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  1. With all my other plugins converted to R20, and temporarily out of the way before I start adding new features, I wanted to spent some time on finalizing EasyUV. As a first step I wanted to get the plugin working for R16-R19. Step 2 would be to port it to macOS. And final two steps would be to port it to R20 on Windows, then to R20 on macOS. Quite some work ahead. For Seamilar I had created all icons in a drawing application. But this time around I wanted to model them, as I figured it would be faster to adjust. As well as reuse and interchange parts between icons. And it allowed my to finally learn how to use the Takes system inside Cinema 4D. As each icon is a different Take I could "simply" set up all the Takes and then perform a single "Render Takes". And all would be output as 32x32 bitmaps at the press of a single button, for perspective or top-view cameras. The scattering of the icons is maybe not that artistic, but I found it nice looking ... and it helped to take my mind of from all the coding I had been doing all day long. With step 1 completed it's time to take the next one.
  2. EasyUV is based on my Seamilar plugin, but as a younger sibling with less features. It mainly focuses on the ease of unwrapping UVs, using the specifically created Seam Tool. More information coming soon ... A small list (not final) of the differences between EasyUV and Seamilar:
  3. While working on a plugin I got the idea of making this small utility: Wheel Of Tools. It allows the user to set up a list of most used tools, which are presented as a circular palette to select from. Available directly within the viewport. Current state of the plugin is only a concept, and I am mostly focusing on the actual tool selection. The part where user does set up the tools still needs to be worked out. For those familiar with PolyGnome, you probably already understand where I will be heading to ... Wheel Of Tools, once fully implemented, will be the base for a new way of interacting for the main part of the PolyGnome plugin. Edit: While many have seen in this plugin what they expected it to be, this is NOT a radial menu plugin. It merely represents a list of tools in a circular way.
  4. Dials and my other plugins are now available for R20, see blog post below
  5. A while ago the Polystein Kit for MODO (see https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/98647-polystein-kit-for-cinema-4d/ ) was introduced to me. From that moment the idea kept growing in the back of my head to provide something similar for the Cinema 4D community. Once other priorities were out of the way, I started working on some scripts to test out the feasibility of my interpretation of the idea. Once a working concept was obtained using several scripts, I contacted William Vaughan, the original creator of the Polystein Kit, in order to obtain approval to take his idea and turn it into a Cinema 4D plugin. Working from the scripts made earlier, I started implementing this new plugin, which I named "PolyGnome". Explaining the choice of the name would be a story too long to tell here, so I 'll prefer to leave that for long, cold and dark winter nights ... The current state of the plugin does use it's own library implementation, instead of using the Content Browser. There is more than one reason for this, but since quite technical, I'll omit to explain these as well. As mentioned in the video demonstration, the current beta version requires a two step preparation of assets. I have some ideas to automate these steps, but more important features need to get implemented first. The plugin will be available for Windows and MacOS, R17 and above (hopefully R19 won't break anything SDK related ... fingers crossed). Possibly R16, if there is enough interest. Depending the feedback from beta testers the plugin will be available sooner or later. Release date and price to be announced. Here's already a teaser, explaining the different steps: As for my other plugin(s), which all have their dedicated threads, I'd like this specific one to be the home for discussing anything PolyGnome related.
  6. PolyGnome and my other plugins are now available for R20, see blog post below
  7. Seamilar and my other plugins are now available for R20, see blog post below If you are looking for an easier way to do UV mapping than using the native tools, and don't need all the features available in Seamilar, you might want to look at EasyUV instead (coming soon). It is based on Seamilar but has less features, and as such will be less expensive.
  8. For the original plugin version I would like to refer to this thread. A year has passed since the implementation of that Python plugin, and while I wanted this Seamilar plugin to do more than currently has been released, the Python SDK held me back. With the release of R18 MAXON provided additional bodypaint functionality in it's Python SDK, and I finally could implement the full version of the plugin as I envisioned it at the start. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, MAXON's dev support confirmed that the added functionality didn't work, so I was back to square one. Instead of waiting on a fix from MAXON, I went ahead and digged into the world of C++ plugin development, as this SDK didn't suffer the reported problems. A few weeks later and I have this "concept version" running. More development is required before it reaches a stable release version, but it already shows it's potential. No release date available yet. As for the supported Cinema 4D versions, this will depend on the needed functionality in the final version. One drawback of this being a C++ plugin: while the python plugin (being a script) is platform independent, a C++ plugin needs to be built (compiled and linked) on PC and on Mac separately.
  9. C4DS

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    Conversion of my plugins to R20 is completed. I have recently informed existing customers of Seamilar and PolyGnome about the news, and am giving them now priority to upgrade. Soon I will make an official announcement here at the C4DCafe, after which everyone will be able to purchase Seamilar, PolyGnome and/or Dials. And this for R16 - R20, Windows and/or macOS. Edit: Plugins are now available at https://toolspixels.be For a limited period of time plugins are at a 15% discount. (the order form at the website shows to original price, discount will be added on the invoice)
  10. C4DS

