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  1. Hi, just add a gradient layer in the fresnel material vertical or horizontal to mask the half you don't need.
  2. Character Rigging

    Sorry you are right, MY fault wasn't aware of this option. deleted message.
  3. Character Weight/Texture Problem?

    Hi, the slight deference in the joints of the two character is not the main problem, i think the fact that the characters mesh is not identical could be more of a problem from the weights point of view.
  4. Cinema 4D unresponsive?

    Doing this will create more problems for you.
  5. Smooth character animation

    This could be a starting point. http://www.animationmentor.com/resources/11-second-club/
  6. 1-1 in person training request

    For realistic ; fluid,smoke,and fire simulation i would recommend learning Blender.
  7. Can you duplicateTPstorm

    No problem, You welcome.
  8. Can you duplicateTPstorm

    Here is an example; TP_duplicate.c4d
  9. Can you duplicateTPstorm

    Hi, you should be able to duplicate the TP Null and move it to new location. Yep just tested it works fine.
  10. here you go : Bunny1(NEW RIG BIND).c4d
  11. No the mesh will not move with the joints unless its weighted. i will post here a file later on for you to compare and study, make sure you don't use it as your final project. ;)
  12. I had a look at your setup, you need to make sure that all the new joints are added to the weight tag and paint the weights to the new joints. The other problem you have is that the ears mesh doesn't have enough loops to allow for the joints to bend the ears. Also, the bunny mesh wasn't at world zero. i also noticed that the head has five joints you only need one neck and one head joint unless you intending to bend the head .
  13. Help with Foot Roll?

    Try this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ9DlbPoGko
  14. This tutorial could help; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUeY1HMXvFM