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5.00 EUR per month

By contributing to C4D Cafe, you are helping us running all the systems required for the forum. That inludes servers, IPS software and more. 


By becoming Monthly Contributor, you are making sure we grow as a community, please enjoy your stay and thank you for your support!

- Supporter badge

- No Google Adsense

- Selling products via Cafe with your own links inside description space (no fee)

- Animated Profile Images

- Unlimited Display Name Change

- Browse as Anonymus

-10MB per post

- Post Status Updates

- Warm and fuzzy feeling of helping the community

- Unlimited storage space

- Animated avatar  of choice

-Create signatures in post

-Sligthly bigger chances to win free SPONSORSHIP licence





By becoming Regular Member (canceld monthly contribution), you will lose some benefits we provide, but still be able to enjoy forums. :cowboypistol:


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