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  1. I have updated the plugin to provide an option (via cog wheel) to ignore the outer edges of am open-ended mesh as being detected as UV boundaries. In general you would want to turn all UV seams into edge selections. In case of open-ended mesh objects, the mesh boundaries would be detected as UV boundaries ... while these aren't actually UV seams. The new option will (by default) allow to ignore these boundaries. On the other hand you might want to turn all UV island boundaries into edges, no matter the if these are UV seams or not. You can do so by unchecking the new option. This is the behaviour of the original version 1.0
  2. I had provided a quick plugin which does select UV boundaries, inspired by the thread you had started about this topic. Isn't the plugin useful in your context? If it does miss some functionality, you can discuss your specific needs in this topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/109930-uvisland-outliner/
  3. Inspired by the request from this thread: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/109564-selecting-uv-seams I have quickly created a plugin which does detect the UV island boundaries and turns them into edge selection. The plugin will process all selected polygon objects. UVisland Outliner v11.zip
  4. I have some code in my plugins which does this, but is not yet available for selecting edges from. However, there is a -somewhat laborious- way to get the outline of UV islands without any plugin. Switch to BP UV Edit layout. Then, with the move tool enabled, double click an island in the UV window. This will select the polygons of a whole UV island. Then, use the Outline Selection tool (U~Q) and select the polygon cluster in the view port. This will provide you with the outline edges of the island. Store as edge selection. Back to move tool, double click another UV island in the UV window, etc ... I might be looking into providing a plugin which does the UV island outline edge detection and turn them into edge selection. Or maybe even create edge selection tags. I have added a work-in-progress plugin in the Plugins Development sub-forum.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I hadn't seen your message before. What version of R21 are you using? I have tested the plugin on Windows 10, R21.207 and cannot reproduce a crash. Does it require a specific scenario in order to let the plugin crash?
  6. Since it's an animation application, the 4th dimension is time. Hence 4D.
  7. C4DS


    This is something you might better ask to the MAXON developers, as only they know what the logic is behind their implementation. But from looking at your examples you can deduct that when multiple polygons are selected, the axis orientation of the object is used. At least when the orientation option you select in Modeling Axis is set to "Axis". When you only select a single polygon, then the selection Z axis usually is the normal of the polygon, and the selection Y axis usually tries to point into the plane of the original object's Y axis and the polygon's normal. Then from these two vectors (selection Z and Y axis) its X axis is calculated. I am not sure if this is how it's done, but that is how I interpret what happens in the video you provided.
  8. C4DS


    Scaling can be enabled in the Attribute Manager. Option "Scale when pasting" (3rd checkbox). I know, the current options are a mess. As this plugin is still a work in progress, the Attribute Manager options are not yet nicely organized.
  9. C4DS


    I have updated the plugin, fixing the few reported issues. In the meantime I have also created an R21 version of the plugin, and ported to macOS. New beta is available for download at the bottom of the first post of this thread. Looking forward to more feedback.
  10. C4DS


    Good to know. I agree this is a welcome benefit of the native Cinema4D workflow. I had foreseen to provide some selection tools within the PolyDup tool (loop, fill, ...) but as these are already natively available I haven't been focusing on them just yet. And maybe I won't at all, as it seems a waste of time to implement what is already available. The console mentions "different point count is not yet implemented". As such, I haven't spend time trying to block this just yet. Implementation will be expanded in future beta(s) ... I have only been able to reproduce this when I use the shortcut key "c" while the mouse pointer is inside the viewport. If I use the mouse pointer to select the "make editable" icon then all is fine. I will provide a fix for this in a next beta. Thanks for taking the time to test and report. It is much appreciated!
  11. C4DS


    Thanks for the feedback and questions. For your first point I would like to ask for some screenshot, as I am not exactly following what you mean. Concerning writing of the files I have no idea if this is a limitation of the demo version of C4D. It is also possible some windows settings prevent for writing in that particular location. It would be useful to find out what the cause is. And that is the reason I provide the demo for anyone to try out, providing me feedback in return in order to fix such issue if there is one. As shown and mentioned in the video, the plugin will try to rotate the pasted polygons as to orient them according to your target selection. With PolyGnome you had to manually provide the rotation before welding the asset into the destination mesh. With PolyDup the orientation is calculated.
  12. C4DS


    First beta version of the plugin is available. Currently only for Cinema4D R20, running on Windows. Short "tutorial" showing the current state of the plugin: EDIT: The uploaded beta and link to the video have been removed here, and added at the bottom of the first post. Please provide feedback ...
  13. As I keep getting requests from potential customers using R21 I have again made available my plugins for purchase. I still haven't heard back from MAXON about a fix, nor when one might become available. As such I have provided a short video demonstrating the current drawing issues (reported on 2nd December 2019, using R21.026 and R21.115) I leave it up to any potential customer to take a look and decide for themselves if they can live with the current drawing issues. The link to the video is provided on the order page of the website of Tools & Pixels.
  14. C4DS


    Thanks for the interest. Ok, then we're on the same page
  15. C4DS


    What do you mean by that? The idea I had was to use the tool to select a set of polygons to be copied. The you could select polygons on the same mesh, or other mesh, to paste the copied polygons to. But I would go further, and allow to "store" more than one source. You could copy and store up to 5 sources, and paste any of them on any mesh. I wouldn't go futher than this, otherwise I would just be copying the PolyGnome plugin. This PolyDup plugin (while using the idea behind PolyGnome) is just meant to quickly select polygons and copy them. So, the user wouldn't have to bother with the steps to create assets (or presets) from these selected polygons. Just select polygons, use the tool to indicate these are the source, select other polygons and indicate these are the targets ... and the source gets copied to the targets.
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