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  1. PolyGnome

    Beta 3 of the plugin has been sent out to beta testers. In the meantime here's a short demonstration of some of the new features added.
  2. I haven't updated my R18 to the latest one, since I am in the middle of a project. Too risky to update. So this morning I saw next to the usual update to R18.057 an update to R19. After a while when restarting Cinema 4D the update window popped up again (as usual) but this time the R19 entry wasn't available anymore. Guess someone has been playing with the upgrade server at MAXON. Don't think this R19 update should have gone out to users, I guess.
  3. PolyGnome

    Thanks. Yes. As the introductory video shows, you will be able to add you own created assets.
  4. PolyGnome

    Ah, I see. Well, I thought my original video demonstrated the rotation. But obviously with a symmetrical asset it's quite hard to notice the rotation ... Sorry about that. Next short video should demonstrate what you mean. Again, apologies for not noticing the useless symmetrical asset used for rotation purposes.
  5. PolyGnome

    Before starting to work on any plugin I have a two step "design" phase. The last step before implementation is writing down the design, but before that a large amount of time is spent on pure mentally imagine using the plugin. Finding out what works, what doesn't ... in terms of workflow. Of course a lot of things changes throughout the different stages. But it's during these first two steps where I skip a lot of "bad" ideas. Not bad in general, just things I think won't work, or are to complex for a nice user experience. I love it when people then come up with request which I eliminated from the start ... confronting me with decisions I made, realizing I just don't know squad! Here is one of those "bad" ideas I had: When rotating an asset, there are two possibilities to match asset and object. I went with the one where you don't alter the main object, and adjust the asset to match. From your explanation, I understand you now want the opposite: matching the object to the asset. I went with one of the possibilities in order to limit the option jungle ...
  6. PolyGnome

    Yes, any selection of polygons (1x1, 1x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x1, ...) is currently supported, the 2x2 used in the video was just for ease of demonstration. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with your second point, related to rotation. But assets rotated by 90/180/270/360 will keep their base edge points, and not result in twisted polygons. If that is what you meant. As for the direct editing, I thought this might indeed be useful, but I haven't yet made up my mind how to provide these options without turning the user interface into a jungle of checkboxes ... So in order to keep it simple, I have kept it simple, and just skipped these options for now.
  7. A while ago the Polystein Kit for MODO (see https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/98647-polystein-kit-for-cinema-4d/ ) was introduced to me. From that moment the idea kept growing in the back of my head to provide something similar for the Cinema 4D community. Once other priorities were out of the way, I started working on some scripts to test out the feasibility of my interpretation of the idea. Once a working concept was obtained using several scripts, I contacted William Vaughan, the original creator of the Polystein Kit, in order to obtain approval to take his idea and turn it into a Cinema 4D plugin. Working from the scripts made earlier, I started implementing this new plugin, which I named "PolyGnome". Explaining the choice of the name would be a story too long to tell here, so I 'll prefer to leave that for long, cold and dark winter nights ... The current state of the plugin does use it's own library implementation, instead of using the Content Browser. There is more than one reason for this, but since quite technical, I'll omit to explain these as well. As mentioned in the video demonstration, the current beta version requires a two step preparation of assets. I have some ideas to automate these steps, but more important features need to get implemented first. The plugin will be available for Windows and MacOS, R17 and above (hopefully R19 won't break anything SDK related ... fingers crossed). Possibly R16, if there is enough interest. Depending the feedback from beta testers the plugin will be available sooner or later. Release date and price to be announced. Here's already a teaser, explaining the different steps: As for my other plugin(s), which all have their dedicated threads, I'd like this specific one to be the home for discussing anything PolyGnome related.
  8. Polystein Kit for Cinema 4D

    I found this comment quite offending when it was posted. And I still do. Something might have been lost in translation, but as I had made clear I was working on this plugin I would have expected cheering ... instead of bitching. People seem to expect things to be done for them immediately these days. Not appreciating all the time and effort it takes ... ehm! Well, for those who do appreciate ... here's a short video demonstrating the first beta. While basic features are implemented I would prefer to polish quite some things before release. After finalizing the script concept, I contacted William Vaughan (author of the original Polystein Kit for MODO) in order to obtain authorization for making this plugin based on his idea. While there was legally no need to obtain his permission, I found it only logical to at least let the man know about my intentions. However, my implementation of the plugin is only inspired from the idea, and hence might not provide the same features available in his or others version of the plugin.
  9. Sorry, cannot help here.
  10. Seems we will be providing similar features in the near future. The more solutions the better for the C4D community, I would say. UV Loop and Ring selection (edges only) are available in Seamilar. In beta 2.3 these are even extended to cover edge, point and polygons. UV Path selection is on the todo list, but still haven't implemented it, as I didn't see any need for it while using the plugin.
  11. Sorry, currently not possible. You can only manipulate the UVs of a single object at a time. In multiple object mode, islands of only one objects are color coded. These are the UVs you can manipulate. In order to manipulate UVs of another object, you first need to select it in the object manager. However, only a single object can be recognized as currently active within Seamilar.
  12. You mean this ? simply select with rectangle selection tool or live selection tool (or shift select with move/rotate/scale tool) Note: the video was recorded with Seamilar 2.3 beta, so the icons look different from the released version, but functionality is the same.
  13. Thanks. Unfortunately, auto align of multi objects will only be available in a future update. I am working on align / straighten tools right now. Support for align multi object is on the todo list, but not yet scheduled.
  14. This is exactly the reason why I wrote my own tool, providing a multi object mode:
  15. Regarding the copying of UVs. I haven't used the sculpting tools, so maybe I am missing something, or just being too naive about it. But if two meshes have the same point count and order, can you then not simply copy the UVW tag from the one mesh with the appropriate UVs to the other one without?