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  1. Can someone help me with a more elegant solution than this? 1) First issue is arrow distortion as animates on along path 2) Second issue is only way could figure out how to have black outline and yellow interior was via duplicating the geometry - is there a better material approach? Thanks for looking! ArrowAlongPath.c4d
  2. Hi. I have 2 wings. Motion generated by 2 bend deformers w/ baked key frames. I want to simplify this down to just one single mesh / no deformers, no tags. Just the mesh and animation. Current state to object loses the animation. Connect object w/ Character>Point Cache tag didn't seem to work. Help! HelpWings.c4d
  3. Sail with Looping Noise

    OK. Can't really tell you why i didn't start with primitive. Looks like I should have. Here's my working sail. Thanks for helping. SailNoise.c4d
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get a subtle wave to flow up and down my sail. I built the sail with a mospline and sweep. I was hoping to just use a displacer and send a gradient up and down the sail and loop it. But I can't get the displacement in the correct direction. Fail. So I tried a formula effector to send a wave down the points of the mospline and animate the sail that way. Also a fail. THe mospline in solo mode looks to have the right movement. But when the sweep is activated its crazytown. Here's my file if anyone has the time to check it out and help. THanks! Sail.c4d
  5. Bingo. SplineWrap UpVector setting did the trick, thank you very much! Thanks as well for advise. Mark this one as solved.
  6. Hi, I'm following along a beginner walk-cycle/rigging tutorial from "eyedesyn" - I think I get a rig setup for one leg, but ... when I move the goal forward and up, my leg flips and changes orientation. Like in my attached file, if I slide the goal along x a little bit, then slide it up along y a little bit ... the leg flips 90%. I'm stuck. Tried using a pole (although tut author does not) to no avail. Any other suggestions on what to look at? WalkingEgg.c4d
  7. Thank you. Definitely a way to do it. Obviously, dependent upon creating variations within the image, though. But it gets us there for sure. Still hoping someone still chimes in with a more parametric method.
  8. Hi, I'm stuck on something. Trying to replicate an effect from Dery Ozturk's Siggraph presentation (https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/siggraph_2016_rewind/siggraph_2016_rewind_-_derya_oztutk_new_mograph_effectors_in_r18) I've got a variation shader on a cloner grid full of disks. I have an alpha texture of the number 8. I want to effect only the clones within the number 8 with a second variation shader. I start with a shader effector applied to cloner and confirm I can affect the position of clones within the number 8. Now what? (attached file) When I futz around with putting a Mograph color shader in a Layer w/ my variation shader I can't work out how to just effect the number 8, effects all clones. I want to limit this to one cloner (rather than 2 cloners and turning complimentary visibilities on and off) Much obliged for any suggestions. MosaicNumbers_attempt2.c4d
  9. Concentric Tubes with Random Thickness

    Tons of thanks. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'm trying to execute this concentric tube thing in a parametric way: https://twitter.com/mikedraydray/status/732605729413181440/photo/1 Nothin but failures so far. Closest attempt was create a cloner with a bunch of circles and randomly size them so end up with randomly distributed concentric circle splines. Then swept them all so they are same width, as they will represent the distance between all the concentric tubes in the source photo.. Then that would cut away a big disk via Boole and voila - extrude the result. But Boole crashed me. I mean the chanllenge on this is getting those random widths but then each tube has same distance between them. Suggestions?
  11. Aerial Landscape of Farmland

    UPDATE (Solved!) -- Chris Schmidt covered his methodology during a GSGLive on Twitch channel on Wednesday 4/28/2016. He cut up a plane, bunch of random cuts. Then, his secret to the smoothed cuts was the Iron tool. His came out smoother than mine but you can definitely get feeling of those smooth lines with a bunch of shapes inside. He also triangulated the polys and did some cuts. Then to get most of the shapes back to quads he selected all polys and did a "smooth" Subdivision. The dividers (trees) were created by selecting all edges, doing an "edge to spline" and then sweeping an ngon and varying shape with noise displacement. Texture he used R17 and did most with variation shader - I had to disconnect the plane shapes, put in a Fracture and then use the Color shader w/ random effector to get color variation. Either way, there was a trick to get those line gradients mapped to individual elements. It involved a "Max UV" command button in the UV layout mode.This is what I got:
  12. Diagonal Ice Cream Cone Mesh

    Came across another - quickest and easiest: Just put a twist deformer on a darn cone. It isn't as diagonal, but might be good enough in a pinch.
  13. Aerial Landscape of Farmland

    Played with the generator this weekend - just couldn't get enough control to generate those smoothed curves and shapes of source image. UV map converted to image an interesting suggestion, maybe I'll try a few of those.
  14. Aerial Landscape of Farmland

    Tweeted at him - will post if I hear something
  15. Hi - There's an image posted by Chris Schmidt as a daily on greyscale gorilla called "Bumper Crop" ... that I'd like to try and reproduce. ( I don't care about the clouds. My thinking is (1) generate fields, turn them into splines then polys so can stick into a fracture, and (2) randomly color with mograph color shader and then (3) overlay crop patterns. So posting here cuz I think step 1 is a modelling issue. Anyway, seeking suggestions for generating fields. I know he loves doing things procedurally and there are lots of fields so I doubt this was manual. Which led me to try Illustrator mosaic type scripts. The ones I know of triangulate, so that dead ended (these are quads). Played around with NitroBlast but didn't have enough control of the cuts and couldn't get any curved lines like there are here. Played around a little with overlaying surface effect shaders but couldn't get the size variation of the shapes and when I did the lines wouldn't line up. Short story ... seeking help and suggestions for me to try. THanks