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  1. How to delete selected UVs?

    Hi, As Cerbera said you can't delete selected uv's but you can clear them this explains it: http://c4d.cn/help/r17/US/html/11671.html
  2. Undo not Undoing

    Hi, The way i deal with it; i save incremental before applying the IK and before binding my character.
  3. C4D Studio R19 For Sale - Price Dropped

    Hi, you need to check with MAXON, i think the MSA is non transferable.
  4. Hide children in Objects-Tree

    I think he means: Object Manager?
  5. Change spline settings using Xpresso

    Hi, can you reduce the scene to one spline and post the file here, there could be a simple solution to this.
  6. Hi, Just duplicate the ball without the dynamics and hide it until you want it to be key framed and then reveal the non dynamic ball and hide the dynamic ball.
  7. Hi, check the layers tab it could be there. or post the file or a link to it here, so we can check it.
  8. Flag on Moving Object

    Hi, this tutorial explains it at 12.00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUGoWttI7EY
  9. Add Walk Question

    You can keep the character object rig, just get rid of the Cmotion tag. and animate the controllers manually.,
  10. Plane size and render

    To be more precise it's the colour Adsorption level in the transparent channel, once reduce to zero it works fine.
  11. Plane size and render

    Hi, it was the transparent channel of the plain material, once switched off the white BG came back.
  12. Landing Gear Rigging

    Hi, I think you be straggling to achieve this without dynamics. Xpresso might do it, or the other solution is key framing the positions of the wheels.
  13. CMotion Dog Running Template?

    Hi, There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying then been able to animate a character from scratch. However, four legged characters are the hardest to animate realistically. Here is one reference of many should you decide to have a go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qV5pdO_X8U
  14. Alpha channel visible over glass

    Hi, You could create a polygon mesh for your label textures only, as it is in real life.
  15. How to create light sparks e.g. welding

    Hi, here is one i made earlier using some of the methods mentioned above and lens effects.