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  1. Don't know the nature of your scene, but could you progressively disable some of the objects and re-assemble/composite in post. Obviously you'd have to think through shadows, reflections and occlusions. So you would render each time with your final camera angle and full dimensions.
  2. Your point is logically sound. However, according to the evaluation by Hardware Unboxed, the new drivers resulted in such a nominal down-throttling that it was almost irrelevant. And early reports are encouraging that it did resolve the crashes. To be cautious I wouldn't buy one in the next week or two (even if I could) but I think the issue will die out and the card will be a big success.
  3. MBizzle, I assume you know about keyframes, and a bit about c4d. By your screen grab I see that you have converted a primitive into to an editable mesh and altered it's shape. If you want to animate the contours of the mesh (with points, edges or polys) you need to toggle on a little button, which I highlight with my screen grab. It's called, "Point level animation." With this toggled on, you can successfully animate the morphing of a mesh over time.
  4. IGOR, I had a hunch - that I shared with you a year ago via PM- that things might turn. Very sorry to hear that it has. Best wishes w/ you and U-Render! DAST...I was grateful for your Seamilar product. As one who also decided to stop upgrading w/R20... I feel a kindred spirit. Best wishes w/whatever you decide relative to your 3d future and coding.
  5. Actually the Houdini Indie can also be purchased at $399 for TWO years...thus $199 per year. If you consider a 3080 GPU amortized over two years...that's $370 per year 24 month plan: Blender + Houdini + 3080 Nvidia + $150 in plugins or digital assets in 2020 and again in 2021....... versus c4d. Ah, but wait...one might have to learn something new!?
  6. These cards might be harder to buy than any tech product in history. -Many millions of people in line, according to reports...huge pent up demand -It's a compelling product -Electrical component glitches in early shipments may require re-formulation with AIBs -Covid -Samsung has historically struggled with die yields and this is a new generation (this scares me the most.) -Samsung's factories are going to get stretched further as the more popular 3070 debuts -Scarcity narrative sucks in even more buying (remember toilet paper) If only 5-10k
  7. Grateful I jumped off...and stuck w/plan for blender/R20. Will have soon saved nearly $2,000. Never had to fuss with broken plugins, bugs, hassles and modest upgrades. Already had Octane and Rizom UV. Did buy the amazing Exoside Quad Remesher few months ago. $2,000 saved...Hmmm...that's about the price of 2-year Houdini Indie, an RTX 3090 and a nice dinner date. Cheesecake for dessert. Anyway...that's me. For those continuing w/c4d...wish you the best. Congrats to MAXON on the new features.
  8. MAXON did what they did. I'm glad circumstances worked out to nudge me towards Blender. It's a good fit for me and the trajectory for Blender's growth is very exciting. I have a very strong hunch Toby and others feels the same way.
  9. I look forward to Toby's Blender tutorials.
  10. Early in 2019 I worked through--and repeatedly trumpeted-- the c4d modeling training series, "Making it Look Great: Hard Surface Modeling Tactics for c4D" Well...it looks like the instructor, Toby Pitman, dumped c4d for Blender https://twitter.com/tobypitman/status/1161699374419927042
  11. I don't care anymore what they do. It's Blender me for me now and I'm glad about that.
  12. There is a little caveat that can throw folks off. If you have your cursor inside the outliner you cannot delete an object as expected. Could be fixed in 2.81 For now just be sure your cursor isn't inside outliner.
  13. 2.8, as I understand, was one of the biggest upgrades in Blender history, so it's quite understandable it brought disruption. No doubt moving forward things will break at times.
  14. Yes...I've come to discover that I needed a bump to see clearly, and MAXON's announcements provided that bump. A few years ago I was doing commercial work w/c4d, but it has transitioned into more of a hobby for me. I make my revenue these days 90% from database development. I also needed a bump to see that my love of MAXON and belief that they were the 'good guys' in the 3d marketplace was naive. I have found it very refreshing to jump into Blender. I didn't realize what it had to offer. .And now that I won't be paying for the MSA, that money is freed up for other pu
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