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  1. Right, forgot to mention that one. I seem to have tried it in the past, as I had its link stored in my bookmarks. For some reason (which I cannot remember) I didn't quite like it. But that was "then", I'll make sure to try the latest version now. Thanks.
  2. After being absent for quite a few years I have recently jumped back into the habit of creating personal projects in the form of short story animations. In the past (2010 - 2015) I had been using Storyboard Pro from ToonBoom, but it's becoming ridiculous expensive to update. If it would be for a paid job, I could relate. But since this is for non-budget personal projects I simply cannot afford the premium upgrade price to get the latest bugfixes. And I am not into their subscription model either. I am thus looking for an alternative way of digitally drawing storyboards
  3. I have version R16, R18, R19, R20, R21 installed. Cannot promise anything but if that can be of any help, contact me via private message to pass on the files to be converted.
  4. I don't know the original story, but your last image doesn't show enough damage (too me) to make it look like a ruined house. Besides missing a few roof tiles, the house seemingly looks in good condition. But again, that might just be me, lacking the knowledge of the original story. Removing half of the roof, showing the supporting beams, broken chimney. Broken porch fence. Chair on its side, with a broken leg. Half open front door with some missing wood. Those things might help in selling it to be a ruin.
  5. dast


    Having stopped the plugin business entirely, I am contemplating providing this EasyUV plugin free of charge. Since R23 has its own updated UV tools, and actually breaking the functionality of EasyUV in the process, I don't see the need to provide this for R23 (and up). It would be made available for R16 upto R21, Windows and macOS. Obviously with R21 experiencing the aforementioned issues. So, before I spend time making this plugin "license-less" ... anyone interested? And if anyone would be willing to create a beginner-friendly tutorial featuring
  6. Looking forward how this progresses. A first impression is that it all looks somewhat too clean and sterile. All wooden beams of the house and the planks of the fence look too straight and sharp. I like the moss on the roof, but would expect the chimney, wooden beams, etc ... to also be somewhat dirty. Same for the fence and mailbox. Also the lighting seems a little off. As there is quite a distinctive shadow of the tree on the house, one would expect it's quite a sunny day. Yet the lighting, an especially the shadowy area in the background is quite dark
  7. <tadaaa> ... dast to the rescue !!! Well, seems I missed the boat. All seems to be fine already? I can go back to sleep then ... For anyone else reading this in future. Go to your preference folder, then in "library" folder there is this "scripts" folder.
  8. R23.008 is definitely not the latest version, as far as I know.
  9. Go to the viewport's menu: View > Frame Default
  10. Not tried, but I seem to remember one could filter the Object Manager. -> Filter to only show polygon objects. Select all, disable filter, move all selected to your desired location. Done
  11. But that would mean that you first need to change the startup layout before being able to start up with that particular layout. This is not what the OP is looking for. I do have an idea, but it is rather far fetched as it does require scripts and/or plugins ... so for now I am watching from the sideline, waiting for someone to come up with a more reasonable solution.
  12. @Lonchaney@Igor What would be the difference between someone having purchased the perpetual license from Allegorithmic (me, quite some years ago) and someone having purchased via Steam?
  13. I reached out to Affinity Designer support to find out how to proceed with transfer of license, but got a reply back that end-user-license-agreement does not allow this.
  14. Thanks for the offer. I might be interested, but my mid-2011 iMac's graphic card just died (again), so I need to find a solution for that first.
  15. interested. I've sent you a mail.
  16. I am not in the same boat, but share the same idea regarding trying out an eGPU for a laptop. However - in my case - considering the cost of an external case for a GPU is about 300 euros and more, and the fact that eGPU will never be as fast as an internal one, I have changed my mind and will preferably invest this money in a basic PC. It doesn't need to have a top tier Intel or AMD CPU. I am sure such a basic PC will cost more than an eGPU case, but I figure it's more bang for the buck to have an expandable computer than having an expensive case. Just my opinion.
  17. With the help from Octane support I finally got to complete a render. Switching the native subdivision surface to the subdivision via an octane object tag resolved the out-of-memory experience. The result looked very promising and made me reconsider ... I really enjoyed using the Live View of Octane. The only drawback is its price (for a perpetual license), compared to U-Render which allows to use it on 2 machines. But then again, you cannot really compare these two render engines. Although I have heard U-Render has recently gotten an update. This said, I am back to
  18. Welcome to the forum. Back in the days when I started out with C4D I learned a lot doing 3DKiwi's challenges. In particular there were these animation challenges, where you had to model, texture ... and do some animating. Basically, a complete "short story" to create in a few weeks. Learned a lot in the process. I miss those days.
  19. Sorry, just stumbled upon this right now. Did you try out the plugin I linked earlier in the thread? (https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/42-uvisland-outliner/) Does this one not work with S22 or later? I cannot test since not having access to S22 nor R23. As the plugin is written in Python, care to share what errors are listed in the Python log window?
  20. According to the info presented when purchasing a license: "Includes a node-locked version of the renderer and the Cinema 4D Plug-in. After payment, you will receive an activation code to activate your license on your chosen computer." This would mean only a single computer. And I only just noticed now that the 299 euros is ex. VAT. I was excited, but these 2 points are quite a deal-breaker for me. Yes, I agree 299 or 362, that's "only" a difference of 63 euros. ... Still !
  21. Would the latest version be available as demo in future as well. Or should I simply be able to update the demo I already have installed? I'd also like to know about switching licenses between machines. I did try out just recently, and found the live preview (then) not that impressive regarding feedback. Granted, the rendering is fast, but with lack of feedback in the live preview it's hard to tell if something is being processed or if the machine just locked up. Short feedback here: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/112169-fossils-and-gpu-rendering/?do=
  22. The c4d.documents.LoadDocument returns you a BaseDocument, which you then need as argument for the InsertBaseDocument and SetActiveDocument.
  23. I have been spending some time demoing U-Render, Cycles4D, Octane. What I liked about Cycles4D is that it is a GPU and CPU renderer. This allows to setup projects on a machine with GPU for fast feedback, and allows to render the project on non-GPU machines. At least in theory, as I haven't tried this out. Also, having a license for X-Particles (out of maintenance by now) I am entitled to 30% off, which would allow me to get Cycles4D for about 210 euros (tax included). Unfortunately, I don't really like the result from the render engine. It's quite noisy, and I cannot seem
  24. Thanks for correcting me. Don't know why I assumed it to be GPU only. Since it's a CPU renderer, and subscription based, I can remove it from my list.
  25. At this point I was merely collecting information, suggestions, and ideas. No real intend as of yet. First doing my homework before committing to any action-plan. Honestly, I might originally have thought of equipping each of the 3 machines with a 1660 (preferably with a 1080 if these were still available, for cheap), but that would require 3 GPU render licenses. Seeing that such a license (even the cheapest one for U-Render) is more than the GPU cost itself, that idea kind of flew out of the window right away. However, I have too many (old) machines around that I simply


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