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  1. I think I would love fields and quite a few other things in later versions. Having said that, not being able to upgrade has led me to investigating my R18 even more. The whole Cmotion and character toolset was like a chapter I had never discovered. Thanks for the file. Deck
  2. Hi Hrvoje Im looking into changing clone colours on collision ( which you have helped me with before in another post, but using fixed colours in effectors ) I was going to investigate your file 91_collision colour change but it doesn't appear to be working for me in R18, also there are no textures involved, i put one on the landscape object but that didn't work. Is this a file that doesn't work in R18 ? My goal is to change the clone colour to whatever might be on the surface under it. Deck Whilst Im here could you also tell me what the "CA" means in many of your file names. Finally, I recently watched your "Animation - mastering movement" tutorials on the cafe youtube channel, they were really fantastic, I had no idea of the flexibility of Cmotion and you explained it brilliantly. Then going on and using it to control mograph effectors was like opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The title doesn't do it justice, it should at least be "Animation - mastering movement and a Cmotion masterclass". I guess Cmotion is bread and butter for many C4D artists but it was a bit of a revelation for me. I highly recommend anyone watching it. So a big thanks for that as well as your free files here in the pit.
  3. Hiya CBR Yes that works almost embarrassing, tho I had to turn on align clone or they just all moved in the same direction. Many thanks Deck
  4. Hi Cafe I have a donut / torus type shape that Im deforming and twisting, Im cloning onto that some simple spheres, I would like to offset them outwards if you like, or more precisely out from the surface normals. How do you do that ? Seems simple but I can't seem to fathom it. Im trying to get around using dynamics where I was using the collision offset and some heavy follow position. i could make a copy of my object and enlarge that, probably my only solution at the moment. Cheers Deck
  5. on a mac you just hilite the file and press the spacebar, this opens them in preview, the native OS viewer for pretty much everything. Haven't tested the texture option tho. Deck
  6. can't you just pick those out with a mograph selection and change just those ? Deck
  7. Nice one Igor, I can see it now. Deck
  8. This is what I see, glad the fold out has gone. Deck
  9. The upload thing seems to be ok now, will the C4D version and member location be coming back to the profile, I always found it quite interesting seeing where everybody was based, and the C4D version is obviously very useful. Deck
  10. No Uploads for me Hi Guys, Ive just tried to respond to a post and i couldn't upload any attachments, neither a C4D file or a screen grab. i tried to mail the member but that said I had used all my attachment space. Ive gone and deleted a load of stuff but still the same. Deck OSX 10.11.6, using safari just noticed the paperclip loading icon appears briefly then disappears again.
  11. stumbled across these in my browsing, free apparently. Not used them myself. https://evermotion.org/shop/cat/423/free_products Deck
  12. Not liking the fold out profile either, also I couldn't see the country location or the C4D version or have I missed something. Deck
  13. Laubwerk.com seem to be plant and tree specialists they also have different resolutions of their models, but also have a look in your content browser, i think there are quite a few trees and possibly images with alphas too. Deck
  14. You could also save out a layered PSD directly from AI and overwrite your previous version each time. Deck
  15. Im not aware you can do that, I believe its only bitmap formats that are supported. You could use the clumsier method of placing the AI file as a smart object in a pshop PSD, tho again you would have to make a rasterised layer of that, a rather meandering route back to your original artwork. Deck

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