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  1. could be many things to do with your glass material on jar or thickness of. probably best to post the file if thats possible. There will always be some difference when your seeing thru another object, and obviously your jar is probably receiving reflections too from the same lights. Deck
  2. The most significant thing here I think is your tag not having any thickness, therefore can't really have any dynamic collisions. Once thats done Ive changed the hair solider to regular collider body, but on the sweep not the spline as thats creating the geometry . File below No doubt you would have got it if the tag had thickness. Also rotated it to proper in the hole. Deck hanging_tag 02.c4d
  3. I think when they are children or even an instance it becomes hard to access them with an effector or whatever. If they weren't children then you could possibly do something with mograph selections, but not practical as you would have to have exactly 3 times the object count to get the 3 objects appearing together. To be honest Ive never really used children. I used the plane as its a dynamic way to change all the cloners at once, but no doubt that could be controlled with xpresso, I know nothing of expresso Im afraid. One other option would be to use the cloner in blend mode, and inside it, put different versions of the table with the salts in different positions, you could use just two but it will work better with more variations, then you could use like a regular cloner and the salt positions would be blended from clone to clone, a more limited solution than the full control you have over single cloners but could be more suitable in some cases. If anything else comes to mind I will post it, you could also clone out the tables and then again using cloner in object mode, clone the salts onto the tables by putting the table cloner in the object field of the salt cloner, again you would have to do salt and pepper separately. Blend would be better I think. Deck
  4. An emitter in a fracture, who would have thought it, so cool. Deck
  5. Hiya Im not feeling too sharp this morning so the only way I can fathom this one is to split it down into 3 groups, with two separate random eft for each cloner. If you set all 3 up to clone onto an object, in this case a plain, you can then use the plain to increase the grid for all 3. See if this works for you, cloned onto poly centre, I had to adjust the height of pots in cloner to appear above the cube. Not to elegant but gets the job done. Deck SnP random seperated.c4d
  6. Chamfer not going as planned

    Ah, thanks for explaining that, I wasn't quite sure re the non comment. Makes it very tidy. Thanks again Deck
  7. Chamfer not going as planned

    Thanks Bezo, I learned something there too but I also have a question. How have you made the top corner go the right way, on my example its sort of backwards if ya know what I mean, grab below. Deck
  8. Chamfer not going as planned

    you would just bevel it I guess or use the bevel deformer, but in either case it will be a bit odd where it stops unless you continue those edges around somehow. Using your selection tag in bevel deformer. I think the actual "chamfer" command only refers to splines. Deck BOSSDS1-0002.c4d
  9. Photoshop blend modes

    I usually render mine directly into a psd so they come with their names and blend modes applied to the layer, all in one single file. Maybe you could re render a lores test and all should be revealed. Deck
  10. Weird reflection and whadow passes

    I couldn't match it in pshop either. Im not an expert in multi pass but it is possible there are other elements involved, maybe an ambient pass and a refraction pass maybe. Just a thought Deck
  11. heres an emitter version with a bit of wind Deck Collider Emiiter.c4d
  12. Once you have made them dynamic then the effectors no longer work, but your really close, all you have to do is push them apart with some animated geometry. Ive done a simple example with a cube, file below, you could also look at key framing the follow position options in the cloner or even using an attractor or wind or something like that. A sphere animated up thru the floor would push them apart nicely, all kinds of options and of course you can make these colliders invisible if required. Deck I tweaked some of the friction and damping settings too, may not be what your after tho. Collider 2.c4d
  13. Am I being a dope?

    Hiya For what its worth, the heireachy didn't look like that on mine, grab below. Im running R18 on an old mac. Also for some reason it wouldn't open properly ( mac spinning ball ) and sent my mac into panic and I had to force quit the file, that could just be my mac not handling the boole if its complex. Not much help, just adding to the mystery Im afraid. Deck
  14. Pavement Peel - off effect

    That would be a mograph job for me, lay out all the slabs with a mograph cloner and then use some effector with fall off to move them away, animate the effectors through the scene and it should work quite well. A different cloner for each layer is probably the way to go. There will be many ways to achieve this sort of thing in cinema, but I think mograph is the way to go. Deck
  15. Lathe with a custom rev-path

    Maybe a spline wrap for the second part, tho would imagine a hole in middle if its non circular or possibly overlap depending on relative sizes D