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  1. The announcement speech was short and sweet. Well played. Still...I’d like to know if that means we’ll get it integrated into R21 or if it will still be standalone purchase.
  2. Great move! I think this is a better purchase than Autodesk buying Arnold. GPU rendering has totally pushed into the future of rendering...and into the now of rendering. Arnold still has a long way to go w/GPU dev.
  3. I agree w/ you Dave, though I come from a non-religious...more humanist standpoint. I lost interest during the second short due to it’s violent revelry. I won’t try to convince anyone else about the merits/demerits of such content. Didn’t work for me. ...just turned me off. Left me sad & hollow. I won’t pretend that I’m consistent as I sometimes watch quite violent shows. First segment was whimsical and fun and I was all in at that point. Oh well...
  4. Don’t we all love the guy who pops out of nowhere to ask a question and then doesn’t even take the time or courtesy to reply back after he’s received a thoughtful answer. I say some sort of acknowledgment or maybe even a ‘thank you’ is required operating procedure for anyone seeking help. People providing help are getting nothing out of it 98% of the time. At least honor a fellow human’s generosity for helping you. I think we sometimes are morally obliged to *not* help certain people. We owe it to ourselves to not be abused by the laziness, greed and opportunism of others.
  5. Like the title, ‘arriving early’. I think it communicates a nicely.
  6. Last year I purchased a simple device to do rack focus multi-shots. I started to look at tuts that help one combine such shots where the focal planes of various photos are overplayed. Life intervened and I never got started doing any photography. I might have time now to return to this. I live in the Arizona desert and we have lots of interesting critters here. I’ll have to see if I can capture some spiders or scorpions. After the photography maybe I’ll take the textures and work them up in 3d. Alas...if time permits... Awesome thread!
  7. Possible to throw the videos up on Dropbox or an FTP?
  8. Igor, I'm going to be starting a learning expedition over on the CG MAXON forum - focused on Unity and c4d/Unity integration. I'd be happy to offer that here at the Cafe  at the same time. Is that something you and Hjorve would be interested in hosting? Perhaps there could be a sticky? It would start next Thursday night. (March 1). 

    1. Igor


      Of course, that would be great! :) You can also make a Club if you wish! :)

    2. Icecaveman


      Cool. I'll post the announcement today or tomorrow.  ::):

    3. Icecaveman


      Igor....I decided I'm not going to have time to post on two different forums. It's time consuming. The next learning expedition I'll do only at c4dcafe and not at CG site.  ::):

  9. I want to applaud your work on these training sessions, H. Top drawer.
  10. C4DS, I want to offer belated apologize to you for not providing feedback as I said I would last spring. I had some health issues earlier this year that generally pulled me out of doing any 3d for quite awhile.
  11. There are more c4d users than ever...but I'd guess fewer than ever posting here. Why? A few poisoned souls have been permitted to pillage and insult and deride...discourging the people who enjoy reasonable discussions about c4d and related topics.
  12. Why do you need X-Particles if Houdini does everything you need? I smell a fraud.
  13. I was expected some meaningful casualties, but nothing in that list seems notable for my work. I suspect for many of us the bigger casualties will be plugins that will die or require purchase of a new version.



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