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  1. Yes,the head joint rotations ; H,B,P is all animators need for animating the characters head.The eyes on the other hand are parented to the head joint so the AIM constraint tag (which is the same as the Target tag) gives the animator the ability to animate the eyes rotation to look to another direction independently from the head joint rotation. In my over twelve years of animating i never came across any other way of head rotation rigging method. However, you could link the head control x,y,z to the h,b,p of the head joint via Xpresso but this will only complicate things and could create some lagging/gimbals when animated.
  2. Hi, This is how i do it. No need for IK on head or neck, also before Binding select all joints and align all to -Z. here is the fixed file: Turkey_20_+headneck controlles.c4d
  3. Re model. Re modelling this should take ten minutes.
  4. Here is the basic rig it's limited to the positions and length of the arms unless you split the arm into two sections. file too large will send you a link.
  5. Hi, i looked at your file, and i think you be better to use constraint tags to achieve the realistic mechanical animation of this machine. you will have to do a bit of work on getting the axis points in the right positions, and the arms will need to be separated to the two parts that they are originally modelled. It's getting late here in the UK. If you have any problems i will do an example for you tomorrow.
  6. Hi, it's hard to tell from your description, can you please post the file or screen shoot of the ik chain so we can look at it.
  7. Santa is on his way: LINK
  8. I remember a similar issue with the feet moving out of line after bind command and moving back on adjust command.
  9. Hi Dan, his character is facing the z- and is centred.
  10. Hi, looking at your top screen shoot in the adjust mode, you don't have the symmetry checked. Also i might be wrong but i don't think you can use the joint "mirror tool" on a character object rig.
  11. You can always replace the product with another object and leave the animations only?
  12. Reading your previous post i realised why you probably got confused with amount of key-frames increase. In 2D animation you will have 25 or 24 fps so you will start with blocking the extreme poses first six or twelve frames of drawings and in order to smooth the animations you will add the in-between drawings.
  13. Here is a quick example of six frames at 30-fps animation: DART_TARGET.c4d
  14. Ok, don't worry you are not the only one that found the principles of animations confusing. For your dart to travel say five meters at 30-fps you only probably need; 6, 15 or 30 frames max unless you want to shoot it in slow-motion. You also need to have the interpolations as linear. l am not sure what you mean by smooth animations? but that should do it. There are of course other things you can add to the animations to make it look realistic or cartoon like but at this stage that will probably do.
  15. It's Hard to tell without the scene file, but you can select all the key frames and change them to liner interpolations. Also 350 frames sound like a lot of frames unless the dart is travelling a very long distance.
  16. Thanks, i use R-15 this rig was made from scratch using the joint tool.
  17. Santa got the sack. He is almost there.
  18. Hi, you will need to make all symmetry meshes editable and make sure they are welded properly before you bind your character. Also make any adjustments to your mesh before binding. good luck.
  19. Thanks mate. The rig is nearly completed, needs some xpresso set up for the fingers. The binding and testing will be next.
  20. Hi, The symmetry is only an aid to speed up the modelling process. you need to temperately turn the subD off select the two symmetry objects and make them editable, Then apply the texture again on the completed object.
  21. Now you said it,i can see the resembles. i did like his films. You just gave me an idea for my character acting inspiration. Thanks.
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