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    With all the excitement of announcing the website, I forgot to mention that, for a limited period of time, all plugins will be available at a 15% discount, to celebrate the launch.
  11. C4DS

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    I have been reading this post a few times over and over, not really knowing what to answer. But I surely admire the idea behind it. It's a grand endeavour starting up such a project. I, myself, am an hobbyist when it comes to 3D. I have been at it for almost 3 decades now, and still consider myself amateur. Sure, there are areas where I still need a lot of learning, and where this project might be useful. But I don't have skype nor discord, and frankly am not looking into getting any. Additionally I am not too sure if I'll have the time or perseverance to complete any of the assignments. Not wanting to sound negative, but while I very much like the idea, I don't see myself joining in ... at least not just yet. Reading the post a few more times might convince me, though. Still, a big thank you for providing this opportunity. Wish you all the best with this project. Maybe one day I'll be part of it.
  12. C4DS

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    There you go. All the janitor work has been completed, or so I hope. Website is up and running, ready to accept visitors. Mind you, it's a very basic place to be. No fancy embellishments, nor bells or whistles. It's just a placeholder for information about the plugins. Simple, down-to-earth, "no chi chi" ... but I hope you all still like it. https://toolspixels.be
  13. C4DS

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    Indeed I do, but am waiting to have finalized all the "behind the scenes" before making it public.
  14. C4DS

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    Preparing for the public release ... website is all up. Existing customers have received priority and opportunity to upgrade. It's now (almost) time for everyone else. Still finalizing the finishing touches for a nice deal.
  15. C4DS

    Best basic rig?

    The body doesn't have enough subdivision in the vertical direction (pelvis-to-shoulders) to be bendable. If you'd want the body to also be able to twist around its spine you then will also need to add some extra subdivisions left-to-right
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Next to the native "Reset PSR" command I used to use two scripts I had obtained with a purchased Vertex Pusher tutorial. These where Reset Position and Reset Rotation. Unfortunately, these were written in COFFEE and had to be rewritten in Python to work with R20. So, I did just that. And after getting permission from the original author I am providing them here in the download section for others. Thanks to Hrvoje for the original COFFEE script.
  17. C4DS

    cant rotate axis

    Difficult to tell without the actual scene file to check. A screenshot of your UI could maybe reveal something, i.e. in case you inadvertently locked some axis, or something. But I guess the best would be we could have a look at your scene file and experience the issue ourself.
  18. C4DS

    Happy New Year!

    Still an hour and a quarter to go, but we're off to bed ... Happy New Year.
  19. Finalized version 1.1 and wrote the documentation. An early Christmas present sent out to those having donated ... check your e-mails. Others will need to wait for the official release, in a few weeks.
  20. C4DS

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    Thanks! Scripts are available in the download section now.
  21. Reset Position n Rotation View File Next to the native "Reset PSR" command I used to use two scripts I had obtained with a purchased Vertex Pusher tutorial. These where Reset Position and Reset Rotation. Unfortunately, these were written in COFFEE and had to be rewritten in Python to work with R20. So, I did just that. And after getting permission from the original author I am providing them here in the download section for others. Thanks to Hrvoje for the original COFFEE script. Submitter C4DS Submitted 12/18/2018 Category XPresso / Python Scenes & Scripts  
  22. C4DS

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    I wanted to send you a PM, but apparently you're not able to receive messages (inbox full ?), as such let me pass the message this way: Hi Hrvoje, I have been using a few scripts over the years, and moving to R20 I noticed I missed some. Apparently, these were COFFEE scripts, so I took the time to rewrite these in Python. Now, I was about to upload them to the C4DCafe's download section for others benefit, but noticed these original scripts were named VP_Reset Position and VP_Reset Rotation. I figured these must have come from a Vertex Pusher tutorial I had purchased in the past. So, before uploading the converted Python versions, I 'd first like to ask if it is OK with you to upload these. I don't want to take credit for these, as they are simply derived from your original work.
  23. Still need to figure things out before making the official announcement, but probably all my plugins being ported to R20 will be available from 1st January 2019. As I planned a less feature rich sibling of Seamilar (announced as EasyUV), I am also planning a less feature sibling of PolyGnome. It's a little early now (and still haven't figured out an appropriate name), but I soon hope to be able to announce this "EasyMeshblender".
  24. Thank you for your interest in PolyGnome. R20 version of the plugin is completed, and will be available to the public starting from 1st January 2019.
  25. Also remember that when hovering over the favorite "dot" in the dial, the description/info of the favorite is displayed in the status bar (even user has entered description/info). I agree that colors are difficult to memorize when having tenfold of favorites, but I haven't found a better way ... yet.