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  1. sadhoney

    Infinite Cascading Opening Doors Loop

    Thank you very much for those replies and solutions
  2. I'm stuck on getting this animation to loop and would appreciate someone taking a look. Is there a better or more precise way to approach this? I was hoping to keep it in all in C4D. Doors_0001.c4d
  3. Can someone help me with a more elegant solution than this? 1) First issue is arrow distortion as animates on along path 2) Second issue is only way could figure out how to have black outline and yellow interior was via duplicating the geometry - is there a better material approach? Thanks for looking! ArrowAlongPath.c4d
  4. Hi. I have 2 wings. Motion generated by 2 bend deformers w/ baked key frames. I want to simplify this down to just one single mesh / no deformers, no tags. Just the mesh and animation. Current state to object loses the animation. Connect object w/ Character>Point Cache tag didn't seem to work. Help! HelpWings.c4d
  5. sadhoney

    Sail with Looping Noise

    OK. Can't really tell you why i didn't start with primitive. Looks like I should have. Here's my working sail. Thanks for helping. SailNoise.c4d
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get a subtle wave to flow up and down my sail. I built the sail with a mospline and sweep. I was hoping to just use a displacer and send a gradient up and down the sail and loop it. But I can't get the displacement in the correct direction. Fail. So I tried a formula effector to send a wave down the points of the mospline and animate the sail that way. Also a fail. THe mospline in solo mode looks to have the right movement. But when the sweep is activated its crazytown. Here's my file if anyone has the time to check it out and help. THanks! Sail.c4d