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  1. It sucks what they are doing. I so relate and feel the same.

  2. Igor, I'm going to be starting a learning expedition over on the CG MAXON forum - focused on Unity and c4d/Unity integration. I'd be happy to offer that here at the Cafe  at the same time. Is that something you and Hjorve would be interested in hosting? Perhaps there could be a sticky? It would start next Thursday night. (March 1). 

    1. Igor


      Of course, that would be great! :) You can also make a Club if you wish! :)

    2. Icecaveman


      Cool. I'll post the announcement today or tomorrow.  ::):

    3. Icecaveman


      Igor....I decided I'm not going to have time to post on two different forums. It's time consuming. The next learning expedition I'll do only at c4dcafe and not at CG site.  ::):

  3. Rectro, just a little bit of history.... During the 2nd learning expedition--on modeling--we had long term veteran Holger Breibach post a very well conceived and very well done modeling tutorial...and at first almost no one replied. It took awhile and a bit of encouragement for some momentum to build up. And I think the contributions from the younger 3D guys has always tended to be limited...they can get a bit more takers than givers.  

    I sure can't promise more participation (and am surprised by its absence) but I sure don't want to give up yet.

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