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  1. File opens up a bit weird in my R18, but does loop ok. Im not too up on the technical aspects of how cinema calculates stuff, but is it possible that when it goes back to frame zero the tracer spline doesn't actually exist at that point so your head can't align to it ?? Just a thought Deck
  2. Think you would need to upload your file to best sort that out. Deck
  3. Heres a bit of a workaround for you, I couldn't make it work with regular align clones or any constraints on rotation but I did get it to work using a surface deformer. Took a while to work out directions. The weirdest thing was that it kept flipping over with the surface deformer so I had to set the scale to minus 1 in the Y, I guess it would be, the middle one as seen in grab below. Quite a fun effect in the end. Move the cube target and you will see it adjusting. Turn stuff on and off to see what's doing what, Ive used an ffd to distort the second plane but I guess you can do that however you like. Deck Clone target aligned_0003.c4d
  4. stick texture is in the tags tab at top of object manager, Tags / C4D tags / stick texture. Deck
  5. Glad to help, I mentioned a couple of things, which way did you actually go in the end, tracers or spline mask ? Deck
  6. Just to note at the moment your rectangle isn't really in the right orientation to get a proper sweep, see the first grab below currently XZ, it wants to be either of the other two if you want that box / tube look. That then leads to another issue as you can see in the 3rd grab where your verticals and horizontals have a different orientation and Im not sure you can fix that without joining them together too make L shaped paths. Seems to be some overlapping too. Deck
  7. You could maybe animate something along those paths and then use a tracer to go left to right. Seems to me its very 2D so maybe you could create outlines of those paths in AI, join them altogether into one object which you can then extrude in the traditional way, but at the same time use a big rectangle in a spline mask to reveal it, but at that point any kind of left right transition would work. You could also use the same technique with individual paths in spline mask, using same large rectangle to reveal each one. Bit of a faff tho. Deck
  8. I would drop the percentage sign into a separate txt object, you could do what you like with it then, hopefully that will simplify the process of sorting out the numbers. Deck
  9. Not an octane user but in regular cinema you could exclude the floor from the light creating the reflection down the can. Deck
  10. As for the multi pass alpha , i think you just have to give all the objects the same buffer ID, so just put the tag on the first one and set to buffer 1, and copy to anything else you want in the same alpha. Deck
  11. A work around would be to put a white luminent material on the maggots and a 100% black on everything else, get rid of all the lights and render that, should be pretty quick as its just black and white. Deck
  12. How about a landscape with a collision deformer, maybe you can kind of push the road into it. Deck
  13. You may find a use for this, from the MAXON labs. Deck https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=2968
  14. Im no expert in this area by any means, but would it be an option to render everything out as an image sequence and then retime it in AE. Just a thought, that may be your current route. Deck
  15. So you want it to behave like Teknows example and one of your earlier examples I think was similar, i.e. spline passing through falloff of an effector, but without the use of an effector ? Or am I missing a part of the picture Deck

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