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  1. Hi! So I'm trying out R19. In previous versions I always created a "tex" folder beside my C4D project file and it automatically puts my texture files in there, or I put textures I make myself there manually. When I do the same in R19 and opening a texture from the created tex folder, it asks me if I want to create a copy in the right search way, and if I click yes it puts the texture in a "tex" folder deep inside the MAXON preference folder structure. What gives? Also, when I installed R19 it created a new MAXON folder in My Macintosh HD/User/Applications. All my previous versions (and all other software for that matter) gets installed directly in Macintosh HD/ Applications. Any ideas? Thank's
  2. Your client should at least deliver stp files from Solidworks, not the native file format. That isn't considered bothering the client in my humble opinion. I get 3D CAD files in the form of stp from various clients all the time. Then I use ViaCad to convert them to obj.
  3. The strange thing is, when I search General popup, nothing shows up. And if I search "V" in the shortcuts nothing pops up either. I saw this instruction but I couldn't really figure out the complete procedure: http://8bitfactory.co.uk/?p=184
  4. Hi! Just as the title describes. I use this shortcut ALL the time! Anyone else got this strange issue? I don't remember doing anything strange, just stopped working from one day to the next. I´m dreading having to reinstall R17 with all the plugins and licences... :( Edit: Seems like the menu is called "Global Popup" Can't find it though...
  5. A question about glow

    I would make the glow in post and make object buffers on the pieces that needs to be treated with glow. If you're just rendering a still then you can just mask the pieces that you don't want any glow on. Husse
  6. I made a little test with a spline wrap on a dynamics spline. Works nicely. Now I just need to figure out how to make the end sides of the hose stay parallell with the couplings. :) See attached file. /Husse hose.c4d
  7. Thank's haam! I guess the hose needs to behave pretty accurate in terms of deforming and motion, that's why involving some kind of dynamics would b a good thing. Haven't thought about using Mospline, thank's for that! Maby a spline wrap would work too to be able to use spline dynamics? Just came to my mind.
  8. Hi all C4D friends! I'm not very good at animating dynamic things so I'm reaching out to you guys for a bit of advise here. So, I'm making an air hose that needs to be dynamic so I can animate the air hose coupling on to a another coupling on a static object. What would be the best approach for this, do I have to resort to joints or is there a another way? If it were just a sweep nurbs I could use a dynamic spline but the hose is a bit more specific in its shape. Any input on how to do this would be awesome! Thank's! Husse Here's a pic and an attached C4D file: hose.c4d
  9. The olive but with cinema render GI + SSS

    That looks really good and realistic! Really love the materials. /Husse
  10. Kids in bed tomorrows lunch prepared, let's render some!

  11. Trying to get the kids to bed...