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  1. Hi, This tutorial i found very useful ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvKB-2-OPhA
  2. Thanks Jed, I had to change the Boole to;( NAND) NOR and it works. But then i realised if i connect the particle Life time instead of the stop perimeter, i get longer light time. i also connected the light intensity to the time inverted and i got a slowing down from initial flash.
  3. Thanks Jed, I was straining what's left of brain for the last two days tying to solve this. Thank you for your genius solution.
  4. Hi, i am trying to connect in xpresso a light to switch on and off, triggered by the emitter start frame and stop frame. will be grateful for any help. Thanks in advance.
  5. I think Anthony Owen have most of his tutorials.
  6. Yes this is a good example of how not to do it. Before downloading a model allays check the mesh wire-frame image first, if there is no image reference to the wire-frame then steer away from it. This is a good example of mesh:
  7. Thanks Jed, this old post solved my xpresso problem too.
  8. It's now in the previous reply.
  9. Hi, I had a look at your file i couldn't find a smart quick solution to the forklift turning back, so i key frame animated it back without the align tag. I also duplicated the palette and key frame animated the seen in render and view port tab. (Sorry,run out of space clearing some old files) Here is my file: Revers_Forklift_c4dcafe.c4d.zip
  10. Another good good tip is to connect the object to a null first then connect the null to the align to spline.
  11. Without looking at the file, i can see you have connected the IK to the part-4 you should have connected it to part-5 add a goal and a pole then you should be able to rotate part five.
  12. This is one i quickly made using a cube and spline in sweep for the edge, no zip:
  13. Yes very nice and complicated facial rig. My only concern is how smooth the animated transition pose movement from one key-frame to the other will be. and any priority issues.
  14. Hi, what part of the modelling are you straggling with? is it the edge stitch? the plastic material? the zip? it's basically a cube. it will be easier to help you if you posted a file of how far have you got with trying to model this. here is a zip tutorial: https://vimeo.com/220200102
  15. Thank you Jed, I will have a look at the files straightaway. I knew you could solve it.
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