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  1. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    I'll keep you in consideration, Mary!
  2. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Further delays here, folks. I've been feeling less than well physically lately (new medication side effects) and on top of that I've been distracted with Hurricane Harvey. I lived in Texas through the 90's and know a lot of people there. I'm trying to arrange to open my home to some of the homeless. There are still other big distractions right now. It will be at least a week before I can resume reviewing 4D Publish.
  3. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    No I haven't tried "massive scenes". I'm not sure that's where it would shine, but I can't say. For presentations, training (two of the more obvious use cases) you often want to keep it simple. That said, Beeple put together some complex scenes that were ported to PDF with 4dPublish... Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32501755/4D-Publish-(3D-PDF-Publishing-Plugin-for-Cinema-4D)
  4. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    I played around in C4d/VR last night and had a lot of fun. 4D publish seamlessly works with the HTC Vive.And it is ridiculously easy. There is literally no configuration required. A single button will open the steam connection and instantly launch the VR viewer. In 2 seconds your c4d scene is transformed into an immersive world. The biggest companies are betting billions on the future of VR. It's still very early and the graphics often aren't as sophisticated as with standard games/experiences. However, the immersion usually makes up for that...and more.Nvidia/AMD/Apple/Microsoft/Google/Facebook/Unity/Unreal and a myriad of small companies are working very hard to make AR/VR a part of our day-to-day lives. Not a month passes where there isn't an advance in the foundational tech. Controllers are working more and more like your hands, tracking is improving, new display technologies are emerging, wireless is becoming an option, etc. etc.
  5. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Hello hikarubr...thank you for your post. I'll keep you in mind. Do have a portfolio of your work--any medium, digital or traditional analog? One thing you'll certainly need to do for consideration is to complete your profile here.
  6. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    It's not enough for you to dish out endless snark about c4d...you also have to repeatedly insult and impugn those of us who enjoy c4d and profit from it in our profession? Users who disagree with you...and are thriving with c4d...you describe as lightweights or those lacking taste or judgment? You are...something.
  7. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Things have been crazy for me starting the week. I will be posting more feature summaries soon.
  8. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I agree. Massive value in those features.
  9. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Why interactive PDF is a big deal. I've worked in the energy industry and I can tell you that PDF is a big deal in training and internal communications. Eight years ago I helped automate the creation of thousands of unique training PDFs. If I could have included 3d interactive training content...I could have made 5x the money that I made. (probably more) Consider a PDF that includes your well crafted c4d content, where the viewer can zoom in/out and around...click buttons to view the proper operation of...for example...a crane or drill. PDF of course is everywhere online, used for briefs, brochures, presentations, etc. Your c4d content doesn't need to be limited to still images and videos. Add 3d and add interactivity and the potential value of those PDFs is enhanced. I suggest that some c4d artists could win new clients and new projects by adding this competency to their arsenal. (advertising, industry, small business etc) It's all very easy...all integrated into c4d. On the more playful side...Beeple used 4D Publish to create a cool concept piece. So there is a wide range of uses and possibilities.
  10. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    In the next few posts I'll summarize some of the features included in c4d Publish. What you should understand is that c4d Publish is built by the programmer behind MAXON's c4d sculpting system. He's not a big marketing/designer guy. Publish isn't going to wow you with sexy packaging and presentations. Instead Kent is a code ninja.Feature 1. HDR Texture Connections.This feature is very similar to GSG's HDRI-link, permitting rapid previewing of HDRIs or other textures. Works w/native c4d and w/Octane. GameLogic's product has additional functionality beyond the GSG version. It can be used in everyday work...but also can be used as you build interactive 3D PDF.https://www.4dpublish.com/hdr-texture-connectionsFor comparisonHDRI Linkhttps://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/hdri-link-2/GSG sells HDRI link for $69
  11. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    I have two licenses of 4D Publish and since I don't have a team currently using c4d --it's just me-- I am looking for someone to give my second license to. Kent Barber, the developer, communicated he is totally fine with me transferring the license. I will look to give this license away to a user here or over at cg MAXON If you are interested all you need to do is to communicate here in this thread why you would like the tool...how you would use it...and convince me the software will be finding a good home. I'll definitely favor someone who has contributed to our community and has a positive track record here. No need to write a long essay...just post a few thoughts and if relevant you can add a link to a project or graphic. In other words: let's keep this simple. I think there is some confusion about 4D Publish, as the tools are perhaps best conceived as a suite of products under one name. I'll write up a little summary later this evening or tomorrow to convey features and functionality.
  12. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    In my view MAXON should have kept the legacy model intact and added reflectance in a different material type... just like we have standard and physical renderer. Instead they straddled the fence, trying to merge outdated legacy options and new options into one system. What remains now is still unwieldy and clunky as evidence by the popularity of GSG's TopCoat. Two years after the fact we are told...ah if you want it fast you should not use the color channel at all. Yet the color channel is still there. Breaking them out into two systems/paradigms would have been far more elegant and user friendly....for those working old school and those fully adopting the new way. As for the past five years...that's my only real criticism of the past five years (that impacted me).
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I'd be happy with that as I am happy w/R19. I won't say I'm ecstatic, delighted, overwhelmed with R19...but it offers enough value in my book to satisfy. The motion-track scene reconstruction totally blows me away and I'll have major uses for that. -Excited about Voronoi upgrade...and by no means just for shattering things. Tons of uses for that. - The viewport has me especially excited...not just for more enjoyable work. It will dramatically reduce the need for preview renders. I also anticipate using it for conceptual presentations for clients and prospects. -Media engine is big for my work as well -UV openGL will be appreciated. While Kiwi certainly got a few things right.... He didn't anticipate any of the things I'm most excited about. I expect it will quite possibly play out the same next year. Some real gems will be the surprises. My only real disappointment in the past five years with c4d upgrades have been: 1. The Reflectance system seemed counter-intuitive and a step backwards. 2. One release (17? I can't remember) seemed light and lacking impact. I like the direction MAXON is headed in and am excited for the future.
  14. Congrats again Daniel on your contributions to the community and to our craft!
  15. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I worked one winter on the north slope of Alaska. Quite literally you don't see the sun at all for about 2 months!