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  1. If your fluid is a pure physics sim I don't see how you'll ever do it. I've seen 'fluid' looks that do cycle cleanly but they are based on noise patterns. If you use noise you can cycle the noise back to original state.
  2. The hardcore critics are a small percentage of the community. I think it worsens this time of year. It's been 7 months since MAXON updated and people watch the glitzy demos of other apps with their new features. It all seems so enticing. I agree with Arail...MAXON's user base has, if anything, exploded in the past 5 years.
  3. My hunch is that you are being overly critical of your abilities in this regard. You think things through very logically and intuitively as evidenced in your product. I bet you can do the same with commentary.
  4. Congrats again Daniel on your fine work making our lives better. If there is one suggestion I'd have is...please include audio in your videos.
  5. In an ideal world, sure. I don't disagree with most of the points you are making, but again...look around and you see this repeatedly across the industry. A brilliant small dev team tackles a specific feature area and does something unique...or does something better. MAXON understandably has been focused on its foundation. Despite this in the past 3 years they've given us a modernized viewport, powerful sculpting, re-written a lot of the program so that it's multi-threaded, conceived a brilliant take system, added camera tracking, object tracking, new mograph effectors, mograph weight tool, shaders, metaball rewrite, Voronoi fracture and more. But a lot of upgrades are below the hood, involving a degree of work that we outsiders simply can't see or appreciate. In case I sound like a fanboy...I readily concede they had terrible time with render server and flubbed it up with the rework of the material system, which became much less intuitive. BodyPaint, once a strength has become a glaring weakness. They've still got work to do, no doubt in addressing some issues. They know it.
  6. C4D is targeted principally towards the motion graphics community. That's why Kiwi was perpetually unfair when complaining that it lacked some of the modeling features of Modo...and why Cutman is unfair in demanding that C4d rival Houdini for special efx. Those programs have different types of customers with different needs. As far as updates...we've been through this before...MAXON has had dual goals weighing upon it over the past 4 years: expanding the feature set while simultaneously reformulating its core. I believe with the exception of two releases in the past 4 years, the new haul of features has been impressive...esp. when considering the rework on the core. As I recall R18 was VERY well received in terms of the quality and sheer count of new features.
  7. For someone who wants maximum control and is dying to code they can use Python in C4D. But it's not needed as much as it is in Houdini. Aside from the Crowd features and fluids....90% of the cool things in Houdini you can do in C4d/X-Particles/Turbulence. And faster...easier. And Houdini can't do a lot of things that one can do in c4d. -Houdini doesn't have killer integration to After Effects -Houdini doesn't have built-in camera and object tracking (extras $oftware needed) -If Houdini has an equivalent to Sketch and Toon I've not seen it -Houdini doesn't (to my knowledge) have built in super sculpting room -There are lot of tools that make life so easy in c4d that simply have no equivalent in Houdini. Just one example: SplineWrap I spoke w/Mike from Insydium at last year's NAB and when I mentioned XP's fluid sims and conveyed my sentiment that it didn't create top-drawer results....he readily agreed...then winked at me wryly. I expect we are going to see something much better in XP's fluid department coming up. And last August they purchased Xplosia FX, of SoftImage fame so that is coming to C4d. Alternatively of course one can also buy RealFlow c4d plugin.
  8. I think c4d and Houdini are both awesome (I own a Houdini Indy license. ) Now if I had to use Houdini for my day-to-day work? That doesn't appeal at all. I'm going to post a link to a new official Houdini tutorial. I have no doubt I could accomplish the same thing in c4d...with equal procedural flexibility...without worrying about code syntax and all the extra steps. I encourage anyone here with grass-is-greener to watch and make up their own mind. I'm tempted to work up a comparison tutorial.
  9. I agree that trying to stay Mac friendly is like having to carry extra weight when in a race. But since MAXON's user base is heavily linked to After Effects and still has a lot of Mac users...that's an inherent challenge that won't go away. To me it's no biggie...just use third party renderer.
  10. Of course it's a huge deal to switch. And of course there are features C4D will need to update moving forward. You may be new to this forum, but what you are saying has been repeated many times. This forum was a fog of toxic gas about a year ago....nothing but criticism. MAXON gets no free pass. They have earned our patronage but they better keep earning it or they will lose it. They must compete hard and continue innovating. They won't keep me because of habit or comfort. If they moved to subscription-only model...I'd be done. That said I also honor the vast improvements they have made, their ongoing stability, ease of use, new innovations and interoperability with other software. I have zero problem with criticism...if it isn't framed in irrational expectations, a "burn-the-world-down-tone" ...and personal insults as Cutman has done for a long time. If he's a man of his word...he should leave, put a cease-fire on the sniper shooting...and get rooted in his new world. But that's him and not you, deadpixelx. I'm sorry for my manners and I heartily welcome you to the forum.
