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  1. I attached file in first massage Untitled 3.c4d234.13 kB · 0 downloads
  2. It did not work, it creates strange textures that if you put them on the object it does not show the eye (black circle then white circle) Is there another way to do it?
  3. voulme mesher its plugin? my cinema don't recognize this function
  4. Hello everyone, I simulate sheep's wool using an cloner object with a sphere, And that's why I put material that would give it a cartoony look The result came out really well (see attachment). Now I want to import the model to a game engine, and that's where the problem begins... This method is very heavy for the engine and cannot be used. When I remove the material from the object you can see that there is really a lot of unnecessary information here I tried to create from this object only its mantle with an object "Metaball" , But that didn'
  5. Hello everyone, Recently I finally finished this model in cinema 4d it saw very well as you can see. I want to export the model of games engine and unfortunately the materials I created unidentified, I thought about converting these materials to textures so that the games engine can reach similar colors. How can I convert the materials into textures,I'm talking about the material of the body and the materials of the eyes (which are basically made of two materials) I also French a C4D file with the materials for better understanding Thanks in advance for y
  6. Hi, It would be a little tricky to explain what I wants to ask, so I will also attach a file for you to understand.. I have a rig that I downloaded from the "mixamo" site. the rig is nice and I want to simulate this animation (mixamo) to my rig. To do this I need to record the movement at a point marked by an arrow (marked with red arrow) It turns out it's not that simple, because at that point all the values are OBJECT(REL) = x = 0 y = 0 z = 0 How can I still record the values from that point? In the attachment you will run the animation and
  7. Hi dov thanks for your answer, but I want to know how I can do it and what the most right technique to create it. not buy it Besides, I didn't see there anything "professional" your answer is not useful, I Your answer is very general and very reminiscent like "Go to Google" And yes before I asked the question here, I tried to search the internet right away but did not find anything that suited me I tried using a CLONER of sphere an object, I lowered the resolution of the sphere to polycount to simulate different texture, but it didn't look quite as professi
  8. Thanks, the idea is to export the model to a game engine in the future so I don't think Sketch n Toon will help me. What do you mean " start by cloning a load of spheres "?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to model something out of the ordinary.. "cartoon sheep wool". I attach Several pictures to illustrate. What technique can you use? The goal is to achieve a beautiful and professional result.
  10. I can't either, this is my email darktornado18@gmail.com
  11. Thanks I learned a lot. After experiencing some problems myself, I rebuilt all weights.. And the traffic seems too sharp(Attaching photos). I tried using the SMOOTH function but it didn't work.. What is the right way to make this change more subtle? Second question, I tried to add a cloth to the figure (for example a dress see in the file I attached) but the movement between the dress and the body did not match at all.. How to do the dress-to-figure integration properly? I really need your help and I'm willing to pay you for help. Please c
  12. First of all thank you for the quick answer. Ok, I'm waiting for your opinion on the file. Do you think the topology is right for this rig to work right?
  13. Hello everyone, I have a number of questions, the most basic question is : 1. the system of bones that I have built is correct for this 3d mesh?, can it be done more correctly? 2. As you can see for some reason the weights of the bones are wrong (Automatically created) , you can see for example that the blue color that should be in the ARM area also goes out into the the center of the body area, which disrupts my entire rig. Can't get a good result automatic method? Maybe the model is not built correctly? attached file.
  14. There are more techniques to do this ?, in this method the CORONA engine does not recognize the possibility )highlights (


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