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  1. deck

    creating geometry from Texture

    The only real method I can think of would be to use the vectorizor from the spline menu which turns a texture to splines, then extruding a flat plane with the quadrangles for caps, and make them as small as you can as they will cause problems on your edges. Once you have them flat you can then roll them up with a bend deformer, the edges may look too hard and may not be able to bevel properly so maybe the plugin "soft edge" I think its called, can smooth that out for you. The vectorizor works, but you might be better off doing that part in illustrater if you have it. Ultimately it may not work due to the hole edges on the extrude object. Deck Hope that makes sense
  2. If you turn up your iterations to 20 and the flexion up to 100 it doesn't crumple but is still attached to the bobble. Tricky to get the crease/fold, maybe animate a pole type cylinder coming in and the ball moving over it to drape the cloth over. you may have to belt down the bottom if you haven't already. The pointy bit with triangles at the top of the cone may cause some problems too. Deck
  3. deck

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    Very generous Hrvoje, i can't wait to dig in. Many thanks Deck
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for the all the tips, and Bolos the advice on the quarter, think i will swerve that. Not sure the plugin will help, i didn't see anything in the write up that hinted towards a solution. I did try projecting and pinned and unpinned from just about every side, even from the bottom with a slice thru the top. Its essential to keep this thing squared up so I think Im gonna go the cubic route and join it back together as Ive spent far too much time on it already. Thanks again Deck
  5. Hi Cafe Im struggling with this very simple paper sleeve that I thought was going to be a doddle to unwrap, however its all gone squiffy when I relax the UVs after doing a top down projection, Ive tried pinning the top and tried just a quarter with the same issue. It squares it up fine with a cubic projection, just what Im after, but it would be nice if I could get it in one strip. Ive tested the principle on a more basic mesh and that works fine. Seems at this point I will have to go cubic and manually realign everything, so any tricks or ideas to keep the both straight and joined together. not too bothered about the flappy bits right now just the main sleeve. Also, if I UV a quarter under symmetry will i end up with proper UVs at the end. Deck
  6. Hiya For your last example that would work fine, the fracture object with the rigid body set to "trigger on collision", once the sphere thats presumably animated along the spline hits the fracture then it should collapse. You can also key frame the dynamics on and off at any time. so once your sphere hits you might activate dynamics to have it roll away. Or an alternative might be a fully dynamic sphere rolling down an invisible tube that has a collider body tag. You can influence already dynamic objects with the different force objects in the simulate menu, maybe an animated attractor object would be enough to pull your objects along, or any of the other forces, wind, turbulence etc. You can also anime your cloner movement and use the follow position option for the dynamic clones to move along with it. Sometimes having zero gravity can help too if you want things to stay still in mid air before something happens. All good fun Deck
  7. deck

    Modelling license plate

    Displacement map will do a great job of that, experiment with different edge softness. Use the entered method and you will be able to punch up the main text and press down the rectangles and 63 in the corner. 16bit recommended. Deck
  8. deck

    What is this red arrow ?

    Ah, Thanks Bezo I thought it was something to do with that but I don't remember invoking it, so must have been a keyboard slip. I also thought measure and construct put something in the OM, senior moment, both forgetting and inventing stuff :) Many thanks Deck
  9. Hi Cafe I should know this one and may well have known and forgotten, but maybe someone can tell me what this red arrow is all about, where it came from and how I can make it go away. Just deleted everything from my scene and its still there. Deck
  10. Does the platonic have any thickness to its walls, I think dynamics needs that to work, and set to moving mesh etc where appropriate. Deck
  11. Hard to picture exactly what your after butI thought the collision did a fairly decent job of it. Deck TorusCube collider.c4d
  12. deck

    Tricky One...

    Cant quite get my head around what your describing but any room for the camera shader here ? Deck
  13. If its quite fine detail you might try a displacement map in the texture, you can go up or down with that. Deck
  14. you can still boole it if you want too, but you won't get that nice soft edge, if you just slide a few loops outside of the handle you can then delete those 6 polls and reshape the whole a bit by moving the corners in. crude example in the file. Deck NEW_brush_base_2.c4d
  15. If you make 1 shingle and use a displacer to change its shape with some noise , copy that shingle, go into the noise and change the seed value, then clone them in blend mode and every one will be different. You could do the same thing with effectors in point mode too. or anything with a seed value. Deck