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    Gfx,Animation,Modeling, Videos
    SciFi Shorts....anything I think is cool :D
    But..because the impact BSG TOS had on me as an 11-12 year old boy,,,and that it ended after one season...
    has really been a focus of many of my endeavors in animation.

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  1. "of all the thoughts that could possibly exist in the vast cosmos....
    I am trying to have them all"

  2. Test Firing....

    Location: Cylon Proving Grounds

    Captain...I think he is firing on us.

  3. I am a dummy...I cannot seem to figure out what the theme is? looked at posts..announcements and links... Is this in reference to the Look and Layout of the website? I got no complaints at this time.....
  4. After careful consideration. I think I am going to abort this and CG altogether.

    1. 3DKiwi


      Yeah well the end of the world is happening in a couple of weeks time. Think I may join you :)

  5. After careful consideration. I think I am going to abort this and CG altogether.

  6. Hey- my 3d anaglyph glasses came today, so soon I can try out stereoscopic C4d....

    1. Randal


      OMG I just watched a video of a chainsaw in 3d, with my new 3d anaglyph glasees, and I am BLOWN away.... WOW

  7. After my Pyro Problem, I am wary now of using saved pyros and things...they can bite back cheers.

  8. Hey --- I discovered the PFreeze Node and I am going to use it :D

  9. Oh my , Have I been sick for days and seems to be going to last at least 10.

    1. Randal


      Upper Respitory Infection, But I would swear I got the Plague.

      Have had a few before but this one is really BAD!

      Causes Suicidal THoughts , its that bad. All I want to do IS play C4d :(

    2. 3DKiwi


      Get better soon :)

  10. I saw a band last June called Big Gun-ACDC tribute band-- man they were ON it, Singer sung just like Brian Johnson, But Bon Scott is hard to beat...

  11. Hey Thank you for that Reply to Wireframe/ Sphere mesh etc.For spelling it out and adding the video too. That is the kind of reply that a noob can use and many others.

  12. @Canadianboy . Oh BOY ! my 8 yr old dell would just quit at 4000x3000

  13. Getting Snowed in here!!! lotsa snow

  14. Hello. Saw this reply you made and was wondering about "my trainings" Am about to embark on learning how to/create holes,destruction and other things for next vid.part 2 of BSG Annihilation. Was curious

    bout this and is there a link or tut that you are referring too?




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