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About Me

In the early '90s I started with command line POV-Ray and lookalikes, as I was looking for a 3D animated intro for my home-made videos.

Soon I purchased trueSpace 1.04 (available on 3 floppy's), which was quite expensive at that time. Luckily, trueSpace 2 came out a few weeks later and I got a free upgrade. Mid '90s I started writing some add-ons, and later on plug-ins. Became beta-tester for versions 3, then 4, ... and stepped down when they started working on version 6, as I didn't like the direction they were heading.

Jumped shipped and tried my hands at LightWave ... yuk! This poor decision lead me to a 5 year hiatus away from 3D.

Around 2005, a crossgrade summer promotion from LightWave got me Cinema 4D R9 (XL bundle) ... and have never looked back since.

It wasn't before 2015 that plugin development started to itch again.