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  1. The best one to answer this is the Beefdoctor himself he is on this forum. It looks to me like reverse order dynamic animations. There is this tutorial if you have the patience to watch it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=cxglAH8Ozps
  2. I had some fun with this, no folds or creases: https://youtu.be/pYvCsU-zecE
  3. Hi, I simply selected all your extra key frames on the time line and duplicated them along the time line to match the mixamo animations. Here is the file: Skateboarding_DVfix.c4d.zip
  4. HI, This was created with the collision modifier:
  5. I like the first clip it looks like a watercolor painting, the only thing that doesn't match in my opinion is the bulrushes at the foreground the colors are to bold and the mist /fog is missing.
  6. Hi, you could simply parent the splines to the animated joint-4 and it should follow the swivel head rest animations. Try this file: Spline_animated_Polygon_D_V_FIX.c4d
  7. Hi, Check the texture of the eye, it could be that the reflection is part of the texture map.
  8. Hi, You can change the playback speed by clicking on the film strip under the time line right corner:
  9. Hi, As CBR already mentioned your best bet is Xpresso via User data sliders. I have made similar rig to animate an arrow flying oscillating and rotating through the air.
  10. HI Kobi, just check Render instances that should do it.
  11. HI, What you need to do is animate the bicycle and pedals and then constrain the feet to the pedals. here is one i made earlier: https://youtu.be/vKhvmbUn1Yw
  12. The screen shot clearly shows; R-20?



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