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  1. Thanks - that worked (change noise space) Subdividing mesh prior to cloning gives random color - but breaks the circular shape. Guess I could just subdivide a slice, bake down and then clone. That works. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi, I've got a Shader effector with an animated random noise driving color of clones via a color shader. Works as I'd expect when cloner is linear. Get the random coloring on the clones. But when cloner is radial the clones are no longer effected on an individual basis just as a whole. Why? I can't figure it out. BONUS - I'm cloning a piece of pie radially. But when I subdivide the pieces aren't flush to form a circle. So I use a connect object but that KILLS my animated noise coloring. How can I get around this problem? see attached. Thanks for looking. ClonerRandomRadial.c4d
  3. Here's the way I did it - if you increase particle lifetime you can see the transparency effect a lil better RandPuddleSplashesParticles_xpSprite.c4d
  4. I'll try xpColor modifier. I also solved this way: Use an xpSprite disk with huge inner radius so it looks like a circle spline. Put a regular material on it. Then, in the Transparency channel use xpSpriteShader and attach the xpEmitter to it - then just need to select Mode = 'Parameter Dependent' and choose paramater = particle life and use B/W gradient.
  5. Not exactly - I see you keyframed transparency in the material, which changes transparency of all the particles the same way. ie. at any given time the transparency of all particles is exactly the same. I guess what I really want is that transparency to fade in relation to how old each particle is, so at any given time the particle transparencies will be different depending upon how old they are. Thanks for your help on this.
  6. No, I don't have Cycles, just use physical
  7. Hello - I'm generating circle splines and growing them up. But I'm stuck on how to fade color to transparent. I have an xpMaterial on xpGenerator but playing with transparency over time doesn't give me what I want. And if I move the xpMaterial onto the emitter the entire circle volume is rendered instead of just the spline. thks for help if you can! RandPuddleSplashesParticles.c4d
  8. Yes - Indexed check box did the trick, dang, thought I clicked everything
  9. I tried random effector animated noise, too, but the motion still doesn't look random in 3D space3 - only on a 2D plane. On my file upload if you turn offshader effector and activate random effector and then pan around all the clones are on 2d planes moving around instead of all 3d directions.
  10. Hi, Slapped a shader effector on cloner and set up an animated noise - but result is not what I expected. I want clones flying around all willy nilly but they appear to just be moving linearly. I futzed around with noise spaces and a few other things but am stuck. Can someone please help? ShaderRandomMovement.c4d
  11. Thank you very much for those replies and solutions
  12. I'm stuck on getting this animation to loop and would appreciate someone taking a look. Is there a better or more precise way to approach this? I was hoping to keep it in all in C4D. Doors_0001.c4d
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