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  1. You could use another effector, i initially thought i was gonna have some noise in the shader but never used it, so a plane effector would do it, its just scaling the polls to nothing. Thinking ahead, if you had an emitter at the cutting edge ( animated around ) you could spit out some balls or similar with a limited life span, make them invisible but use them with a proximal shader to create an alpha which you could use for some glowing red bits on the metal, they would fade away as the life of particle died. I haven't tried that but should work. Gluck with it There could be cloth tear / soft body solution but would imagine it a bit more difficult to control.
  2. deck

    80% off at 3D Fluff

    Hi Mathew Thats a very generous offer, i just gave it a try with the rigging tutorial but it said the congrats code wasn't valid, any ideas. Deck
  3. No idea how you missed that, I forget a lot of things and still consider myself a beginner but when they printed manuals i would read them cover to cover so have an idea whats there even if I don't know how to use it. I tried this first with a tiny block cloned around 300 times but that didn't work, just made lots of blobs. The cylindrical sliced fall off was new to me, had never considered that. Its like you've just got a new toy for free, happy days. Deck. PS like your cheese mountain
  4. heres my take on it, timing could be better on animation but its not too bad. Thought originaly to add pipe either side but could probably extend this one starting from scratch. needs some extra bits and sparks etc but I thought it was working reasonably well. Finer detail with more segments etc, but my old mac says this is enough for me. Sliced cylindrical falloff is the key here for me. Deck play for the effect, maybe stop at end and cut in half for the floor drop. bit square on the fall off ends but ok with certain noise. A few extra effectors stain maybe to take out some more random chunks If you had R18 you could have done something similar and probably better with the voronoi fracture tube melt_0003.c4d
  5. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/RegularHexagon.html a lot of math here, not sure I found the answer tho Deck and for tiling http://mathworld.wolfram.com/HexagonTiling.html
  6. deck

    How would you recreate this in C4D?

    mograph to lay out the hexagons and a shader effector with your image map to lift them up. Deck
  7. Hiya As I understand it the surge profile thats in project settings is only used when there is no profile assigned to the input image. If a profile is present then cinema will use it. so this field just needs to be left as is and if you want to save into profoto then load that up in the save box as you have done already. I had similar trouble with adobe 1998 but that all works fine for me now. I don't think it matters what actual profile you use. Deck
  8. deck

    Respected Community Member

    Im not bothered about the name as I said previously but I do think some members such as Kiwi ( cafe founder I believe, could be wrong ) and many other members that give their time and knowledge so generously do deserve some recognition somehow, but you are all so modest that none of you want any recognition. Maybe if left to the members to bestow any accolades it may be easier for those recognised to accept such a title / award. So maybe we could have a yearly cafe award like a cafe bafta or something. No idea of how or what categories / titles may be, but might be a nice way for us mere mortals to be able to give the wizards a pat on the back. Just thinking out loud Deck
  9. Mesmerised by mograph, I could play with this all day. Deck tornado cheat 03.c4d
  10. heres another version with some turbulence and more spheres. Deck tornado cheat 02.c4d
  11. Hard to tell exactly without a file Howie, but heres a cheat tornado basic set up that might help, if you let it play you can see whats going on. 1, a small and big spline circle cloned in blend mode so you can add as many as you want and change the size etc. 2, same cloner is rotated with the time effector, adjust speed with rotation degrees ( quite sensitive it seems ) 3, same cloner ring positions randomised with effector in noise mode, lots of things to change here for variation 4 the sphere cloner just clones onto the previous cloners rings, and has the dynamic tag 5, gravity is set to zero so clones will just float, but they have some "follow position" dialled in to make them follow their original pos. Quite fun when you crank up the speed and parameters on the random post and noise scale etc. Just put in a few rings here to illustrate. There are many ways to set this up with mograph, maybe a spiral or two instead of the rings, and some other forces to liven it up a bit. Deck tornado cheat 01.c4d
  12. deck

