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  1. Hiya CBR Im only just buying into the concept of subdividing and then remodelling. I usually try and keep it as one mesh so all my mistakes are in one place but beginning to come around. Not happy with a few areas now, so will probably try again tomorrow with a new shell. Cheers Deck
  2. That lanyard hole ( ignoring small one at the mo ) is a mare, Ive just chopped the front off and redone that with more topo. it moved when I turned on the SDS tho, so think I need another cut to hold that hole in place. and already getting a bit lumpy around there too. Will also chop and symmetry at some point as the two sides have drifted apart a bit I spend 12 minutes just considering each move I make. Deck
  3. 12 minutes, you shouldn't have said that :) I did try with the extra ring but once I pulled it off and extruded it out a bit I just got lost with it all on different levels etc. Also having some trouble as i switch between stuff with the position under SDS and then sometimes editing normal position. Also starting to think bout the lanyard hole etc. You do have nice topo on yours but that would probably take me all day of pushing it around and messing stuff up. 12 minutes ! so if it was a job you would probably get the whole thing modelled in a couple of hrs, I will be giving you a call if I ever get another job with any modelling involved, but don't hold yer breath. This is where I am at the mo, lining up a few things before I try and cut it, will probably bite me in the ass, and I will have to do it your way in the end but Im stubborn and conscious it will take me forever to get all the other details done. Thanks again for all your wisdom, wasn't looking forward to joining those circles :) Deck
  4. CBR, that sounds sensible. I learned how to join the circles as above, but still couldn't do it when looking at my own geometry. Struggling a bit with the concept of starting again with just that ring of polys / edge. Just revisiting my previous one to see if I can join the two together, its sort of fitting but Ive not cut into it yet. Deck
  5. Aha, thanks for the general advice and in particular that circle section. i don't seem to be able to think outside the box with these topology problems, like the way you have used two segments to keep the quads. I should probably do that outer ring before i bend it i have those reference grabs you posted but i still couldn't see it. Thanks Michiel. Deck
  6. Hi CBR I found it wasn't bending properly so added some loops in the bottom section, originally I ran them to the small holes but that upset the circles, so I managed to stop them with an extrude inner a bit earlier on, I think thats my first ever piece of intuitive modelling and was quite pleased with self until I got to this circle stepping issue. For a minute i thought i had it and Im sure its real simple but i couldn't get my head round it. Im sure there must be an easy and obvious way to do it but it seems my brain just doesn't work that way :) Deck
  7. Sorry, I didn't fully read it, was a bit mesmerised by splicing the holes together. Ive got that bit done, bent it with a spline wrap on an elipse. Even with your guide my brain was hurting filling in those gaps, don't think I would have got that tricksy angled quad on the top of offset small hole. Having a bit of trouble lining it up, it jumps about depending on whether I have the object SDS or deformer selected. Currently trying to tweak the outer ring into place whilst keeping the button holes The half res thing makes sense, but I will have to come back to you to advice how make the two go into one, i have a vague idea but don't think Ive done that before. Thanks again Deck looking good on the top view but a bit long on side view, that could be my reference pics perspective playing a part, tho My previous attempt seemed close.
  8. Hi CBR That looks do able for me, tho its really tempting to do a displacement on those smaller holes. So once thats done, would you then extrude the outer loop and start building the shell from that point. Many thanks Deck
  9. No worries CBR I will put it on the back burner and give the braincells a rest, I have no deadline. Would be great to get your thoughts, Im already feeling guilty about mentioning displacement. Deck
  10. Hi Cafe Im looking for some help / advice on my latest modelling project / lesson. Ive got this somewhat flattened egg shaped widget with some buttons within a convex cutout, bit hard to describe so some grabs below. It took pretty much all my skills to create the cutout and maintain the egg shaped shell, but now Im confronted with trying to model in these buttons, seen in the top down view. I originally thought I would make them flat and curve them in somehow but at this point its all about the geometry. Having got to the cutout circle I realise better planning may have helped, so Im wondering if I need to start again keeping more of an eye on the buttons. I hate doing things twice ( not great for modelling patience ) so not keen to start again. Maybe should have started with buttons ? Also the hole at the top for the lanyard looks problematic, tho I haven’t got the bottom shell in place yet. Im thinking that I may be able to make those button indents with a displacement map so that would be my non modelling work around but not tried it yet. Any advice / tips most welcome, had to save file with assets so uploaded to my ftp, not done that before so hopefully this link works. Cheers Deck https://www.mailbigfile.com/c182b61b77ed654a7929d9ac18c361c6/listFiles.php?repro_id=6693
  11. I think its planesmart or image smart plugin that does something similar with folders of images, maybe you could use that and extrude the result. Dont know any expresso myself. Deck
  12. All looks good in R18 apart from the green and pink markers in the background, I don't understand why they are there when the geometry for them isn't Deck
  13. Just had a look at the 360 from the stadium, and its quite complex. How accurate do you want to be Deck you can see from these grabs they can't get it done in real world either, if they lined up perfectly there would be hardly any seats in the back rows on the corners. Looks like standing only behind goals too.
  14. Think I would just cut those splines right down the walkways / isles and start from there with spline sections. I think as the previous post mentioned stadium seats line up in various ways but from memory they all look a bit weird in the corners where its cut into wedges. Deck



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