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  1. I subscribed just to see what difference it would make, which I reported a few posts ago, mentioning it was definitely not related to the ads. But then I noticed the page loading seemed to be affected by transferring data related to google analytics. What I also notice is that the front page is loading upto the downloads items' thumbnails, but without the number of downloads listed below them. Then page freezes for a few seconds. When page unfreezes the number of downloads gets added under each download item, followed by the video thumbnails showing up and the rest of the bottom page gets drawn.
  2. Thanks for making the Theme menu available again !!!
  3. @Igor I would like to temporarily switch back to the C4Cafe 2.5 legacy theme. I switched to the 3.0 theme to be able to make a screenshot of the issue. But now cannot switch back since there seems to be no Theme selection with the new theme. I have looked on different pages, but no Theme selection to be found anywhere.
  4. I guess you mean this one: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/42-uvisland-outliner/
  5. I can confirm it's not the ads. But it may be related to google analytics (or such). When using Firefox (latest 79.0) the bottom left corner of the page shows (Transferring data from www.google...). During this time the web browser's tab shows loading activity. And after a while the browser shows the yellow bar. I have tried with Microsoft Edge, and while I don't get the yellow bar (as this is probably a Firefox thing) I do see the same loading activity in the tab ... which also takes quite a while before coming to a rest. The difference with Microsoft Edge is that you don't get any info on what is actually loading/connecting/transferring, and that this browser does not seem to complain. Tried on my wife's computer with Google Chrome (84.0.4147.105). After pages are loaded the browser's tab still shows loading activity, similar to Edge and Firefox. So, my understanding is that the same happens on all browsers, except with most you don't notice something wrong. Edit: @Igor As a side note: I can't seem to be able to locate the Theme selection anymore. With the legacy 2.5 theme it was available at the bottom of each page. With 3.0 all I see is the "Contact us" at the left bottom and a copyright notice at the right bottom, which is halfway overwritten by the bottom menu.
  6. As mentioned earlier: It's not really about the yellow bar, it's more about the entire experience. The yellow bar is just a consequence. Everything seems to be loading slowly with the new theme/version.
  7. Might be related to the webbrowser you're using. I noticed this too (on Firefox). Had to switch back to the legacy 2.5 theme in order to be able to use the forums again.
  8. Thanks for mentioning the RingLoop plugin @Cerbera @thanuleeOnly wanted to point out that I fixed a bug in the "Ring" functionality, and redesigned the plugin to provide for separate "Ring" and "Loop" commands (on request of a user wanting to be able to assign separate shortcuts). Additionally, I have also made the "Skip" amount scriptable. Example scripts are included in the newest version 0.4 Again, you can assign shortcuts to any of these scripts, allowing for a speed up in workflow if you frequently require a particular skip-amount.
  9. Updated version available at https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/48-ringloop/
  10. C4DS


