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  1. Hi Teknow Was having an experiment with the plug in after reading your post. I got the plugin working and i thought I could just drop a hair material on it to render but that didn't work. I can see in your e.g. file that the splines seem to have been swept so have some thickness. In your video e.g. you seem to have just splines. Is it possible to render the net creator splines with a standard or physical renderer, i can't seem to work it out and couldn't find any instructions on the site. Cheers Deck
  2. deck

    Should be simple right?

    or use an FFD on the 3x3 box, or maybe the sheer deformer. tho janheylens method above is quicker and easier. Deck
  3. deck

    Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

    Fantastic. locking tangent length and rotation would be the final pieces to my spline toolkit. Deck
  4. friction and bounce in both tags have an effect , but more significant are the linear and angular damping settings, you may have to animate those in at the appropriate point. Deck
  5. in the dynamics tab of your project settings you can keyframe the timescale parameter to zero. that should stop everything. Deck
  6. You also have the projector shader that can change the projection within the material, you would have to check the manual for full details tho. Deck
  7. try volume cloner to fill your sheared shape D
  8. deck

    Solidify Generator/Tool

    was looking forward to that, Im using xs thickness at the mo which is ok. But alas it seems its R19 and up. I left a message for an R18 version :( Used the coons mesh recently, that worked well. Deck
  9. deck

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Think I've got it, and really useful for me too. In the options menu of the viewport there is a box for noises, turn that one on and it all looks as it should, time to give that wood shader another try. Deck
  10. deck

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Ah, no textures. No the viewport display doesn't look right, but Im not sure any of the noises display properly in the viewport, don't think Ive ever been able to do that. Most annoyingly with the wood shader. Deck
  11. deck

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    It is all a bit weird as i don't get any viewport render in your file, but if I copy and paste into new file it seems completely different. Dunno if it makes any difference but I don't think you need the texture on the displacer, you just drag the texture on the plain into the displacer field, I think :) deck
  12. deck

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Seems kind of as I would expect in my viewport, or maybe Im missing something. Deck
  13. I read that using a phong break selection can do it, but just did a little test and doesn't grab it all at once but grabbed some after overriding and tweaking the angle a bit. Guess it will vary greatly depending on shape. You would have thought the mesh checker would be an ideal spot for that, I was expecting to find it there, but no. Deck
  14. could be many things to do with your glass material on jar or thickness of. probably best to post the file if thats possible. There will always be some difference when your seeing thru another object, and obviously your jar is probably receiving reflections too from the same lights. Deck
  15. The most significant thing here I think is your tag not having any thickness, therefore can't really have any dynamic collisions. Once thats done Ive changed the hair solider to regular collider body, but on the sweep not the spline as thats creating the geometry . File below No doubt you would have got it if the tag had thickness. Also rotated it to proper in the hole. Deck hanging_tag 02.c4d