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  1. Adding IK to existing character skeleton

    Yes as Rectro already said ; it is easier to add the Ik and controllers to existing joints. Sadly there isn't yet as far as I know a replacement plugin to Cactus Dan's .
  2. Legoman plays whack-a-mole

    Thanks Jed, Yes I came to that conclusion after long hours of experimenting with the base80. I have managed to rig my car with your dynamics tutorials for the mini. It works well . I will have a look at your new rig and see what that can do for me. Excellent tutorial I have learned a few new xpresso set ups that might come in handy for future projects. And I must say you have an infectious laugh, every time I switch your tutorials on at the part were you laugh my wife bursting into laughter. i do need the car to react to the terrain contours, and suspension movements. I will post my results later.
  3. Legoman plays whack-a-mole

    Hi, I don't usually automate animations but I must say your brilliant work as tempted me to have a go at some automated rigging. I am trying to rig a car with the xpresso ray collision and base80, but I am not sure if the set up you had for the unicycle without the Python script can be used on four wheels? I can use Aline to spline for the path, but I want the four wheels to move independently and follow the contour of the landscape.The other option will be to use your tutorials for the mini rig using the dynamic rig.
  4. Shaping Hair

    Hi, the other way you can achieve this shape is to model the right shape from your reference and apply the hair to the shape you created, the hairs then will follow the shape of the polygons. The cut and brush tools are here; simulate>hair tools>cut,brush. if you use the capsule primitive object , make it editable and select the top polygons add hair object turne off dynamics, and use the brush tool it takes five minutes to achieve.
  5. Rigging a real spine--How I did it

    Hi, What you need to ask yourself is what kind of animations you need to get from your rig. Sometimes it's the simplest setup that will get you there. For example; if you just need a nice even curvature of the spine in one or more directions xpersso setup via a data user conectet to a slider will do it. if you need more precise manipulation of each vertebrates ,then you could do with out the spline and just rotate the joints individually.
  6. Really bad render Vray

    Hi, I don't use vray but it looks like cranked up bump or normal noise in your textures.
  7. Hi, I think your work is excellent , but when you are comparing it to someone better you find room for improvements, you are on the right track, you asking for other people's opinions and from the constructive criticism you get you can adjust your work and learn a lot. For your question regarding the field you should consider, I think the more fields the better. Lightning, texturing, modelling, photorealism, They are all connected and affect each other. Looking at the last two examples the most obvious things that could be improved are, The composition where you place the building it should all ways be slightly to one side of the picture, also the roof tiles looking very flat texture. Good luck.
  8. Rigging a real spine--How I did it

    Hi, there are few things you could try experimenting with, first try the various settings of the spline; B spline, Akima, and so on. Also make sure that the axis of your vertebrates is centred.
  9. Motion Tracker Render Error

    Hi, it's hard to tell from your screenshot but have you projected your footage on to a floor object?
  10. Fixing a complex mesh

    Hi, your best bet is to use the original as a reference and re model it in c4d.
  11. craig crookedile

    Nice render and modelling, it reminds me a cold winters day in the bath. When I grow up I want to be as skill full as you.
  12. Multiple Pivot points single object?

    Ah , I knew there would be a scientific explanation as to why I never caught anything .
  13. Reset all scales in hierarchy

    Try this: connect your character root null to a new null make sure you are in object mode and try scaling with the new null.
  14. Merging: Using highest polygon?

    It's very hard to see what's needed , you probably need to show the planes screenshot in wireframe.
  15. Multiple Pivot points single object?

    Thanks, No the bend was animated manually with the bend deformer. You could try the joint dynamics but it could be a lot harder to tame. I recognise this casting style from when I use to do beach casting fishing.