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  1. Could you possibly use the vertex map to weight the clones somehow, thats getting a bit advanced for me. You need Cerebra to wake up :) Deck
  2. Not quite sure what your after here but the only expresso I know is set driver / set driven, which you can use to link the fields together. might be an option with some tweaking or maybe a partial solution. File below. Deck light_to_plain_Set driver.c4d.zip
  3. How to model this? Buttons

    displacement map all the way for me on that one, as i don't really have the skills cerebra mentioned. You could also use the prepared map in sculpting if that floats your boat. Deck
  4. Managed to solve this with previous post, i figured as much but had my order wrong, you need to clone onto the emitter and trace the clone. Deck
  5. Hi cafe this should be simple but not sure I'm thinking straight this morning. I'm trying to trace the particles coming out of this emitter, i have it set up in a fountain style so the spheres are dynamic and fall away, but the tracer just traces the original path and not the dynamic sphere. I should know this and am sure its a simple fix. Grab and file below Any hints much appreciated Deck Trace emiter 01.c4d
  6. lower the shading error threshold which defaults at 20, try at 5 and go down from there until its fixed Deck
  7. Interactive Rotating Image

    Are you talking about this kind of thing, VR object movies, if so just create the content in cinema and build in an app such as Object to VR. https://ggnome.com/object2vr I did a bathtub which came out well, the drawback with photography is all the cutouts and retouching which you don't have with cinema Deck
  8. A quick example, but I missed a few spheres. Deck inheritance2.c4d
  9. Could it work with soft bodies instead of cloth, therefore giving you the follow position option ? Deck
  10. Rendering in full image size

    Are you just talking about the image in picture viewer, as you have that set to 50% rather than fill screen which would cover the black space. Sorry if Im stating the obvious. Deck
  11. Stereographic Projection

    You've nearly made my brain explode with that one, and the lithoplane ! i can sort of think about it via texture / alpha application ( possibly pre distorted ) but creating geometry is a whole new step, I couldn't even figure out how you would make a more irregular shape, i.e. non square or hex. Any chance of cloning something onto the image, based on density, take the density value and convert to circumference of a sweep, use tracer to join all points to central point, whilst reducing sweep radius to zero...........Already sounding impossible and very clumsy. I had assumed the shapeways guy had done it with some kind of formula. Hope you make that next leap :) Deck
  12. Stereographic Projection

    Very clever, hurt my head big style thinking about this one, thats quite a leap of lateral thinking to extrude up the polls and collapse / scale them down. Bet you had a big sigh of relief / satisfaction. i would never have thought of that. Messed about a bit with a texture but it was going nowhere. Deck
  13. Hole in a cardboard pack

    Thanks Cerbera Im trying not to dig myself any holes before I carry on, as my modelling is painfully slow and i hate backtracking. Anxiety over :) Deck
  14. Hi Cafe This is a screen grab and file of my hole, its going to be part of one of those cardboard sleeves that wraps around 4 bottles. I was previously playing around with splines but that wasn't working for me so I have modelled it this far, after lofting the original spline and taking the edge from that and extruding outwards. Ive put in these extra cuts to hold the corners and I'm wondering if I should spread these points out or even more points. i have some other holes to make but will eventually stitch these into the big sleeve. To spread or not to spread / distribute. Any other tips also gratefully received. Deck Hole test.c4d