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    In this training, you will learn how to use Fracturing in depth. Apart from common usage we will take it way out of it's comfort zone to achieve effects usually not associated with Fracturing at all. Lessons are designed in a cumulative manner, meaning that we cover very basics and generator in depth, then crossing over to small projects where we apply all we learned. Upon finishing the training you will have formidable Fracturing skills.


    Duration: 80 min

    Price: 35€


    01. Intro

    02. Generator breakdown

    03. Cubificator

    04. Webmaster

    05. Particle burst

    06. Bar break

    07. Rocks

    08. Stairmaster

    09. Drill

    10. Keep pieces

    11. Mesher

    12. Disintegrate


    Important! All members which were TD Master section subscribers have discounted price of 25€. Please contact us via pm for discounted price.

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    We are happy to announce that special, one of a kind training area "TD master section" on C4D Cafe.


    What is it about? 
    As opposed to various commercial trainings that cover basic, intermediate or even advanced topics, this section will cover the very high-end TD production techniques, tips and tricks of the trade which are simply not available elsewhere. There will be some heavy nerdy stuff :)


    What to expect from it?
    Well, if you ever wanted to do advanced rigging, write your own python node or effector, do serious Xpresso or achieve practically any desired effect, goal or setup then you are a perfect candidate for Master section.


    Who is the trainer?

    That would be Hrvoje, long time freelancer, Cafe admin who works at MAXON for a few years now. Some of you may know him from his famous Vertex Pusher training series.


    Content List with GIF's of projects here:




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    Training is available as download product.

    Resolution: 1680x1050

    Duration: 4h and 30 mins



    1.  Setting up C4D
    2. Object types
    3. Object manager
    4. Selections
    5. Transformations part 1
    5. Transformations part 2
    6. Component transformations
    7. Polygon object basics
    8. Modelling tools
    9. Simple modelling
    10. SDS modelling
    11. Splines
    12. Generators
    13. Topology
    14. Solving


    Link to topic: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/94762-c4d-cafe-intro-to-r18-and-modelling/


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    Training is available as download product.

    Resolution: 1440x900

    Duration: 7+ hours

    Scene Files Included


    Xpresso Lessons: 

    1.  Intro do no Skip
    2. Fundementals and Principles
    3. Simple Data Types
    4. Complex Data Types
    5. Global and Local
    6. General Nodes
    7. Adapters
    8. Boole NOT Switch
    9. Calculate
    10. Script
    11. Logic
    12. Iterators
    13. User Data


    Xpresso Demistifed:

    1. Xpresso Demystified Prototypes Part 1
    2. Xpresso Demystified Prototypes Part 2

               (which include 13 lessons)