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  1. With the help from Octane support I finally got to complete a render. Switching the native subdivision surface to the subdivision via an octane object tag resolved the out-of-memory experience. The result looked very promising and made me reconsider ... I really enjoyed using the Live View of Octane. The only drawback is its price (for a perpetual license), compared to U-Render which allows to use it on 2 machines. But then again, you cannot really compare these two render engines. Although I have heard U-Render has recently gotten an update. This said, I am back to
  2. Welcome to the forum. Back in the days when I started out with C4D I learned a lot doing 3DKiwi's challenges. In particular there were these animation challenges, where you had to model, texture ... and do some animating. Basically, a complete "short story" to create in a few weeks. Learned a lot in the process. I miss those days.
  3. Sorry, just stumbled upon this right now. Did you try out the plugin I linked earlier in the thread? (https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/42-uvisland-outliner/) Does this one not work with S22 or later? I cannot test since not having access to S22 nor R23. As the plugin is written in Python, care to share what errors are listed in the Python log window?
  4. According to the info presented when purchasing a license: "Includes a node-locked version of the renderer and the Cinema 4D Plug-in. After payment, you will receive an activation code to activate your license on your chosen computer." This would mean only a single computer. And I only just noticed now that the 299 euros is ex. VAT. I was excited, but these 2 points are quite a deal-breaker for me. Yes, I agree 299 or 362, that's "only" a difference of 63 euros. ... Still !
  5. While I hoped to be able to keep the business running till the end of the year, I now have to announce I am closing down by the end of the week. I don't want to make it sound dramatic, but if you were still on the fence of deciding to get one of the plugins ... you probably have one or two days left to make a decision. EDIT: Shop closed and business activities terminated. @3D-PangelYou might want to edit your first message in this thread and remove the links to the website to avoid soon-to-be broken links. Thanks.
  6. Would the latest version be available as demo in future as well. Or should I simply be able to update the demo I already have installed? I'd also like to know about switching licenses between machines. I did try out just recently, and found the live preview (then) not that impressive regarding feedback. Granted, the rendering is fast, but with lack of feedback in the live preview it's hard to tell if something is being processed or if the machine just locked up. Short feedback here: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/112169-fossils-and-gpu-rendering/?do=
  7. The c4d.documents.LoadDocument returns you a BaseDocument, which you then need as argument for the InsertBaseDocument and SetActiveDocument.
  8. I have been spending some time demoing U-Render, Cycles4D, Octane. What I liked about Cycles4D is that it is a GPU and CPU renderer. This allows to setup projects on a machine with GPU for fast feedback, and allows to render the project on non-GPU machines. At least in theory, as I haven't tried this out. Also, having a license for X-Particles (out of maintenance by now) I am entitled to 30% off, which would allow me to get Cycles4D for about 210 euros (tax included). Unfortunately, I don't really like the result from the render engine. It's quite noisy, and I cannot seem
  9. Thanks for correcting me. Don't know why I assumed it to be GPU only. Since it's a CPU renderer, and subscription based, I can remove it from my list.
  10. At this point I was merely collecting information, suggestions, and ideas. No real intend as of yet. First doing my homework before committing to any action-plan. Honestly, I might originally have thought of equipping each of the 3 machines with a 1660 (preferably with a 1080 if these were still available, for cheap), but that would require 3 GPU render licenses. Seeing that such a license (even the cheapest one for U-Render) is more than the GPU cost itself, that idea kind of flew out of the window right away. However, I have too many (old) machines around that I simply
  11. I have been using the SpaceNavigator for years. At start it is quite some getting used to. But once the brain gets accommodated it's quite difficult to work without it. Past few years, while developing plugis, I had gone back to using the 1,2,3 shortcut keys as I didn't quite need to heavily navigate the viewport. Now that I am back to using the software instead of writing it, I will see myself using that SpaceNavigator more and more. I had also been eyeing the more expensive model. With one hand on the SpaceNavigator and the other on the mouse, it's kind of troublesome t
  12. Thanks for the kind words Kent. Cannot promise anything about showing off some new renders, but I sure will try. I am still running some old fossil computers over here. Probably best to consider getting rid of these before people start finger-pointing me for contributing to global warming.
  13. Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated. However, I am reading some contradictions in your reply. The G33 motherboard and Q6600 processors are from around 2007-2008. Which makes them 13 years old, just like your ancient machine with the GTX1080. As GTX1080 are hard to find (almost impossible locally, or quite expensive). I assumed the more recent GTX1660 could help the old fossil G33-Q6600 have a second life. Just like you did. I am currently using a low-to-mid-range i5 laptop with Geforce 920m. And thus at this point in time don't have a more current workstation,
  14. Sure will do. Thanks for all your time and effort, Igor. One last thing, could you please remove the "Developer" tag from my profile. I had a look in my account, but it seems something a user can not set or unset. Must be an admin thing. Thanks in advance.
  15. OK, I have been living under a rock for the past 4 years. Last time I rendered something I was using Physical render with R17. In the meantime it seems that GPU rendering has been taking over. Completely uneducated on this topic I have tried to do some homework before asking the question(s) on this forum. I had a look at different GPU render engines (Octane, Corona, U-Render, RedShift, ...) as well as trying to understand the different types of GPUs available. Being a simple hobbyist I was wondering if it would -in my case- even be worthwhile to consider the GPU rend
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