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  1. Not sure where you got the impression that it is still in development for Mac. If you got that impression from my explanations in the thread dedicated to Seamilar, than I have to apologize for talking rubbish. Until now I have only released a version, knowing that all four versions (R16 MacOS, R16 Windows, R17+ MacOS, R17+ Windows) are working as expected and with the same features. Just today I have sent out version 2.1 to registered customers. Prior to this I have made sure to test all 4 versions. I agree that the main and thorough testing is performed using Cinema 4D R18 Windows, but all versions get a basic testing for checking that functionality is the same across platform and Cinema 4D versions (omitting cosmetic differences). Now, I am not trying to convince anyone to purchase my plugin. If one prefers 3D Coat, or Unfold3D, or any other solution for UV unwrapping that's fine by me. As for a demo, there currently is none available, sorry.
  2. New update is being finalized. Still some code clean up to do, and then some massive testing before this update is being sent out to customers. I know I was asked to provide audio for my next video demonstrations. Unfortunately, once more a silent WIP video demonstration. I don't think the video needs detailed explanation of what is going on: the formerly static UV view window is being mutated into an editor. Not much more I can add to that (*). (*) explanatory wise I mean. There's quite some things that can be added to the editor's functionality ;)
  3. All Attribute Manager (AM) settings for tools are document based. It's possible you have reduced the radius to 0 in that particular document/scene file. If you create a new scene file you then get back the default settings. Unless you store the current settings as default. What you could do, is copy all objects from the "faulty" scene file over to a new document and save (incrementally) your scene file, and continue from this. Or try to find out what happened to the radius setting in that "faulty" scene file. When I reduce the radius it stops at 1. I remember that in previous versions of Cinema 4D the user was able to hide this selection circle. Can't remember what version that was, but if I remember correctly, MAXON did remove this feature ... as I cannot seem to find an option to show/hide that circle these days (R18)
  4. That's how I would do it in the end. Tried both live and dubbing, both none came out satisfactory. Just as everything it comes down to practice, practice, practice. I am sure that it will eventually turn out to be OK. But for now, I'd rather "practice" writing code than commenting my videos. Still, your comments and feedback are appreciated. I gather that providing tutorial videos with commentary is a next step in my customer service.
  5. Thanks. I have deliberately avoided adding any audio to my videos. No background music, as I find that just simply disturbing, and annoying. As for commentary during the video. I have thought about that, but simply am not comfortable doings so. I am lousy at explaining things. I did intend making a narrative video tutorial to be provided with the released plugin. You all should be glad it ended up being a written manual instead.
  6. The current released version does not allow any editing of the UVs (nor points, nor edges, nor islands). The update I am currently working on allows editing of the UV islands (move, rotate, scale) ... and I wanted to include editing of UV polygons and UV points. So this is a No for now, but a Yes for next update.
  7. All source code is simply copied from Windows Visual Studio project to MacOS XCode project. So both versions share the identical code base.
  8. Well, I didn't see the fine prints of needing to be a Gold Support member in order to be able to sell products ;) Now, I didn't know that Turbo Squid takes up to 40% of the profit when selling your product, so I think that the 10% I proposed to sell my plugin is very generous of the Cafe. But to additionally request to be a Gold Support member ... no offense, but that feels a little "double", like having your cake and eating it. I became a Gold Support member right before I started to sell the product. Not because I needed this status in order to sell. But only because I wanted to reward Igor for providing so much support in setting up all the store things. I did that on top of the agreed 10%, because I felt it justified. But I understand the idea behind the need to shell out the 60 euros in order to be able to sell. It avoids everyday sellers, and provides more dedicated sellers only. But again, asking for gold support and then taking another 10% from the sales. Mmmm, feels somewhat awkward. My opinion.
  9. Yes, the video demonstrates WIP8, the next "work in progress" after the official released version. As mentioned, it still requires some work before being delivered. When all work related to move/rotate/scale is completed, this update will be sent to customers.
  10. After a short break I finally managed to get something done yesterday and today. Nothing final, but I am happy to show some progress. The earlier "move island" WIP showed a concept implemented as a quick hack. For the past two days I have now implemented this concept into the view/editor framework. Still a few things to finalize before providing a next update to the customers. But as always, it's the small details that take up the most time. This has been developed on Windows only (not tested on Mac yet), and from earlier WIPs I know that some concepts don't work on MacOS. Hopefully, porting this to the other platform isn't going to take too much time. Fingers crossed!
  11. As some of you know, I also have a thread running over at CGTalk. And while I am not in favor of simply duplicating the posts, this time however, not much else to report than saying the pre-release period of Seamilar has ended. Today the plugin has been officially released. The early adopters have received their final release version. I am also glad to report that I have managed to build (and test) the plugin for R16 (windows and mac). With the official release now concluded I can now focus on further developing the plugin. Stay tuned for future WIPs.
  12. I see that you have found how to follow this topic, so I guess this answers your question. Customers who purchased the plugin are sent the latest version anytime a major update is built. As for regular updates in this thread, I don't broadcast around. So, no newsletter or anything similar, sorry. Small update for those following, I managed to build an R16 (mac) version of the plugin (if you followed along on CGTalk you might know the reason). Haven't looked into the R16 windows version, but when I find the time, I'll sure look into that as well ... giving there's interest for it, of course. Customers (the legal ones at least) have received release candidate 4, containing all features I wanted to provide in the release version. Now it's up to making some documentation. When that's done the plugin will officially be released.
  13. I am not in favor of ads, but I understand you point @SIgor. Honestly, it felt a little bit awkward to read long term user are using ad blockers, as it's kind of working against the whole principle of keeping the cafe running. Now, I know I am not the best example either, I still haven't made any donation this year. But blocking ads is an extra step in shooting yourself in the foot (in my opinion). However, looking at the size of the ads, one can imagine the reason behind using such ad blockers. So, yes I agree, there should be ads to fund the cafe, if no other income is available. But on the other hand, the ads should not put everything else in the shadow. They shouldn't become intrusive, which they currently are perceived as. One more thing Igor. Thanks once more for all your time and effort, and don't let the following mislead you and put you down, but ... Whatever you do, no, for some it will never be enough. That's just human nature. It's sad, but true. Somewhere you just have to draw a line and stop taking it personally. (easier said than done)
  14. I am on desktop PC. Widescreen monitor rotated vertically for large document reading.
  15. same here Edit: <removed screenshot>