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  1. The issue is FORCING customers into a subscription. I don't see much debate on that point. It sucks.
  2. Hey Simmy, did it install a completely separate app... I'm nervous to install as I don't want my current configuration to get altered.
  3. I suspect they'll fall in love w/the faster and sturdier development than can be done when using wide scale beta testers.
  4. I think your choice of CPU is good. We probably won't larger motherboards for Ryzen (more PCI slots) until AMD ships either it's Polaris chips (kind of like Intel Xeon) or if rumored 16 Core chip comes out. You don't have to do everything at once or just on one computer. I use multiple machines for Octane rendering. There is very little performance penalty. The one gotcha with multiple-system octane rendering is you have to buy a second copy of the Octane standalone.
  5. It doesn't matter if the cores or Intel or Ryzen... After Effects 2017 will *NOT* use more than one single CPU core. This fact has many Adobe customers furious as these improvements have been promised for years...and virtually all other 3d and motion graphics apps can properly utilize the cores or even use GPU accelerated rendering. Many AE users in fact still use AE CC2014 as it at least will partially utilizes multiple cores. The fact that users are foregoing 3 years of upgrades to use an old version is a disgrace. Some users turn to a plugin (AE Scripts) called BG Renderer as a speed hack. For 3d CPU-based native rendering you will enjoy Ryzen. It provides the best performance per dollar and absolutely optimizes all cores. For viewport speed a faster-clock Intel core might still have a little advantage. For Octane it won't really matter at all which CPU you use. Octane uses the GPU and you could get almost the same performance with a modest five or seven year old CPU.
  6. I agree on both counts.
  7. Hey awesome. Huge thanks for exploring this! I'll take a look this weekend.
  8. Octane please.
  9. I think c4d will add the ability to use nodes, but not require it. For comparison...with Octane you can work in the familiar channel method, but you also can use nodes.
  10. If your fluid is a pure physics sim I don't see how you'll ever do it. I've seen 'fluid' looks that do cycle cleanly but they are based on noise patterns. If you use noise you can cycle the noise back to original state.
  11. The hardcore critics are a small percentage of the community. I think it worsens this time of year. It's been 7 months since MAXON updated and people watch the glitzy demos of other apps with their new features. It all seems so enticing. I agree with Arail...MAXON's user base has, if anything, exploded in the past 5 years.
  12. My hunch is that you are being overly critical of your abilities in this regard. You think things through very logically and intuitively as evidenced in your product. I bet you can do the same with commentary.
  13. Congrats again Daniel on your fine work making our lives better. If there is one suggestion I'd have is...please include audio in your videos.
  14. In an ideal world, sure. I don't disagree with most of the points you are making, but again...look around and you see this repeatedly across the industry. A brilliant small dev team tackles a specific feature area and does something unique...or does something better. MAXON understandably has been focused on its foundation. Despite this in the past 3 years they've given us a modernized viewport, powerful sculpting, re-written a lot of the program so that it's multi-threaded, conceived a brilliant take system, added camera tracking, object tracking, new mograph effectors, mograph weight tool, shaders, metaball rewrite, Voronoi fracture and more. But a lot of upgrades are below the hood, involving a degree of work that we outsiders simply can't see or appreciate. In case I sound like a fanboy...I readily concede they had terrible time with render server and flubbed it up with the rework of the material system, which became much less intuitive. BodyPaint, once a strength has become a glaring weakness. They've still got work to do, no doubt in addressing some issues. They know it.
  15. C4D is targeted principally towards the motion graphics community. That's why Kiwi was perpetually unfair when complaining that it lacked some of the modeling features of Modo...and why Cutman is unfair in demanding that C4d rival Houdini for special efx. Those programs have different types of customers with different needs. As far as updates...we've been through this before...MAXON has had dual goals weighing upon it over the past 4 years: expanding the feature set while simultaneously reformulating its core. I believe with the exception of two releases in the past 4 years, the new haul of features has been impressive...esp. when considering the rework on the core. As I recall R18 was VERY well received in terms of the quality and sheer count of new features.