    Clone with unspecified location

    Not sure what your after there, sounds more like an "instance" to me Deck
  13. deck

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    Re pronunciation of Hrvoje if you watch the post from Hrvoje about the mograph award, he gets a mention from the guy who said what sounded like Her-voy similar to Her-boy but with a V. Im going with that, not what I was using in my head at all. Deck
  14. Hard to tell exactly what is going on without a file but it seems to me your sky is overexposed, i.e. all white so you can't see your sun in there at any size. Im not an expert with the sky and it does seem to have a few non intuitive areas to it, but the size option does work, if you can see it. So the first thing to do is turn down the AS seen intensity in the physical sky tab ( not the sun tab ), at some point you will see your sun, then you can use the size parameters on the sun tab to change its size. Chances are its probably bout right at default. a few grabs below to illustrate. Deck
  15. deck

    Molecules in helix structure?

    Its easier to do the ribbon part with the sweep, file below. How you then do your molecules depends how much interaction you need with them. You could model it flat and spline wrap it like you did with the ribbon. You could also clone it onto the ribbon. For that you would probably want a copy of the ribbon, make it a bit smaller than the visible one ( hide it ) and make some selections to keep the molecules where you want them. You can use weighting or mograph selections to change the colours, but not sure how to go if you need to change every aspect of mo;eccles and place them. Deck Helix Sweep 01.c4d
  16. deck

    Respected Community Member

    frequenter sounds a bit weird, thats just a harder way to say "regular". if it was a real world cafe or bar the people that came in alot would be described by staff etc as "regulars". I never really thought bout it myself till this post and am not overly bothered but frequenter strikes me as odd. Sorry if that bothers anyone. Deck
  17. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    it might be worth adding a protection tag to the camera to make sure it doesn't move, like nailing your tripod to the floor in the real studio. Deck
  18. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    heres a file with 3 cameras at different distances snapped to your dimensions. In Cm rather than MM but that doesn't really matter. You will get a slightly different perspective from each camera. What can be a bit tricky is if you need to add bleed to this 3D image your creating, but this is good for matching the page. Deck Snapped camera 3up.c4d
  19. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    whatever ratio you set in render settings is the shape the camera takes up. They have A4 etc as presets already in there. Deck
  20. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    you have to change that in your render settings, match the shape in your render settings and set DPI to whatever you need. I tend to just work in pixels Deck
  21. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    snap commands are on the top menu 7th from left, you can drag them out if you need too. File below A4 landscape, but it may take up your current snap settings Deck Snapped camera.c4d
  22. deck

    modelling - joining shapes

    Stitch and sew works fine for me. Its not entirely symmetrical not sure if that was your goal. Bit of tweaking and you could build it with symmetry and just build half. Deck
  23. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    Its a two step process of dragging out the middle focus point of camera to snap to poly or vertex on the plane, then grab the edge point and drag in or out to snap to edge of plain which sets the zoom. Its actually easier to set the distance by numbers, i.e. plane at zero, camera at minus 500Z so focus has to be 500, then you just snap the edges of camera to the plane. It works well as you try different distances, obviously need to be parallel to plane, tho you can use the offsets if yer careful. Depending on the required perspective you might want to be really far away to not have too mush perspective difference to your elements, too close and I find the left right perspective can be a bit off putting if Im going for a flatter look. Depends what yer after. Deck mines on poly snap in the grab but can also be vertex
  24. deck

    Print Spreads in C4D

    Whenever I do this kind of thing i find it useful to drag out the camera focus distance and snap it to the plane, then you know its exactly zoomed in, assuming the render settings are same as document as you say. Parelel camera also works and can sometimes be better if you don't want any perspective. Deck
  25. deck

    Render with PANTONE colours

    I would just treat the render the same way you would treat a photograph, i.e. render it out and create a spot colour ( alpha ) from the appropriate area, which i then assume gets passed off to illustrator for the AW, where the spot is dialled in. Deck