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  1. Come visit. I'll show you some cool Scorpions and stuff! Grand Canyon, baby!
  2. This time of year beats Christmas. The anticipation...and then the opening of shiny presents.
  3. You Brits and your tiny little island. "Which little bit is he headed for!?" JMarco should move to a real country like the U.S. My humble state of Arizona is twice as big as your stinking little island. A man needs some elbow room! :-) ;-)
  4. Are you wanting to display baked/rendered 3d or true interactive 3d?
  5. OK...I modified scene...created UVs for objects and tried again. Worked perfect this time. Again, for the uninitiated...all these shadows, reflections and GI are baked into the scene. So this is very light and portable for games, VR, etc. A key caveat is that this kind of thing works primarily just for static objects. And now so easy. Nice work DesignerAJ!
  6. DessignerAJ, Could be quite useful. Great idea...quick easy. My results on first try were a bit buggy but I can see promise with this. For those that don't get what this is: You can render out Octane textures and lighting information for use in a game or for glTF...or for other reasons. This little script automates process. Here was my test scene and the results: 2 of 3 objects look correct. Obviously cube isn't correct. Problem could be Octane or the script. Can't say yet.
  7. Looks great. The only thing I don't like is the polygon stretching of the dirt. Halfway thru animation it starts to look really fake. There is seemingly is a better way to do that part...either with animated UV's (one step up) or with xParticles (possibly two steps up). Alternatively maybe you could get away with stretching the polys if playing w/different TriPlanar mapping,
  8. Each of the MLG series are standalone learning series. 11 is not an "upgrade" on 10. They each have their own merit. So there is no need to worry about what will come out next. And MLG11 might be the finest tutorial series you will ever buy. I find it so. That all said...I suspect there will be price promos upcoming around the SIGGRAPH timeframe...end of the month. Don't know if that particular product will be on sale, but just a thought.
  9. Must be an amazingly gifted man to land such a job. Great news for him. But that's def. a loss for our guys. Update: I do see that the job is relative to Pixar's RenderMan. It's not like he will be a top 5 guy overall at Pixar. Still...hard to turn down a position like that, no doubt.
  10. I remember that open beta. It was odd and disappeared pretty quickly. I suspect that MAXON delayed working on that because they knew they needed to get changes to the core finished first. My hunch anyway.
  11. I'm happy to be persuaded. So pls tell me *why* it's more powerful than TFD. I'm open-minded. And I'd love to see more info on sim speed, but there I'm less open minded if it isn't GPU based. If it's not fast it gets too expensive (time = money) and if it's not fast it's not iterative (art directable).
  12. Good summary Dave. I tend to agree though I don't want to speak definitely about a product I've never tried. For me...I don't imagine I'll be investing so much money in another one trick pony, esp. if that one trick is non-GPU accelerated simulations. That's becoming a must-have IMO. I mean consider what is being done realtime in game engines with GPU performance: Now this isn't as rich or detailed as TFD or FumeFX, but that speed means a lot. The ViewPort display accleration via GPU in FumeFX is sweet. We don't have that now in any of our products. And FumeFX does seem to have some features we don't currently have in other products. I just don't think it's enough to interest me given price, alternatives and what I imagine of sim performance.* *I don't know real world FumeFX speeds, but CPU is so much slower. Jawset has been incredibly good and generous. TFD stable, fast, with nice quality....and they haven't had a paid upgrade in forever. Version after version it just keeps producing at no additional costs.
  13. As I understand FumeFX doesn't have GPU-accelerated simulations--as does TurbulenceFD. It has viewport GPU acceleration only. And Arnold support only? It will take a lot of rich features to convince me not to just stick with TurbulenceFD.
  14. If anyone plans to do serious content creation in 3d I suggest that you really want an HMD that is ultra-comfortable and features super visual quality. HMDs can be fuzzy/blurry visually and exhibit a "screen door" visual appearance. Read up on which HMDs give you good crisp imagery. And controllers can't be overlooked. One advantage of the Index controllers is that not only can they sense motion from each individual finger....and hand pressure....but they have a key ergonomic feature. They grip your hands instead of you having to grip them, reducing fatigue as being required to hold onto anything for long work sessions gets tiresome.



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