    Version 0.4


    RingLoop is a small Python plugin which allows to extend selected edges into ring or loop. An optional "skip" option can be provided, which will skip the number of edges during creation of a ring or loop from the original selected edge(s) Original thread: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/102983-select-every-other-edge New version 0.4 (see changelog)
  11. Ah, the lego master builder and former tutorial maker. You mean 3DMango, right?
  12. According to the snippet of information at the left side of each of my posts it seems I do have 5 followers. However, when I browse my profile it says 0 followers. The latter would be correct since I have chosen to not allow anyone to follow me (hey, I am paranoid for a reason). Was wondering if this is a hiccup from the forum or do I actually have hidden followers?
  13. So far all discussions in this thread seam to be related to the introduction presentation. I missed the live presentation, and only managed to tune in right at the point when the beer o-'clock joke was dropped. Wished I had missed that as well. Anyway, was able to rewind the stream by half an hour and watch the whole introduction thing. This really didn't wet my appetite to watch any of the next presentations. So ... did I miss anything? Just wondering. Today is day 2 of those presentations. Yet, I don't see any mention of yesterday's presentations, nor any discussion. Again wondering if there's anything worth to watch?
  14. The original Dials was limited to the 3D viewport only. When I designed and implemented the plugin this limitation was fine enough for me. I only use this plugin to speed up performing actions when working in the viewport. However, recently I noticed this plugin would also be handy to have when using in combination with my Seamilar plugin. Allowing to have direct access to the UV tools when working in its own UV view window. So, I went looking for a way to extend the original plugin. Skipping the technical details ... (<yawn> boring!!!) I found a way to get it working for R16 upto R20 ... on Windows. Digged a little deeper and managed to get it to work on macOS ... "kinda". The Dials widget can now be used outside of the 3D viewport, even outside of the main Cinema4D application window. Tested on single and dual monitor setup. The plugin now has an additional colored ring behind the icons, allowing to contract against the background. The transparency of this new colored ring can be adjusted in the settings. I am providing this new version as a free beta-version to existing customers, with no further support. Unfortunately this version will probably never leave the beta stage, as there are just too many issues with R21. EDIT: While not being able to provide a same experience for R21 users as for R16-R20 users, I have managed to get something working for R21 (Windows and macOS). Albeit with limitations due to a bug in R21, which probably only will get resolved in R23 "at the earliest".
  15. Quads AND triangles are polygons. In your case the primitive cube consists of 6 quad polygons. When converted to another format, the quad polygons may get converted to triangles. Since 1 quad equals 2 triangles, your 6 quad polygons become 12 triangle polygons. Edit: If you would triangulate the cube in Cinema4D you would end up with 12 triangles to begin with.
  16. I only noticed while trying to add support for edge and polygon selections that the original version already supported edge selections. I thus have now added polygon selections as well, added some undo support, and perform some clean up afterwards.
  17. Sorry, had to go back to the legacy 2.5 theme. I really liked to new theme and especially its new text editor. However, I don't know if it is my system alone, or a recurring thing with other users as well, but since a few days the website is extremely slow to load at times. I am using Firefox 78.0.2 on Windows 10. With the new theme trying to make this replay took forever. The page loads up, but not entirely, and a popup bar at the top of the page keeps mentioning: "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? ... stop it, wait". This didn't happen a few days ago. Switching to the legacy theme gets rid of this issue.
  18. So ... Yes, by now you might have realized I have reconsidered, and didn't stop development. Kind of. I still stand behind my first thoughts about R21. The only difference is that, since I was under automatic renewal of MSA (without realizing it) I was legally obliged to purchase the final MSA. That's what I did, and as a result I was able to update my plugins to "work" with R21. Why the quotes around works? Well, in my opinion, ... and that should be clear to all ... MY opinion. So, in my opinion this R21 release is just (*). How frustrating it has been to get some of the plugins to function on R21 as reliably as they were on previous versions. Sure ... bugs have been fixed, present in R20 and before. Sure ... new features have been added. But the whole new licensing scheme experience, and on top of that a completely new GUI. Come on, it's common sense that this would provide for quite some issues. And indeed! I have had numerous communications with the SDK support team. Great guys, by the way !!! Really! No sarcasm intended. Hats off to those guys who try to help whenever needed. Unfortunately, they are not able to help when the problems are deep inside the application itself. Even more unfortunate is that while the issues are confirmed to be bugs, a next update doesn't provide for a fix. Seeing we're kind of at the end of the R21 life-cycle I have no high hopes to see this fixed ... unless in R22 or later. Don't even get me started on S22 ... As I am personally not using R21, would I still develop plugins for R21? I am developing for R20 and previous versions. If it doesn't take much time and frustration to port to R21, I will. Else ... There you have it. In my opinion R21 was and still is (*). I am done venting. (*) funnily enough the forum software does not allow to use this word. It is spelled with a "c", an "r", then "a", and finally "p".
  19. C4DS


    PolyDup v1.0 is done. Documentation finalized, implementation ported to R16 - R21, both on Windows and macOS. Plugin banner created and website updated (see first post).
  20. Thanks for the background info. I had been searching through the forum for the original topic. Just couldn't seem to locate it. I will see if I can add the edge and polygon selection to a future update. Thanks for bringing it up.
  21. Version 1.1


    This script will hide polygons that have no selected points. Can be useful if you have an high polycount object which you want to edit, but there is just too many polygons to see what you're doing. Select some points you want to work on, execute the script ... and all polygons not sharing those selected points get hidden. original topic: <to be continued>
  22. Version 1.0


    I don't think this one needs much explanation, the title says it all. The script repositions selected points into a circle. original topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104197-alternative-to-points-to-circle/
  23. Version 1.1


    TINA (Texture Importer 'n' Assigner) is a Python plugin to automate importing multiple textures into appropriate material channels. The plugin was originally created to import the different texture sets created in Substance Painter, into Cinema4D's native materials before the node-based materials where introduced in R20. Plugin is compatible with R17 - R21. Hasn't been tested on S22, nor with node-based materials. original topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/92673-speti-and-tina
  24. I am starting to like the changes so far. Nice work. To me it looks like the new choice of colors (fore- and background) provides for a much more readable experience. At least that's how I notice it for the dark theme. The bottom bar icons ... yeah, I am not too sure about that one. But as it is work in progress, let's wait and see. One thing I found odd was that the bottom bar has a search icon, while the top banner area has one as well, with a text input field next to it. Again, since this is work in progress, that will probably be taken care of ... just wanted to point it out. Really nice work. Thanks for spending the time to make this forum more enjoyable.
  25. Version 1.2


    UVisland Outliner is a Python plugin which does detect the UV island boundaries and turns them into edge selection. The plugin will process all selected polygon objects. A new option introduced in version 1.1 (available via cog wheel) provides a way to ignore the outer edges of an open-ended mesh. In general you would want to turn all UV seams into edge selections. In case of open-ended mesh objects, the mesh boundaries would be detected as UV boundaries ... while these aren't actually UV seams. The new option will (by default) allow to ignore these boundaries. On the other hand you might want to turn all UV island boundaries into edges, no matter if these are UV seams or not. You can do so by unchecking the new option. Original thread: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/109930-uvisland-outliner
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