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  1. Either in body paint or photoshop you should be able to quite easily make an alpha from your paint strokes and then use that in the bump. Deck
  2. Automotive Modeling in Cinema 4D

    Hiya The coons mesh generator over at the mason labs seems suited to that, even used in their example. Deck https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=2968
  3. Deform along a spline

    Maybe you could upload the file, and someone can take a look for you. Deck
  4. Selection Questions

    Bezo thanks so much. Ive been trying to find that out for ages, it never occurred to me to shift click on the "select poly" button, only to shift click on the tag itself ! Thats gonna make things sooo much easier. Thanks again Deck
  5. Deform along a spline

    if the nozzle was separate object you can just stick it on the end with an align to spline tag. Deck
  6. Selection Questions

    accidentally found the answer to first question which seems to be to click outside of the selection, which i guess selects the inverse. So all good there but no joy on the tag question. Deck
  7. Hi Cafe two simple selection questions today. The first concerning the outline selection tool, i have all these separate selections in the grab below that i wish to outline, but using the outline tool only does one of them and I have to shift click them all. Any tricks to do all at once ? Second question concerns selection tags, is it possible to restore a tag and then restore another and add to the one you have, I thought a simple shift or command click on the tag would do it, but no. Both of these would seem to be logical things to have available so Im hopefully for an answer. Any tips gratefully received. Deck
  8. I have this file here which isn't a full solution or possibly not a solution at all. but in the file below the lines are appearing as blue, which obviously means they are still there, but if I were to change the blue to white, then they would effectively disappear ! Was dispointingting not to get the the box to knockout the bucky properly but maybe this may give a hint of way to go. Deck Sketch test 02.c4d
  9. Knife Tool Doesn't Work

    Thats kind of what Im saying yes. tho you could improve your current result by going back and changing the cap segments to quadrangles, which helps and could work but is not ideal. When you animate / bend / distort your mesh it will only do so along the lines you have in your mesh, so it will try and bend along those green lines. Once done as proper modelling you could also go in and sculpt a few lumps and bumps on the edges which wouldn't work with your current mesh. Your ngon lines aren't currently showing in your latest grab Deck
  10. Knife Tool Doesn't Work

    It may be that you have extruded as separate objects, i.e. the caps top and bottom are separate and you are currently just cutting through the edge bit. So you can either cut the cap assuming it is separate. Or you can optimise the model which should weld it all together. you should be aware also that your caps are probably two big Ngons who's lines are hidden, you can show them in the filter menu, this may also cause you problems. You may wish to redo it from the extrusion and change your settings in caps and set to create single object. However, if you are thinking of animating / bending or anything like that with your toast those ngons will cause problems. Im not an expert but I think most members would advice modelling it properly with box modelling and subdivision. Some grabs below to try and illustrate, is your toast like the extrude below with 3 separate parts ? Need to post a file to be sure as i could be wrong. Deck
  11. Got it ! my first attempt ended up with the same problem but smaller, i had to look really carefully at your drawing whilst i was doing it but now it all makes sense. many thanks. The clean solution I was after. Deck
  12. That looks good, and simple too. I will give it a go. many thanks. I should have been able to see that, something wrong with my brain :) Deck
  13. Hi Cafe Im closing up this octagonal hole on a sphere Im making with equal sized squares as I'm gonna give thickness when done. Ive ended up with this hole in the top, which I have managed to close with quads by subdividing 4 of the strips and i think that will work for me, but it doesn't seem a very elegant solution and Im sure someone more skilled would pop this shut in seconds and probably not subdivide the other strips either which i felt was a cop out. My brain doesn't seem to think too laterally when it comes to these modelling issues, or be able to visualise the solution. Any tips gratefully received, file here with the hole still in the bottom and the arms not subdivided on bottom half, not quite all joined together yet. Deck Sphere octagonal hole 01.c4d
  14. Hiya I don't have the German installed so Im afraid i can't compare that. Your profile says 18.048 and I believe the most recent build is 18.057. Weather that would cure the issue, again i couldn't say. Maybe one of the German members will be able to help out. Deck
  15. Bezo was advising but i don't think Adam quite got across the shape he was after. I do agree with you tho after struggling with my own folding cartons. Deck