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  1. The screen shot clearly shows; R-20?
  2. Hi, i don't think there is a great value to that version, you probably be better off using it as a side grade for the newer version.
  3. Hi, i never did a swarm animation, but as natevplas said Symmetry will work better, in this clip i key framed the animations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3968ymnjt0
  4. Hi, you need to make the cube editable.
  5. Please create a folder with the BG image and save the c4d file to that folder and post the link to it here.
  6. I don't have Octan, but could it be that your render setting is to one frame only.
  7. You turn the dot green that reveals the object in the hidden layer.
  8. We will need to see the file, to be able to help.
  9. Hi, It's because you are in perspective view port , try front or side.
  10. HI, i am not sure how it is in r20, but in r15 when you have the cursor over the joint it is then turns white and the component name appears, which should make easier to select and move. Like in this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmOSD5Io630
  11. Hi, what could help us to resolve this is a screenshot of the picture viewer and the F-curve at the frame the character disappears.
  12. Hi, i could be wrong but i think you need the studio version to be able to do character animations.
  13. I am not in front of my computer at the moment but in the F-curve toolbar there is an option for baking.
  14. HI, If you have ik in your rig you will probably have to bake it first.
  15. Hi, looking at your screenshot i notice you only activated the; move,scale and rotation, you didn't activate the point animation and FFD uses the points for deformation.
  16. This was made into one object and rigged with ik joints: Link
  17. Hi, I could be wrong but it sounds like you didn't make the splines and the object they connect to as one object? This would explain why the spline brakes away when bind and weighted to joints. You could probably overcome this by adding more weights to the connection area from the main object joint, so when the cable flex/bend away from the connection. Nearly forgot, you will have to do; Connect Object+Delete to be able do this.
  18. Sorry i was away, Yes as CBR already said in the material settings. Here is an example, i used another uv map. also added a uv tag for you. tex_fix+tire.zip
  19. Hi, you need to go to the material editor tab, and change the "default" to 1024 or higher and you should be able to see the texture clearly.
  20. Hi and welcome to the cafe. If you change the textures maps from uvw to spherical on both the cards instances and the large spherical object you will get the results you are after.
  21. Like this?:https://vimeo.com/70782564
  22. Created with c4d and blender fluid simulation. https://youtu.be/ejTUBw9CtWM



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