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  1. Yep, super keen to see Hrvojes mastering motion tutorials again, sparked my interest in character object and Cmotion etc. Deck
  2. Could you make it work with the "set driver" / "set driven" command that you get when control clicking the parameter, under the xpresso option. Bout all i know about xpresso but super useful. Not sure if you can set up "user data" and connect them all to one slider, someone with more experience may be able to answer that one for you. Deck
  3. you could also drag it out in steps with the quantise on I guess, but then you would get curves as opposed to straight lines with the knife. Deck
  4. can you not just grab those lines with a ring selection and subdivide them or cut them with a knife. I don't know a way to do it all in one move Im afraid. Deck
  5. you should be able to just select that and drag it straight out using the command key on mac, with regular select and no extrude. or extrude to zero and then drag it out, same thing really Deck
  6. You've got a few things going on here. i can see you brought the spline in with CV artsmart but at the same time the artsmart has both given the paths depth and moved them away from each other and also it has given each spline part its own extrusion. For this to work properly you need the path to be flat as it was in illustrator, then bring it all in as one piece, if not using artsmart then save the AI file as AI version 8 which you can open directly in cinema. I can join all your parts together but i can't sort out the overlap. Deck
  7. Hi Octurnal Im afraid i don't even know what discord is, but I'm happy to help if I can. You can post the file here if you like or even just the spline part and I can have a look for you. I would imagine its something to do with the spline interpolation...... Looking at your grab, you still have the spline mask in there, you can delete that as I was only using it to create a similar pattern to yours. That is just used to combine or subtract paths from each other, so drop that out and it may work but post the file by all means if you can't sort it out. Deck
  8. No worries, its a photography thing that just happens to be repeatable in Cinema. In a proper view camera you can spin around and offset all the axis to some extent, helping with focus as well as changing the geometry and crop of the image. Deck
  9. You have to keep your camera level to make the verticals straight, at which point it will no doubt cut the top off, then you can use the Y offset in the camera to move the film plane up to frame your shot. this is the same principle as a shift lens or a view camera. Deck
  10. What you can do is spherify the spline and then extrude that, unfortunately you can then only extrude in the xyz so the extrude goes vertically, not following the angle / normals of the sphere. To get around that you can extrude to zero and then add thickness with the cloth tag, the phong goes a bit mad so you have to put that into a connect and sort that out. example file below. Deck sphere and extrude 01.c4d
  11. ignore the align to splines and the other cylinder tucked away at the bottom, they were left over from an even clumsier method and are not required. Deck
  12. Heres a bit of a clumsy way to do it, cloning the discs onto blended circle splines, plain effector is set to 360 degrees and Ive used a random to give it some weight so they don't all start at the same time. You could use many plain effectors or others for rotation and use mograph selections to limit each one to certain clones whilst animating the falloff. There are probably tons of ways to set this up in mograph, mine a bit clumsy as I said, press play when it opens up. probably even more solutions in R20. Deck disc_circle 02.c4d
  13. I believe the Lumas shader generated a GS based on the area seen by the light, people use it for making the dark side of the earth in those space shots. might help you out at some point Deck
  14. Thanks Guys Firstly I prefer to call it an "older" version than just Old powerslider all one word brings it up in the help files, seems that is the green marker slider thing, and it refers to the whole widget as the timeline Ruler. I can see it in the Customise commands as Scrollbar as Cairn stated, but if I drag that button to the interface and click it, then it doesn’t bring up the Ruler / scroll bar. Im assuming there must be a show and hide somewhere. Dck

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