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  1. Hi! So I'm trying out R19. In previous versions I always created a "tex" folder beside my C4D project file and it automatically puts my texture files in there, or I put textures I make myself there manually. When I do the same in R19 and opening a texture from the created tex folder, it asks me if I want to create a copy in the right search way, and if I click yes it puts the texture in a "tex" folder deep inside the MAXON preference folder structure. What gives? Also, when I installed R19 it created a new MAXON folder in My Macintosh HD/User/Applications. All my previous versions (and all other software for that matter) gets installed directly in Macintosh HD/ Applications. Any ideas? Thank's
  2. Husse

    The olive but with cinema render GI + SSS

    That looks really good and realistic! Really love the materials. /Husse
  3. Kids in bed tomorrows lunch prepared, let's render some!

  4. Trying to get the kids to bed...