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  1. Sorry bout that man, tho you can answer all those exotic problems, Just the simple ones for me. Deck
  2. that would be in your project settings, 4th up from the bottom on the grab below. Command D on a Mac. Or from the edit menu. Deck
  3. 3D kiwis bodypaint tutorials are here somewhere at the cafe, they are very comprehensive and cover probably most if not all of the UV tools, a bit older now but as I understand it the tools haven't changed much. Deck
  4. Reeper ! its called. not sure if it will be any help but does take care of multi strand twisting. Its free too. Gluck Deck https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html
  5. Blimey, happens so quick. Still a bit for you to do then. Theres a plugin that does those rope winding tricks but can't remember the name of it at the mo. Deck
  6. I wondered if you could do it with the mograph colour shader and some effectors with fall off but can't seem to get that to work. Obviously two renders one entirely red and one entirely blue might allow you to have full control in post. Someone smarter than me will no doubt come up with a proper answer. Deck
  7. Not entirely clear what your after, i have posted a partial solution below to straighten the cable but it doesn't close up the end where the star is biggest. Those parts have already been traced so there is no mechanism to shrink them again. Matching straight spline to bendy is just a case of tracing it straight and then using a spline deformer on the sweep to move that to the bendy spline. EG below. Deck PS removed animated size from your sweep so I could see it clearer. Tracer_Wire_Test_0001.c4d
  8. Im only on R18 and couldn't see the trace initially. Still not quite sure how you want it to be, is it like either of the grabs below. Deck
  9. Also if you really wanted to stay in the alpha, you could put your logo in a layer and add a solid colour layer, set it to white and change the mode to multiply, then within the white layer you can animate the brightness or V value down to black, this will make everything under it black, so your logo will fade but keep its outline. A few grabs below probably make it a bit clearer. Deck
  10. Not sure if this fits your workflow and I haven't used it myself but apparently softens hard edges in post. Deck https://www.cmstuff.com/article/1016/edgeshade
  11. I don't think that boole is helping your cause and you have lots of bounce and friction on your tags. Also changed to static and moving mesh for the collisions instead of auto. heres a file with single object instead of boole, and collider tag for floor and rigid body for both counters. Deck carrom-cb_0001.c4d
  12. Thanks again Hrvoje I think Im going in for a bit more mograph study / experimentation. Deck
  13. Not sure of the official name but this post here on the cafe seems to cover it. Deck
  14. Hi Hrvoje Thanks for that, just the sort of solution i was after, something where I can redo the type parameters down the line if required. I like that trick with the plain effector and modify clone parameter. I don't quite understand that "other" section of the effectors so its interesting to see that in use. Still doodling I find myself with all the letters reversed when i put them on a 26 square plain object. Is there a way to reverse the sequence either in the OM or preferably with an effector or some other trick. Also, if I change from iterate to random on the cloner and animate the seed, then the bottom right square of the plane doesn't change whilst all the rest are randomised, just wondered the reason for that. Cheers Deck Mograph alphabet_0001.c4d
  15. Hi Cafe Whilst doodling with cinema today I wanted to play around with individual letters of the alphabet in mograph via a cloner. Now I knew this setup wasn't going to work but it explains what Im after, i.e. drop an A and a Z text object into a cloner on blend mode with 26 clones and have it create the whole alphabet. Is there a bit of xpresso that could make it work or a different set up to create all the letters to then drop into a cloner / fracture. I could set up all 26 but Im both lazy as well as interested in a solution. As always any help or suggestions most welcome. Deck Mograph alphabet.c4d

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