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  1. I don't care anymore what they do. It's Blender me for me now and I'm glad about that.
  2. There is a little caveat that can throw folks off. If you have your cursor inside the outliner you cannot delete an object as expected. Could be fixed in 2.81 For now just be sure your cursor isn't inside outliner.
  3. 2.8, as I understand, was one of the biggest upgrades in Blender history, so it's quite understandable it brought disruption. No doubt moving forward things will break at times.
  4. Yes...I've come to discover that I needed a bump to see clearly, and MAXON's announcements provided that bump. A few years ago I was doing commercial work w/c4d, but it has transitioned into more of a hobby for me. I make my revenue these days 90% from database development. I also needed a bump to see that my love of MAXON and belief that they were the 'good guys' in the 3d marketplace was naive. I have found it very refreshing to jump into Blender. I didn't realize what it had to offer. .And now that I won't be paying for the MSA, that money is freed up for other purchases. I plan to contribute to the Blender fund as a Gold sponsor....and buy some nice new 3d software toys. (maybe ZBrush ...or Marvelous Designer this year)
  5. I'm getting swallowed up in a non 3D work project but in a week using Blender I felt immediately comfortable doing some modeling, doing a cloth animation, playing with particles, and was quite surprised at the ease of use (and quality) of their fluid sims. Fire, smoke, particles, Grease-Pencil, better modeling and UVing, two quality renderers (fast Cycles and real-time Eevee)...there's a lot to like. MAXON beats it some ways, no doubt, but in many ways Blender smokes c4d. And the investment in learning c4d...a lot of it transfers right over to Blender. The principal BSDF channels in Blender default materials are exactly the same as I use in C4d Octane.
  6. I suspect a lot of people who do stay on board are going to find R21 largely useless. It's going to break the great majority of plugins, and some plugin vendors will choose never to provide an upgrade path....it's going to be quite a big hassle now for them. Certainly Insydium and Otoy...the bigger players will sort it out and continue onwards. Others won't. Some of us rely a lot of plugins and thus the idea of purchasing one final MSA--one last perpetual license-- just has no appeal at all. It's a case where a big anchor* on little boat** ...isn't something to sensibly take out to sea. * breaking of needed plugins, MAXON phoning home, new insulting corporate style ** meager new features: 4k dpi, bevels, weighting enhancements
  7. Perpetual pricing, per a MAXON sales rep...was going up to something north of $900 per year.
  8. If you refer to the Allegorithmic products...this isn't correct. Not even close. Maybe you are talking about something else.
  9. Smooth talking BS. You seriously gonna shovel that? The Reality: Your team thought through the entire plan with your consultants well in advance. The initiative was finely calibrated to pressure customers towards subscriptions. We customers should feel grateful that our previous investment in the product funded the stiff consultancy fees for agencies such as this: http://www.thebigwheelconsultancy.com/ Analytics, Customer psychology...it's a true art form these days. Give them their due, these consultants are CLEVER. The game now is customer manipulation over product improvement.
  10. As a longterm c4d user and one-time MAXON enthusiast...I'll offer an apology on behalf of a company that now lacks the soul to offer it: "I'm truly sorry. I have failed on an epic scale....and in an ethical sense as well." But you won't get that from the bright new shining "We are the world" MAXON. Because really...what they mean is..."We are your wallet." But hey...they do offer R21, which may shatter all your plugins...but does feature new bevels and a shiny new splash screen! Who could turn that down?
  11. C'mon now. No more heavy-heart posts. It's 3d and 3d is joy. Pick the tool best for you...Make your best choice...and enjoy your choice. 3d artistry is joy. We've all tasted it...like juicy fruit. No one can steal that from you. No one can steal your joy. No one.
  12. Sweet post! Each plots their own course. I feel like I'm almost already an intermediate level Blender user (in 10 days of use). Loving it. And R20 will be on the drive when needed (for sometime anyway). We all have different priorities and perspectives.
  13. It sucks what they are doing. I so relate and feel the same.

  14. It's your decision. I hope you appreciate your individual power and enjoy that, unsullied. You have an abundance of options if you are bold and willing to transition. (these transitions are surprisingly easy when we see the need.) As for MAXON...and their policies...it's abundantly clear what they intend to do. No fuzziness really when we view as adults. They are hell bent on forcing subscriptions upon their users. "Bend over and take it". They might smooth talk like politicians or drug dealers....perhaps offer "enticements".... but that's the reality. That's the new MAXON leadership. Frankly, unlike Adobe which did this from market dominance, I think MAXON does this in a position of weakness. (prime to be plucked) If bending over isn't your style...there are options. No right or wrong as a user. Do as you wish--I mean that, sincerely. And Bob...no matter what....I wish you the best.

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