  11. For nearly TWO YEARS you've droned on about "leaving MAXON" and moving to Houdini. Either you aren't very good at leaving...or you just need something to bitch about. The thing I notice about all the top artists and performers is this : they are too busy making things happen to sit around and moan. You? Your really good at bitching and endlessly refine your skill at it. You should offer YouTube tutorials. Clearly the universe is conspiring to thwart and deprive you of greatness and success. The world is full of options: Blender, Houdini, Maya, Modo...and C4D. I suggest finding the best tool for your type of work and investing your energy learning and creating. ------------------------END of message to CutMan deadpixelxm You make some valid points. For better or worse the reality is this: Most MAXON users bite the bullet and also purchase plugins for smoke, fire and particles. They buy TurbulenceFD or xParticles. Or Both. MeshFusion is pretty cool. I own it as I own Modo. It is a hope of mine that MAXON adds some system for advanced Boolean operations. MAXON's focus the past few years has been re-working its core. That needed to finished first as it will be foundational for things to come. In fairness to MAXON....MeshFusion was a plugin developed by a thirdParty not built by the Foundry. Same I believe with MetaMesh. Same with many of the volumetric and particle tools for Maya. This all said...if you go on YouTube or Vimeo you can find a ton of samples and tutorials of c4d being employed on the latest/greatest projects for HBO, Nike, etc. etc.
  12. Exactly. If you are an elite level gamer these days you might be using Zbrush, Maya, 3DCoat, Substance, Photoshop, Unreal and more. That's a boat load of learning and a big software bill. If you are in Hollywood special efx maybe your group uses Houdini, Mari, Nuke and 5 or 6 other apps/utilities. You can be sure there will be in-house apps and tools galore to learn. If you are doing commercials and web videos it's quite possible you know c4d + plugins, after effects, illustrator, photoshop and more Then you might have a specialty on top of your base tools. -Maybe good bringing in 3d scanned models (Agisoft tools). -Perhaps build set extensions 3d terrains w/ World Machine. -3d cam solve and motion tracking with PFTrack , clean-plating Knowing a lot of tools is a good some cases a necessary thing. It's nonsense to expect one tool do everything and do it well.
  13. MAXON doesn't have much choice about going OpenCl for GPU rendering for this simple fact: Mac users. The Mac OS doesn't even have drivers for Nvidia Pascal cards (1060 thru 1080TI). And as you know Apple locks in it's users to AMD (No CUDA). Having been an Apple fanboy since I bought a Mac in 1985 I've seen Apple hype and then abandon tech like Metal. Maybe since it's entrenched now and works well in iOS, it won't suffer the fate of so many other internal Mac code projects...I'd still be leery if I was MAXON. On the topic of Macs...if you want a modern 3d experience you will inherently be crippled when using one. And much worse than you might know. I've owned a dozen Macs, have an iPad and iPhone, so be mindful of the source! Consider the gap in these benchmarks and raw value comparison. Apple "Trashcan": MacPro top-of-the-line in Apple Store Today Cinebench CPU score: 966 Cinebench GPU score: 86 No Nvidia/No Cuda No Upgrades Ever Price: $4,759 Ryzen-Based 1800 System w/Nvidia 1080 Cinebench CPU score: 1636 Cinebench GPU score: 169 Nvidia/CUDA Easy Upgrades Full System Price: $1,700 C4D's renderer is slow...but running it on a Mac is deadly.
  14. Few quick thoughts: -Houdini's Mantra renderer is CPU-based... i.e. OLD -Houdini is far harder for most humans to use than c4d. Many processes take a lot more steps. -A good percentage of MAXON's codebase is newer than code in Houdini -Most pros use third-party that with MAXON, Modo, Maya, Houdini. If you look through Houdini forums you'll find a lot of users talk about Redshift and Octane. -Houdini didn't even support external renderers until 15.5! Some users were furious, feeling they were left behind. -MAXON has announced the future employment of GPU rendering.
  15. It's quite possibly the same guy logging in as someone else. He's just a troll at this point. That's short-term and short-sighted thinking, IMO. I've owned c4d for ten years. I emphasize the term OWNED. You can own your product or your product can own you. Maya users are owned via slavescriptions. I purchased Studio and have upgraded every year. If you factor in the original purchase that's approximately $950 per year. And even if the dollars/terms were as equal... c4d all the way. Autodesk can go pound sand. This is how I ramped up as well. :-) I do think MAXON should offer some way for new users to amortize moving into Studio.