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Here are the products that our members providing for the C4D Cafe store.

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    Seamilar allows for easy creation of seams and UV islands while performing an automated unwrapping of said islands.
    The plugin consists of 3 items: a seam selection tool, an auto unwrapper tag and a color coded UV viewer.
    Next to the seam selection tool, any native Cinema 4D selection tool can be used in combination with the auto unwrapper tag to generate color coded UV islands.
    Seamilar is a plugin for Cinema 4D R16 and above, running on Windows or MacOS.



    Buyer needs to contact Daniel (C4DS) via private message or e-mail (vd97@hotmail.com) and provide a legit 11 digit serial number of Cinema 4D, an e-mail address to obtain the registration number, as well as confirmation which OS (Windows/MacOs) and which Cinema 4D version (R16/R17+) of the plugin is required.

    'For single/personal license of Cinema 4D only'