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  1. Hi, This at 03,00-03.17: https://vimeo.com/218347247
  2. Hi look here: https://lesterbanks.com/2015/09/3-ways-modeling-a-screw-c4d/
  3. Hi, i am not sure about your first question but for the second one the answer is yes .go to>edit>project settings>Key interpolation>linear.
  4. I will have to disagree with you on this one. I used max and blender and the key frames animation is the same or even better layout in c4d then blender and the same as max.
  5. Here is your file ( i had to delete all other parts to be able to post here) with the last key frames selected and changed to liner, it works: examplefaceid_cafe.c4d
  6. look at my last post. The last two must be selected and changed to linear for it to be repeated.
  7. Is it possible that all your key frames are spline interpolation but manipulated by you to be liner by braking the tangents? If this is the case then just select the last two keys and select liner that should fix it.
  8. When i select individual key the tool bar selection triggers, but when i select multiply keys the tool bar selection is off.
  9. As you can see here i have no interpolations selected in the tool bar above the graph:
  10. I have just repeated your duplicate key frames without the key frames selection and it works fine.
  11. HI, i think the reason this is happening is the fact you have the spline interpolations selected.
  12. Great choice, almost identical to what i just built, with the exception of 850W PSU , RTX-2080 super, Bequiet 801 case and ASUS X570 mother board. All i can advise is disconnect the HDD before loading the OS.
  13. Thanks, I have already did it the hard way, this is a new build so there was no data to transfer apart from the pain of loading the OS and then the rest of the apps. Thank you for all the help and suggestions you guys gave me, i am back on track now.
  14. Thanks, That was what i was dreading most. doing it right now looks ok so far.
  15. Thanks, will that mean reinstalling the OS to the SSD?
  16. Thanks CBR, i was hoping there is a way of changing the instillation directory. Yes, i went to Novatech they are very helpful. If you need any help send me a pm. it was a lot easier to build then i first thought.
  17. Hi, can you please post the file or an example file of your problem.
  18. HI, i finally finished building my AMD Ryzen - 9 3.900 Windows 10 pro , i have an NVME M2 1TB SSD card and Barracuda 4TB HDD. Dose anybody know how i can load the c4d on to the SSD card instead of the HDD?
  19. Hi, i have decided to buy two GPUs: GeForce RTX 2070 8G super, the problem is there are a few brands to choose from. Could anyone please recommend one from this lot: Asus,Gigabyte,Palit.Zotac,msi. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi, the link to the zip tutorials file was posted on the forum not to long a go, so someone on the forum should have a copy of it.
  21. This old thread is on the same subject: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/38708-animating-object-visibility/

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