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  1. You really need to put the samples up to a 1000 or so if its a big light, heres a version with one light seen in render and one not, the second one has different sample amount and also moved a bit and different shape which helps to soften in any areas where the spot look still appears. You can have them both not seen and give your geometry a ruminant material to fake it, with the areas providing the actual light. Ive done this version in blue with no other lights so you can see whats going on. The main changes come with , light intensity, light falloff and sample count, and obviously size and post of lights will have most effect. You can choose weather the area light is seen in both reflection and / or render. Deck test_v3.c4d
  2. Are you talking about just the flag part or the whole thing. The crowd and the flag seem separate to me, with the flag hovering over the crowd video which already has some sort of ripple displacement effect on it, which i guess would be an AE job. And the flag effect with a bunch of effectors moving across it in C4D comped on top. Probably best to upload a scene file if you have one. Deck
  3. There was a similar post on the cafe here a while back and one of the members made a script to trace down the middle of two splines. I couldn't find that post but here is a tracer set up that will work, but you have to split your letter into two parts, once you have those parts you can align a null to either spline and use a tracer to make a temporary spline between them, then you align a third null to the centre of that traced spline, and add another tracer to trace that centre null. Once you animate the align to splines from 0-100 thru the animation. Sounds more complicated than it is, I have added some small spheres here to show where the nulls are but they are not needed really. You may need to reverse the sequence of your split splines if the nulls are not starting at the same end. Tracer is a bit temperamental at the start and sometimes adds an extra point, but nothing you can't sort out with a bit of manual tweaking. Having said all that the result still may not be suitable for what your after and it may just be easier to draw them. Deck Trace type center 01.c4d
  4. deck

    Sound upon collision

    Thanks Jed I was hoping it would be as easy as adding an effector and saying ding on collision, but seems not. Too much trouble for my current test project, the old mac is struggling just on the voronoi so I will give it and my braincells a break for now. Deck
  5. deck

    Sound upon collision

    Cheers CBR Im off to google twitch now ! Deck
  6. Hi Cafe Ive never dealt with sound in cinema and Im wondering if its possible to play a collision sound when things collide. In both a simple case of two objects colliding but also in mograph where clones may hit each other, or even voronoi fracture parts. Whats the standard procedure for such things. Ant tips or advice most welcome Deck PS I couldn't find the "start new topic" button in the overall mograph section so its ended up here, in voronoi which wouldn't have been my normal choice.
  7. No worries, I just noticed that should have read rectangular spline and not plane, but i think you got the message from the spline mask option. Deck
  8. sounds like maybe you should use the spline mask on the letters and a rectangular plane, and then extrude the result. Or you could just draw a box around the txt in AI, it amounts to the same thing, but spline mask is more flexible. Deck
  9. I think you need to change your render subdiv to 1cm the same as your editor settings, not the 80cm it is at the moment Deck
  10. Hi Igor This latest topics next to latest comments just seems to be a repeat of the main topics list at the top, I think this space would be better used with more latest comments, with the name and time of latest post rather than original post date and time. I am moaning a bit but I do appreciate all your efforts and how difficult a task it must be, both building a new site and having tons of members telling you how to do it :) Deck
  11. In the latest comments section it would be good to have the name of the person who posted the latest comment. Personally i would have the list a bit longer too. Deck
  12. I had originally animated the strength of the inheritance effector but thats not required with the falloff working so you could delete that from the timeline. Deck
  13. Heres a simple version with inheritance effector and falloff. The rate perimeter on the cloner dictates the speed of movement. posi 2 clones are same number but hidden, and the inheritance sends the posi 1 clones to hidden posi 2 location if that makes sense. Spline effector would also work but doesn't seem to take a mograph selection. Deck Clone inheritance 01.c4d
  14. Also check out CBRs own rocking gif tips, they are great insight into the methods and topology of modelling different shapes and real quick to digest as well as easy to scroll thru. Deck https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/101943-cerberas-rockin-gif-tips
  15. hi hrvoje your file didnt work in my r18 but i got the gist of what you said and did this example with a little turbulence to wiggle the end. I also looked at a spline wrap option but that was a bit of a nightmare to set up. Deck Tracers splines 04.c4d

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