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  1. Pyrocluster visible overlaps

    Hello I have no problem with opening a file in R15. It looks good even if it does not solve my problem. At first I did not want to use Hazy, but your Hazy looks really good. In my case, perhaps enough for me to know why it formed the visible intersections between the volumes. It's only due to a high setting values PyroCluster-Volume Tracer> World Step Size? If it was my case, then it would be sufficient to set the right balance respectively would help value of about 2-3, and that would also solve my other problem that I still did not write. When doing animation cloud flickering occurs. But the fact remains that increases rendering time (which is already well known) and the appearance of the cloud is not the way it would like to have. I put a larger screen. Once again: I'm sorry for my English. I'm helping a bit with a translator. Thank you M.
  2. Hello (Cinema 4D R15) First, sorry for my english. I'm trying to create clouds by PYROCLUSTER. As seen in the picture I have a problem with visible overlap between the volumes. When I reduce the value of the PyroCluster-Volume Tracer> World Step Size from 20 to a lower value eg. 5 visible overlaps disappear, but I will increase the rendering time and the shape of the cloud is not such as I would like. Can you help me someone? Thank you M.