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  1. So you want it to behave like Teknows example and one of your earlier examples I think was similar, i.e. spline passing through falloff of an effector, but without the use of an effector ? Or am I missing a part of the picture Deck
  2. I think I know where you coming from / going. How about this simple approach with no effectors but using the cloner in blend mode, either with two objects one smaller than the other, or in this case Ive used 3 to blend it back again from a big torus to a small one. Deck example blend.c4d
  3. To be honest Im still a bit confused as to what your after and what the problem is. just having dinner at the mo Deck
  4. You could avoid the "position in space" issue by using an align to spline tag on said effector. Deck
  5. On the veronoi object there is a tab called selections, you can tick the boxes and it will generate a tag for you to add to your materials. Deck
  6. Awesome work Evan, and across so many genres too. How long does it take you to do one of those stadium shots, seems like a lifetime e of details in there. Deck
  7. Bit above my pay grade, my only thoughts would be to set up two slightly different clones and blend them in a cloner , but i saw this thread from Dr Sassi, Im only on R18 so not sure whats going on, especially with the formulas Deck https://www.cineversity.com/forum/viewthread/3422/#13241
  8. You could choose from all of the above really, you could use bezos method to place your extruded AIs with a cloner or just place them manually using snapping and quantising etc. I would go with Bezos cloner method myself, onto a hidden master dodeca to line it all up with, but once you set it up in any fashion it should be easy to swap the panels in and out with new ones if you choose. Deck
  9. A much more elegant solution Bezo, opens fine in my R18 too. Very nice, and Im just understanding the collapsing for centers now too. Deck
  10. I can only see that image as a reply tiny thing, probably best to put it in your post here. Not sure about all those tiny pentagons but just a little bit of modelling will produce the bigger framework for you and it shouldn't take too long to model one side and place it manually on all the faces. If you don't need mograph for effects its more of a modelling job really I guess you would draw the intricate pattern in AI or something and then just extrude it and line each one up with the hole you've created. cage below is made from selecting all pollys and inner extruding, delete the resulting pollys leaving a frame with no thickness, then extrude all of that with caps to add the thickness. Sorry if you already know all this modelling stuff. Deck dodeca cage.c4d
  11. not sure what your after but you could use the dodeca and split off each pentagon and extrude those, at which point you could put them in a fracture if you need mograph functionality otherwise you may have to use an effector with a limited falloff on each face to rotate them. Deck
  12. Yep, super keen to see Hrvojes mastering motion tutorials again, sparked my interest in character object and Cmotion etc. Deck
  13. Could you make it work with the "set driver" / "set driven" command that you get when control clicking the parameter, under the xpresso option. Bout all i know about xpresso but super useful. Not sure if you can set up "user data" and connect them all to one slider, someone with more experience may be able to answer that one for you. Deck
  14. you could also drag it out in steps with the quantise on I guess, but then you would get curves as opposed to straight lines with the knife. Deck

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