has been explained earlier in this thread. I will let @Igor update the Store for both products. Same concept as with my Seamilar plugin: after purchase via the C4D Cafe Store, please contact me for registration number and plugin file. A few things didn't make it in this release, but will be provided in future updates of the plugin (in no particular order): - customizable thumbnail size - (search) filters in junkyard library - proxy placeholder in asset (a.k.a. disposable polygons) - optimized material management - repetitions - allow edge selection to place assets (in addition to polygon selection) - ...
  15. Just for the record: the plugins (PolyGnome and PolyGnome Junior) are ready for release ... at least for Windows (R17 - R19) I am now in the process of setting up build environments for Mac (R17 - R19). Not being familiar with MacOS it takes a little longer to get things done, especially with all the different SDK flavors and the need for multi OS X installations. A real nightmare if you barely know how to navigate on a Mac. I will let you know when plugin builds for both platforms are completed.