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  1. Ok, now I understand what you mean. Unfortunately, I have no solution for that. Sorry!
  2. I do have some script/plugin that might help, but before I suggest any I would like to really understand what you need. What do you need to show, what do you need to hide? I understand that the dense geometry inhibits a clear view. But if you switch off polygon edges how are you able to select points or polygons if there is nothing to indicate where polygons or points are? How are you able to edit anything, if what you want to edit isn't visually defined? It would be as if blindfolded picking points and polygons, would it not? So, please explain how you would want the clutter of polygon edges to be shown or hidden, and still allow you to edit them?
  3. C4DS

    What is this... :O

    A new UV editor ("U haVe ...")? About time. Now I can finally stop adding features to Seamilar.
  4. C4DS


    A few weeks ago, while preparing a tutorial about EasyUV and Seamilar, I discovered some bugs in the plugin and spent some time fixing them. As mentioned in other threads I am mainly working and developing with R20, as this feels the most comfortable. With bugs fixed in the R20 implementation, I then "simply" had to port the changes to previous version. This went fairly well, and testing of the R20 and previous releases indicated no further bugs (as far as I could tell). However, while porting the changes to R21 was not a problem either, testing revealed quite some surprises. I encountered two issues within the implementation of the new GUI in R21 and contacted MAXON SDK support about these. One of the problems was a performance hiccup, while the other was rather cosmetic, and I provided MAXON with sample code to reproduce both. The perfomance related one was confirmed, and I would be contacted later with possible workaround (if any). The other, in my eyes less important, hasn't yet been accepted nor rejected by MAXON. What I am trying to say is that while I do have a new version available for R16 - R20, I would rather wait to have a final response about the issues with R21 before releasing this 1.3 version of the plugin. I would prefer to release a single update containing changes for all supported Cinema 4D releases. Thanks for your patience.
  5. C4DS

    Seamilar 3

    Seamilar 2 is nearing a 3-year development birthday, having reached version 2.9 and with over 26000 views (see here) I guess it's time to turn the page, and start a new topic. I will refrain from going through the details again, but for the time being my main development version of Cinema 4D will be R20. With support for earlier releases, back to R16. As well as the latest R21 release. Both Windows and macOS are supported, for as long as possible. I will be looking into providing a final maintenance release as version 2.9x before jumping into designing its sequel: Seamilar 3 More news to follow ...
  6. Thanks for the reply. As far as I am concerned pre-R20 plugins already are separate projects with duplicate effort. Even with support for the classic API, separate implementation is needed for R20 plugins, as the code just cannot be shared. With the change in licensing and the CommandData even R21 plugins require to be a separate project. For some plugins projects can be combined into a single one for R16, as the resulting plugin remains compatible running in R17-R19. But for others, each release (R16, R17, R18, R19.) requires its dedicated project. For R20 all plugins share one R20 project (using the new project tool), for R21 also a separate project for all plugins. Then duplicate all this for Windows and macOS support. At best I have at least 6 projects per plugin, at most 12 projects for a single plugin. As for your last paragraph, I am not even going to consider that for now. Not having a subscription myself I will only be able to handle versions available for perpetual licenses. Besides, one can only handle appropriately when the situation is present. Knowing MAXON's policy they're not going to tell upfront which changes will break plugins. I know about the MAXON Registered Developer program, as I applied for it the moment it was announced, but have reclined to accept their single-direction NDA policy.
  7. Recently I had to upgrade my development machine in order to be able to install and run Cinema 4D R21, and develop plugins for it. Up to that point I was still using Windows 8.1 and happily running Cinema 4D R16 up to R20. In the past I had kept installers for all releases, both on Windows and macOS in order to occasionally have a clean start and reinstall the operating system, development environment and Cinema 4D. Or so I thought ... as it seems I am missing the installer for R17 on Windows, and the R16 installer on macOS. Additionally, when installing R16 on Windows it doesn't update to the latest version anymore since MAXON seems to have removed it from their servers. Luckily I now have also downloaded all updates for R17 and up. Still, I am missing some installers. I could start discussing with MAXON support or MAXON SDK support how to obtain an old installer, and/or updates. But knowing this might lead to a dead end, I was simply wondering how far back users would need plugin support? When I look through my personal plugin sales, I notice most users are R20, some R21. A very few have R19, and one or two are using R18 or R16. As my plugins were originally created for R16 and above, I intend to keep it this way ... except that with the current situation I will not be able to provide any new updates for R16 and R17. Hence the reason for the attached poll. How far back to you expect plugin updates to be available?
  8. Thanks for mentioning those plugins. I didn't want to chime in and blatantly do some self-promoting. When I first saw this discussion, my first thoughts went to the tutorials about the fuel tank. Couldn't find them with a search, although they have been brought up quite a few times in the past. I guess this might be due to a clean-up or change of the forums lately. Glad you provided the link to these, here once more. As for my plugins, I might do some quick introduction tutorial to show the usage in a worflow. I haven't done this yet, as I assume(d) users of the plugins knowing what they're doing, and are only looking for tools to speed up the process. This one really doesn't help in explaining the process, but it's a quick overview of the workflow I am used to: https://vimeo.com/237128529 If interested I will see what I can come up with to try and explain on a beginner level.
  9. Additionally, some laptops go into sleep mode when the lid is closed. Some just shut down the display (and maybe graphic card ... which a GPU based renderer might not really appreciate).
  10. c4d.documents.IsolateObjects https://developers.MAXON.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/modules/c4d.documents/index.html?highlight=isolateobject#c4d.documents.IsolateObjects
  11. C4DS


    EasyUV is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  12. PolyGnome is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  13. Dials is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  14. Seamilar is being updated to R21. Still some minor things to finalize. Current customers will be contacted by e-mail shortly.
  15. While writing my previous post in this blog entry I was certain not to upgrade to R21. Unfortunately, that was a miscalculation since I (unknowingly) still had an active auto-renewed MSA contract. While I was mentally ready to abandon the idea of upgrading, my local reseller quickly pointed out the active contract. Story short I paid the MSA, and with that upgraded to R21. Am I happy I did? Though question to answer. On the one hand, NO! Not at all! On the other hand, YES! I am happy to be able to provide support to my customer by providing them an update for the plugin they purchased and allowing them to keep using it with R21. After quite some struggles to get R21 installed and working (not to mention getting the development environment ready both on Windows and macOS), I have been able to work on updating the plugins to work with R21. Seamilar, PolyGnome, Dials, EasyUV, all have been update, for both Windows and macOS. And all plugins have received a new licensing scheme. I still need to sort out and update the documentation, doing some testing, and finalize the deliveries. Am I happy to have these plugins R21-ready? For sure! Glad it's behind me. Once all tasks are completed and plugins are ready to be distributed, customers will be notified by e-mail.
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