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Modelling a Roman Arch

By contrafibbularities, 09/27/2020

Part 01

In part one of this 7-hour hard surface modelling tutorial, which has a running time of just over four hours, we will model the center part of a detailed Roman Arch structure. 


In the first modelling stage we will break the model apart and create a block-out of the main components of the center part of the Roman arch, adding only some basic detail. 


Then we will spend some time on spline modelling and create the profiles for the details to be added to the block-out pieces later. 


In the third and final stage we will use the profiles to add more and more detail to the Roman arch, modify or replace the initial objects. 


You can download a zip file containing the project files and reference images for Part 01 here:


Part 02

In the second and final part of this hard surface modelling tutorial, which has a running time of a little more that three hours, we will model the remaining parts of the Roman arch. 

We will start with the gate, creating the gate frame, the door frame, the ornaments, and some basic hinges, among other things. 


Then we will create the roof based on some splines we created in part I of the tutorial. 


Finally, we will make some more spline profiles for modelling the pillars. We will then put the pillars into place and make some final adjustments to some of the components of the Roman arch where necessary.


You can download a zip file containing a project file as well as additional reference images for Part 02 here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/c8gavi0j27y... start file.7z?dl=0


I am using the following plugins in this tutorial: 


HB Modelling Bundle:


If you need more in-depth information on how to use the spline tools in Cinema 4D, you can check out the following two tutorials I did a while ago: 


Creating spline shapes in Cinema 4D:


Creating a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle in Cinema 4D: 


I hope you'll enjoy the tutorial. Thanks a lot for watching!



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