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Placing Objects on Surfaces of Other Objects in Cinema 4D

By contrafibbularities, 10/10/2020

In this workflow tutorial we will have a look at how we can place objects on, and align them to, surfaces of other objects. 


We need to add details like screws and bolts to models all the time, so let's see what options we have to do that in Cinema 4D. 

First, we will take a closer look at the options available in Cinema 4D, like snapping, Axis Extension, Workplanes, and MoGraph. 


Then I will show you a couple of plugins I have been using for a long time that will make the job of placing objects and aligning them to surfaces of other objects much easier and faster. One of them even has features that are very similar to AutoGrid in 3ds Studio Max. 


I have prepared a project file for you that you can download here: 
https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2f21q235h7yq6v/placing objects start file.c4d?dl=0 


The plugins used in this tutorial are: 

1) Paint on Surface. This plugin was discontinued a while ago. However, there is a free version available that can be used in R20. With the Insidyum Bridge you may be able to use it in newer versions as well. 

You can download the plugin here: 


2)PlaceObject by C4DZone. This plugin works also works in newer releases of C4D (R21 and better). It currently costs 15 Euros. 

You can buy the plugin here: 


3) Primitive Sketch. This one, unfortunately, is no longer available. It is the only plugin for Cinema 4D I know of that can do what AutoGrid does in 3ds Studio Max. 


I hope you will enjoy the tutorial. 


Thank you for watching!


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