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  1. digitvisions

    Dynamic IK advice please.

    Hi, I am still on R15 but as far as i know in r15 the dynamic ik chain can only be controlled by one goal.
  2. Hi, This tutorial could be a lead: https://vimeo.com/117456977
  3. digitvisions

    The pillow is hanging in the air

    Hi, in the collision tag set the size increments to negative -5 -10 -20.... until you get the pillow to touch. I suspect your object size is not real world sizes, in dynamic simulations it's best to use real world measurements.
  4. Nice model, I don't understand why your profile says c4d version None?
  5. digitvisions

    Multiple pyro clusters in same scene?

    Hi, i could try to help, if you can please post the file.
  6. digitvisions

    Animation project

    Hi, I have finally made some progress, still a lot of work fixing and adding to be done. I have put together the first part of the film. It was now or never. There are a few errors that to the trained eye will be obvious, hoping to fix this in the coming year. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all the members that helped to make this happen! Link
  7. digitvisions

    Ease out and ease in in middle animation

    I think this is closer to what you need. ease_in_and_out-FIX.c4d
  8. digitvisions

    Ease out and ease in in middle animation

    Just adjust the z interpolations of the key frames to ease in and ease out like Rectro kindly explaind in this paragraph. Remember you are only using one side of the arm tangent from the stop time and to the stop time.
  9. digitvisions

    Ease out and ease in in middle animation

    Hi, you need to select the key frames at 2240 and 2300 on the time line and change the interpolations to linear. ease in and out simplified scene-fix.c4d.zip
  10. digitvisions

    How to delete selected UVs?

    Hi, As Cerbera said you can't delete selected uv's but you can clear them this explains it: http://c4d.cn/help/r17/US/html/11671.html
  11. digitvisions

    Undo not Undoing

    Hi, The way i deal with it; i save incremental before applying the IK and before binding my character.
  12. digitvisions

    C4D Studio R19 For Sale - Price Dropped

    Hi, you need to check with MAXON, i think the MSA is non transferable.
  13. digitvisions

    Hide children in Objects-Tree

    I think he means: Object Manager?
  14. digitvisions

    Change spline settings using Xpresso

    Hi, can you reduce the scene to one spline and post the file here, there could be a simple solution to this.
  15. Hi, Just duplicate the ball without the dynamics and hide it until you want it to be key framed and then reveal the non dynamic ball and hide the dynamic ball.