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  1. Good summary Dave. I tend to agree though I don't want to speak definitely about a product I've never tried. For me...I don't imagine I'll be investing so much money in another one trick pony, esp. if that one trick is non-GPU accelerated simulations. That's becoming a must-have IMO. I mean consider what is being done realtime in game engines with GPU performance: Now this isn't as rich or detailed as TFD or FumeFX, but that speed means a lot. The ViewPort display accleration via GPU in FumeFX is sweet. We don't have that now in any of our products. And FumeFX does seem to have some features we don't currently have in other products. I just don't think it's enough to interest me given price, alternatives and what I imagine of sim performance.* *I don't know real world FumeFX speeds, but CPU is so much slower. Jawset has been incredibly good and generous. TFD stable, fast, with nice quality....and they haven't had a paid upgrade in forever. Version after version it just keeps producing at no additional costs.
  2. As I understand FumeFX doesn't have GPU-accelerated simulations--as does TurbulenceFD. It has viewport GPU acceleration only. And Arnold support only? It will take a lot of rich features to convince me not to just stick with TurbulenceFD.
  3. If anyone plans to do serious content creation in 3d I suggest that you really want an HMD that is ultra-comfortable and features super visual quality. HMDs can be fuzzy/blurry visually and exhibit a "screen door" visual appearance. Read up on which HMDs give you good crisp imagery. And controllers can't be overlooked. One advantage of the Index controllers is that not only can they sense motion from each individual finger....and hand pressure....but they have a key ergonomic feature. They grip your hands instead of you having to grip them, reducing fatigue as being required to hold onto anything for long work sessions gets tiresome.
  4. hey Jim...to answer your question... I already have a Gen 1 Vive. I was an early adopter. I'd say there's a 50-50 chance I'll be buying at least some of the Index Gear this year. The hardware is interoperable so I could upgrade HMD and/or controllers...or full package. I also want to build a new 3d workstation PC...so it will be a budget decision.
  5. The best things are worth waiting for. And why would anyone want a product from FaceBook? I feel dirty just thinking about it. The people doing serious, interesting things in VR are mostly doing it w/ Vive and now it's proper successor, the Index. The Logitech Stylus might someday work with other products but for now it is just Steam (Vive/Index) Index = Best in Class visuals, best refresh, best field of view, best comfort and best, most human controllers. This from a review of trusted guys who have extensively used all the major VR systems. 3D Apps for Valve/Index not mentioned above: Gravity Sketch. Story released recently demos how Ford Auto is using Gravity Sketch: https://carbuzz.com/news/ford-designing-vehicles-using-3d-virtual-reality Unreal and Unity have VR editing modes.
  6. Big Picture, MAXON must start moving towards leveraging GPU for a wide variety of functions and processes. If they don't do it soon... I won't finish the sentence. But I think they understand fully well...and are on it.
  7. Valve Index is the only rational choice.
  8. You should explore your Octane settings. I don't know what GPU(s) you have but 12 minutes per frame seems really long to me. Have you tried: -Lower samples -Adaptive sampling -AI noise reduction ?
  9. Here is a simple setup where the shader field is animating polys of sphere. MoExtrude+Shader.c4d
  10. Icecaveman

    New Mac pro

    Correct. You could have a 3,000 Watt PSU and that wouldn't mean much as far as the actual electricity usage. That's available power...max power.
  11. Whether you are a radiologist, warehouse worker, coder, journalist, musician, animator...you have to have an eye-ball on what is going on. We are going to need a Universal Basic Income in the world.
  12. I fiddled with multiple things so I can't reliably say. When I turned all of these to ON: "Clamp Points on Axis" and "Delete Polygons on Axis" and "Weld Points" it resolved. I think I also played with Tolerance. But perhaps it was this in combination with some other previous tweak... I fiddled with it for twenty minutes or so before I got the desired result. I'm on R20 20.059 I definitely resolved without using 'Normal Move' or 'Normal Scale' as Cerbera did.
  13. I'd love to switch and move away from Adobe. AE's development really hasn't progressed much since they moved to slavescriptions. Alas, fifteen years of experience and tons of purchased scripts/tools makes it tough to abandon.
  14. This is too damn funny. HiFly must be my cosmic twin. I was going through the exact same same tutorial yesterday and having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I kept wondering what modeling step I was doing wrong and then I finally rewound the video to see that the instructor had different settings with the symmetry object. Once that was changed it worked perfectly. Toby Pittman and Making it Look Great training is...awesome! Cerbera + Toby Pittman =learning heaven.



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