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  1. I watched a tutorial recently covering just this subject, but I can't remember where, think it was from an old nab video. The way he got around it ( I think ) was to use an inheritance effector on the parts falling down ( inherited form proxy object ) and then to scale with another effector. To be honest I didn't follow it much as it wasn't what I was looking for, and Im not clever enough to give the full answer, but maybe one of the other members can elaborate. deck The proxy object dynamics may have been cached, that would split the two processes, I think :)
  2. use the max and min sliders usually to sort that out, bring the minimum up to zero as it usually defaults to minus 100 I believe from memory Dec
  3. CV Toolbox

    I posted the same question over at cinevercity and Rick says that mine isn't working because the latest tools are only for R19, so Cerebra must have some other issue. D
  4. CV Toolbox

    I get the same message, tho interestingly again, I deleted all plugins and reinstalled yesterday and it installed all the old stuff correctly bit not the last few, can't remember the one before the dynamic connector. kind of rules out my old system / mac combo too so thats a good thing for me at least. Deck
  5. CV Toolbox

    Hi Cafe Im having trouble with my CV toolbox, its all working ok apart from not seeing any of the most recent tools available. I reinstalled it all yesterday and cleared app some duplicate stuff but still the same. C4D is the latest R18 build and Im on an old mac running 10.11.6. Not a deal breaker as I could install the things manually. I did change my subscription recently from having a token with my MSA to paying with a credit card but it doesn't seem to be an access issue. Anyone experiencing the same ? Deck
  6. Measurements confuse me

    Im no expert, but when you go to your project settings you were changing the overall scale of the project so 45 mm becomes 45 cm. The idea is that you set this scale to be appropriate to what your modelling, i.e. landscape in kilometres, jewellery in MM. To change the actual units displayed you then go to your prefs / units and choose MMs or CMs there. Having the scale correct helps when you bring in new objects cos they come at a similar size, but is also relevant for dynamics and possibly Depth of field and the like. Deck
  7. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    I like it, so they don't nessecarily have to be of a uniform size, i guess that depends what you are gonna do with em afterwards. Weather or not displacing etc. I do a lot of displacing :) Deck
  8. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Thanks guys for the tips re quad cap fill, I've used the smooth method but always feels a bit organic at time when your after precision. Deck
  9. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Brilliant, tho a bit fast for me too, and what is a "quad cap fill", used to close the bottom of the whiskey glass. I think its a circular patch made of quads, do you you just get a square plane and smooth it off with a brush for that or is there a trick to get a nice circle from a square ? Much appreciated, just visualising topology is tricky for me, let alone building it. Deck Are the gifs downloadable ?.........Sweet, when I download and open on my mac, they open in preview with a page for each frame, Fantastic. Thanks Cerbera
  10. Render pixel perfect

    Its a bit odd, and something i would never normally encounter. i tried the physical render which seems accurate for position but has that aliased edge once again. Deck
  11. Render pixel perfect

    Parallel camera seems to sort it out as you suspected, no problem with alignment, I dragged the front back and it all snapped together, seemed ok when I checked in pshop. File below. Deck pixelperfect parrellel.c4d
  12. Currency Texture Maps

    Thats a huge size, would be bout 130mb uncompressed, best part of a meter wide if printed. I don't know of much stock that is 10000pixels across, not too many cameras that can do that in one hit and scanners tend not to do too well with holograms etc. i did a £20 note once and pshop even comes up with a message saying its currency and giving warnings etc. Deck
  13. Camera Calibrator Problem

    I suppose that if you were to take a few measurements on set, i.e. camera / lens height from floor and distance of cube from camera centre you would then be able to replicate that in cinema with your virtual cube, you would just have to rotate around the cube until your camera lined up, at which point you could point down or whatever to match your virtual cube ( probably with your image in BG ) and it should all line up without going near the calibrator. That would be the theory :) Deck
  14. Camera Calibrator Problem

    I hadn't considered any animation. The focal length will be affected if the image is cropped, but that doesn't really affect perspective, which is all about camera to subject distance and relative positioning, the focal length then just depends how much of that view you see. But i do understand that you wanna get all your lenses matched up etc. I saw a movie shoot tutorial and they took along a big fold up 1 meter cube made from tent sticks or something and put it in the shot for a few frames, then used this to calibrate with later. Seems like a great idea and as you said can be a bit of a mare finding enough edges behind furniture etc. I shoot more close up stuff nowadays but have been thinking about a smaller cube made from that Konnex stuff to put in my scenes. Gluk with it Deck
  15. Camera Calibrator Problem

    And the file, it was that deckchair adding all the size. Deck Calibration test 02.c4d