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  1. Note that before downloading a fresh install, when I was struggling to get XP4 to show up in R21, I deactivated it in R20. Not sure whether this was a necessary step.
  2. I updated XP4 in R20 and then copied the folder in plugins from R20 to R21. This did not work - XP4 was not visible in R21. So I re-downloaded XP4 using the link within my Insydium Customer Account. That solved the problem.
  3. Captive C4D user here - can't consider alternatives at the moment. Since my Studio MSA renewal date is mid-year, I converted to a new 2-year subscription for about the same cost as a 1-year MSA. But long-term, it is clear I may not be able to rely on MAXON. I absolutely need a Plan B, so the goal for the next two years will be to get up to speed with Blender. Currently, it is still not my cup of tea, but the integrated VFX and NLE features are really intriguing. If Blender continues to innovate at the current pace, there are serious doubts whether I'll renew in 2 years. MAXON will need to make some blockbuster improvements to keep my business.
  4. I have seen similar problems in the past that went away after updating to the latest driver for my graphics card.
  5. In Customize Palettes, enable "Edit Palettes". Then double-click icons you want to delete.
  6. Been away from C4D for several years and am enthusiastically jumping back in. I spend most of my day on a production set with an iPad Pro - lots of downtime between takes. I know I could buy a laptop to run C4D, but all I ready need at this point is the ability to create rough 3D models that I can later upload to my studio desktop and bring into C4D for further refinement. A google search of 3D modeling apps for iOS returns a bunch of hits. I'm wondering if anyone here has a preference that pairs well with C4D. Suggestions greatly appreciated for something that will keep me productive until I bite the bullet and buy a laptop capable of running C4D.
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