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  1. I normally have no problem manipulating models in Perspective view. Can someone tell me why I can't manipulate this model in the Perspective view? Redshift_Shader_Ball_4.zip
  2. Why can't I see the polygon count in the viewport even though that option is selected in the HUD panel? I can see grid spacing and perspective, but no polygon count.
  3. I am having a problem using GSG's HDRILINK plugin. The plug-in appears to partially work with the sample set of HDRI's that come with it. I purchased the entire GSG HDRI collection and installed it (several times) exactly as shown in the HDRILink install video. Yet, when I attempt to use it, only the sample HDRI's appear in its browser, and selecting any of them does nothing. I've exchanged several e-mails with GSG, but as yet none of their solutions seem to work. One difference I noted was that the sample HDRI's come in two folders: HDRIs and THUMBNAILS. All the other GSG HDRI's come in folders: EXR and JPG. This has been pointed out to GSG. I've tried renaming the EXR and JPG folders to HDRIs and Thumbnails. This will cause the HDRI's to appear in the browser, but produce an "asset error" if any are selected. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm running R19 on a 6-core Xeon processor under Windows 10 Pro. I have 24 GB of RAM and an nVidia Q4000 graphics card.
  4. I'm running C4D Studio R19 with nVidia quadro boards and Octane Render for C4D. When I purchased and installed the Road Trip HDRI collection from GSG, HDRIlink worked as advertised. I then purchased the entire GSG HDRI collection and installed all 8 folders. Now nothing works except for the sample collection that came with HDRIlink. Although all 8 folders appear in the dropdown selection box, no thumbnails are seen for any. I'm using latest versions of HDRIlink and the HDRI collection. These have been deleted and reloaded several times exactly following the video tutorial supplied with HDRIlink. GSG people have been very helpful in trying to track this down, but as yet have not solved it. Any Ideas? Any ideas?
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