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  1. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    I have started modelling the wings and experimented with materials.
  2. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    Hands and legs. Feet next.
  3. digitvisions

    Light Streak

    This is what you will get using the old and rusty particle emitter and PyroCluster + volumeTracer: light_streak_A.c4d
  4. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    Thanks mate, it's your character modeling work that has inspired me to improve my modelling.
  5. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    I have decided to model the clothing as one pic part of the body and continuation of the, head that should hopefully prevent the intersecting when mesh is animated. also started on some backgrounds concept ideas.
  6. digitvisions

    How to rig this?

    No problem. rigging/animating are my Favorite subjects.
  7. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    Another option for the hair:
  8. digitvisions

    Edit point weights on posed mesh

    Hi, you can paint the weights in object mode instead of points mode that way the character will stay in the animated pose while you paint.
  9. digitvisions

    Simple Lighting Rig Help

    Here is a simple rig with xpresso, no joints : light_rig_fix.c4d
  10. Here is one tutorial there are many on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYzvG1wPotY
  11. Hi, this i think will be hard to simulate accurately with dynamics/cloth, but you can simulate the page flip with dynamic joints. Start with large joints at the base of the page and small joint at the tip the more joints at the tip the more flexible the page will be.
  12. digitvisions

    Simple Lighting Rig Help

    Hi, if you only need the main light object to swivel up and down on it's axis, then you don't need the arm rig setup, just use one bone with restriction or set the object axis in axis mode to the center of the swivel point and use rotation tool to swivel it.
  13. Hi, here is my simplified version using Point Level Animation combined with sweep animation; sewstich_A1.c4d
  14. digitvisions

    Dynamic IK does not deform rig

    Sometimes we overlook the simplest solutions.
  15. digitvisions

    A fairy tale

    I have used hair object and changed the display to generate squares. The eyelashes did not work with the face symmetry, not sure how you meant to do it ? any help will be greatly appreciated. i ended up copying the polygons to the other side and reapplying the hair object.