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  1. Not entirely sure what you are aiming for, but if you set up the moving part with dynamics and some follow position, whilst moving your cloner, or cloning along a spline with the rate parameter, then you can use an inheritance at one end or the other to blend your clones into that movement, maybe with a bit of push apart as the dynamics fade in/out. You can do that with effectors, so Im sure fields will work too tho I have no knowledge of that. Deck
  2. I think 3Dkiwi assumed you had a model of the logo already when he gave his answer. If you just have a png then you would probably be best redrawing it in illustrator or similar and then import the resulting path for a perfect result. I think the only option in cinema ( may be more in R20+ ) would be to use the vectoriser which is a kind of auto trace in cinema which would create a spline for you to extrude or loft etc. Best to redraw it first as a vector. Deck
  3. deck

    Set New Selection

    Thanks for sharing, very generous, I feel your pain re the deselection process. look forward to using it. Deck
  4. Great resource here by Eric Gooch which shows all the noises at different scales as well as inverted. Deck http://www.cybergooch.com/pages/c4d/noise/c4d_noise.htm
  5. I think you need to be a member of cinevercity for the plugin, usually comes with cinema I think, but Im a bit out of touch with that. Deck
  6. If you have the CV artsmart plugin you can copy into illustrator and do a join command after hi lighting all the points. You can then save as AI V8 and open in cinema in usual way. In theory you can export to AI from cinema but Ive never got that to work. Converted file below. Deck CoastlineJOINEDinAI.c4d
  7. Not entirely sure what your after here as you mention a loft, but in this set up you have your extrude direction possibly going the wrong way and thus making your objects flat, as in the grab below. I think you have movement on Z when you appear to need it on Y. Once you change that for both extrude objects ( not lofts ) you end up with something like the purple grab below, but dunno if that's what your after. Deck
  8. Which bit are thinking of, the slicing part was asked in a similar post just last week. Deck
  9. Surprised nobody has mentioned the summer sale yet or have I missed the post. Deck https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/coming-soon-our-30-off-blowout-summer-sale/
  10. Hi Alexi Its not really clear to me what the problem is and there could be so many things to effect it in a complex scene so if you could upload a cutdown version or a test version with same problem that might help. As things stand the only thing I might suggest is to try adding some "follow position" to the clones in your "automatic" set up, assuming the cloner is in the rotation heireachy, but that's a bit of a guess. Deck
  11. On Black ? As southpaw says, the longer the exposure the thinner / fainter it gets. I guess you are dividing what would be the correct exposure over however many frames pass whilst the virtual shutter is open. You may want to consider rendering the drops on their own, on an absolute black BG with nothing else in the scene. Then in post you could use that layer in say "screen" or "lighten" mode, which would get you back to something like what you have, but then you could either double up that layer for more brightness or even do some brightness contrast adjustments on the single layer, or Both. These could be masked to suit giving you a bit more control over the final effect. Gluck with it. Deck
  12. Im only using physical render, so not sure if its something to do with pro render, here's a grab at 1/4 second and a bit more quality on the render. You have to imagine that if your ref pick was a hand held still then it was probably shot at something like a 1/15 maybe down to half second. Deck
  13. Its quite hard to see but if you go to a zoomed in view you can actually see what's happening, re the grabs below. you can see some small movement in the first one, that's the current 30th of a second, and then longer at 1/2 second and streaky at 2s but if you zoom out the same 2 seconds doesn't look like much as it doesn't travel that far relatively in the frame, for to to travel further you need to up its speed in the emitter, to 2000 in the last grab. but all of the time it gets fainter and in your reference image each individual streak isn't that long either. I don't do much animation but I imagine the effect of all the individual frames will give that effect when run together. Deck
  14. Cool that you sorted it and jogged your memory, scuze me CBR I see what you were getting at re thickness and that back and front would obviously not work in that case. Deck

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