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  1. Like this?:https://vimeo.com/70782564
  2. Created with c4d and blender fluid simulation. https://youtu.be/ejTUBw9CtWM
  3. Hi, this could also happen when you have soft selection turned on with very low radius settings.
  4. i think your best bet is to experiment with a different HDRIs to get the best results, one without clouds and buildings.
  5. Then just keep the tag for seen by camera unchecked. this is without the cubes and with sky comp tag unchecked seen by camera.
  6. The latest solution works with the cubes.
  7. I found the simplest solution just turn round the sky object until you get rid of the clouds reflection. and delete the tags.
  8. You can instead, get rid of the tag on the sky and add it to the windscreen instead.
  9. Hi, i unchecked seen by camera and seen by rays on the sky comp tag and it works for me i am on R15. As for the other objects you can exclude them in the exclusion tab in the comp tag.
  10. Sorry CBR, Hi, uncheck seen by Rays should do it.
  11. This could be another option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHg-CHcflPM
  12. I have to admit i never used this kind of combinations for a simple eye lead blink. I normally use pose morph with Rotational mixing option, no joints. Perhaps someone else here will be able to help.
  13. I am only guessing here but could it be because you should have had it parented first off all before the weights were applied?
  14. It looks like your skin object is not parented to the head object. when you bind your skin, automatically the skin object is parented to the object, yours is not.
  15. I had a look at your file, it looks like the flicker of the eye leads is not a lag it is connected to the eye balls animation key-frames, i have deleted the key frames for the eye balls and now the eye-leads stop flickering but the eye balls still moving left to right.
  16. Hi, This is impossible to know without the link to the file. looks like a lag issue but could also be the binding.
  17. I have to go now, The render is not my strong side, I am sure there will be someone else here to help you. Good luck.
  18. You can improve the spline curves by using the handles on the bezier spline points to smooth the cures and deleting any points that are not needed.
  19. Ok, i have identified something that improves the smoothness of the camera animations. On the spline tab under the intermediate points window increase the Number of points to 200 or more this smooth the spline and the camera movements. And for the slow in and out because you have only two key-frames you will have to decide which way looks better for you.



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