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  1. Hi, after getting this character out of his car for the next episode shoot, i decided to rebuild and improve the original rig. This is what i have so far:
  2. Yes the rotation can only be controlled by one slider. so you parent the door to a null, and use that for controlling both, and the object to control one side at the time.
  3. Hi, I had a go at this puzzle using Mograph cloner and Wrap sphere deformer. This is what i have so far:
  4. This free plugin: https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-symmetry/
  5. Hi, because your camera is directly aligned to the spline it will not follow the target axis rotation animation. You could maybe use another camera for that part and constrain it in rotation to the object. Or constrain the circle spline to the object rotation. Also make sure your key frames set to linear interpolation.
  6. Yes you could, But it's always best to have the object you animating parented to a null for fine adjustments. I just realised, if you want the ball to maintain a rotation in on direction you will need to turn tangential on the align to spline tag, and in order to prevent a gimbal situation you better have two nulls parented one for the align to spline and one for the ball rotation. Here is an example file: soccerball_2-nulls.c4d
  7. HI, if you parent the ball to a null and move the align to spline tag to the null you then will be able to rotate the ball independently. Just make sure the null is in the same location as the ball.
  8. Hi, If you can post a link to your file ,i will have a look to see if there is a possible solution.
  9. Ok, I had a look at your file and adjusted few joints for you to see that it is possible to do but will take a lot of patience and time. I will post a link to the file soon. There are basics things you need to know when modelling a character, the scale is important specially when weights applied. you character is 700 mm high . also your mesh with the exception of the shirt is triangulated. This will affect the way the mesh will deform. all your joints weights need adjusting, they over spill on to adjacent joints. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/dbbafe6160b8ded3180b768f7262cf7320191029153234/ae4bc7
  10. HI, the setting i usually use to paint the weights are: Projection on,Auto normalize on, the strength and hardness to about 25% that will depended on if you add , deduct the weights or simply equalising the weights. Also for a high polygon count mesh that need smoothing in between joints i use Smooth setting on low strength 10% .
  11. Hi, what i do to prevent the joint jumping to original position is, to have the character rig in world 0,0,0 before binding the mesh and selecting all controls, and freeze all transformations. if you haven't done this then there is a tutorial @Rectro made dealing with this problem i am not sure where to find it.
  12. That's what the mesh should look like:
  13. Hi,because of the way this was modelled it will be better to re model it then trying to unwrap it.

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